Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 276

The Zhongming Bird and Taotie stayed on the left and right respectively, ready to assist at any time!

The Death God was stunned. He just thought that Master was too beautiful—no, Master was good-looking no matter where or when.

Wei Mo stared at his hands and reaffirmed his decision to work harder.

Yao Hong furtively lowered his head.

The Fire Qilin laughed, an inextricable sadness in it, “Good, very good. You sure are my good brothers! Looks like you’ve all forgotten the vow we made back then!”

The flame on the Fire Qilin turned orange, heating the twelfth hall to an incredible temperature.

The Nine-Tailed Snake spread his hands and said to Qi Zhan and Qiu Di, “I’m going off to the side to hide for a while lest my skin get tanned.” Although this snake was a little ridiculous, he was definitely smart. He knew that there was no place for him in this battle.

The Fire Qilin ran over, stepping forward with its large hooves.

Two fire dragons galloped over.

Lu Shiqian leapt up several tens of meters, using the Bishui Dragon’s skill Water Drowns the World. The other hand waved her sword, brandishing the 23rd move of the Heavenly Swinging Sword.

Though the water seemed to flow slowly, it flooded the entire hall, restraining the Fire Qilin’s movements slightly. When the stunning Heavenly Swinging Sword swung down, thousands of swords attacked the Fire Qilin.

The Zhongming Bird let out a low cry, sending out a wave of sonic attacks that could crush stone to bits.

Taotie slapped the ground with its claws, blade-like wind knives shooting past. Its power couldn’t be underestimated.

The Fire Qilin snorted, slightly bitter yet relieved: “Seems like you guys grew a bit, but you’re still far from defeating me!” It burst into flames, the scorching air shooting out with a resounding boom! The Heavenly Swinging Sword only created a tiny spark when it hit. The momentum also pushed the Zhongming Bird and Taotie back a few steps.

“Fireworks Rain!” The Fire Qilin shouted at the sky, and flames burst in the sky, falling down like rain.

This fire was different from normal fire. The fire spit from the Fire Qilin was called Qilin Karmic Fire and could burn anything. Even stone could be burned! This fire was highly lethal.

The Phoenix knew the terror of this fire and didn’t dare be careless, quickly creating a golden phoenix shield, wrapping Lu Shiqian inside.

Lu Shiqian’s sword was held horizontally in front of her chest as she opened her Battle Domain. Her sword was like electricity as she swatted each fireball away.

The Fire Qilin flashed over, in a blink lowering its hooves, extremely fast!

“Care—” Before the voice could finish, Lu Shiqian used all her full strength to block the attack!

“Buffs!” she quickly ordered.

The Zhongming Bird’s defense, Taotie’s attack, Phoenix’s agility, Bishui Dragon’s magic, Bi Fang’s speed buffs quickly arrived!

With the buffs, her power was unimaginable! Lu Shiqian slowly gained the upper hand in the clash!

The size of the Fire Qilin was about the size of an ordinary residential building. Its stepping force was at least several hundred tons!

The Fire Qilin was slightly surprised and put in more strength.

With a fierce push, Lu Shiqian lifted the Fire Qilin and rolled on the spot out of the way. Her sword pierced into the ground and the Living Domain was opened—more than 200 giants lifted their fists and smashed down!

The Fire Qilin’s pupils shrank. Human domains and magic beast skills both had rankings. It had never seen Lu Shiqian’s domain before, but it could deeply sense its humongous power. Unexpectedly, this woman in front of it had so much talent. Given time, she would definitely grow to be extraordinary!

However, this was not a reason to allow her to pass!

The Fire Qilin met the attack. With 4,000 Stars, this level of attack couldn’t harm it.

Four hooves blocked like lighting: stabbing, stamping, thrusting, kicking, crushing. The feet were moving quickly, but its body remained stable like a mountain. Though its body was huge, it was extremely agile.

Every step would crush a giant.

Stone fell like rain while Lu Shiqian nimbly traversed through the Fire Qilin’s hooves. The situation was quite dangerous, but she was well-versed in avoiding dangerous attacks!

Lu Shiqian thought quickly. What to do? This Fire Qilin can’t be cooked with either oil or salt; its defense surprisingly high while its offense was also powerful. Its movements were like electricity and its body was agile. There was literally no weakness to exploit! Going head-to-head with it was definitely not an option, so what to do?

When the front hoof arrived, Lu Shiqian rolled once again, attacking at its heels.

There was a flash of inspiration.

As the saying went, the most dangerous place was very well the safest place. It could also be said that the possibility of winning in the most treacherous area was the highest. Lu Shiqian quickly sorted through a strategy and searched for a weakness while rolling between the Qilin’s hooves.

The Fire Qilin stamped down. This woman was just like a freaking loach! Slipping through his hooves here and there like a shadow, so annoying!

There! At this moment, its front hoof was one-tenth of a second faster than its back hoof. Lu Shiqian decisively attacked the back hoof that had yet to arrive, following with several heavy blows. Though these attacks couldn’t harm the Fire Qilin, it disrupted its pace. Lu Shiqian calculated and attacked its front hoof again. Finally, the Fire Qilin’s rhythm was messed up and Lu Shiqian took the opportunity to push it down in one fell swoop!

Such a tactic surprised both the Nine-Tailed Snake and Shang.

The Nine-Tailed Snake rubbed his chin, “That’s Master for you, even more wretched than me, my idol!”

Shang appreciatively looked at Lu Shiqian, his fighting spirit rising. Ah, he longed for a good fight, a good battle. This Fire Qilin roused his bloodlust.

The Death God held his scythe. From the outside, he looked serious and his thoughts couldn’t be discerned. He was covered in a black cloak, appearing extremely mysterious. However, no one knew that this guy was currently staring stupidly at Lu Shiqian, his lips slightly parted, face red, eyes full of love. This guy, ever since he fell into the trap called love and was eaten alive, his mind was only filled with Lu Shiqian. They say that a man in love was blind, but he was the top among the top. Otherwise, why would his heart flutter so uncontrollably simply seeing the other’s fluttering hair?

If his current appearance was seen by the other Death Gods, they would probably lose their jaws in shock. Was this person really their lofty, noble, cold, and mysterious Fourth Rank Death God?!

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