Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 277

As long as they knew his means, especially the other dead spirits of the World of Death, they would deeply feel how profound an existence he was! The World of Death gathered the spirits of the dead of all planes, and there was no shortage of wicked and cruel people. However, after hearing the name of the Fourth Rank Death God, they were all obedient and submissive. He was simply too powerful—a god amongst gods! However, the World of Death didn’t believe in gods, they only believed in this one Death God… the Fourth Rank Death God!

Now, this great one was wholeheartedly staring at a woman with the look of spring. This was, this really was…

Too terrifying!

A certain Death God was infatuatedly staring at Lu Shiqian and a little Fire Fox climbed onto his body, wagging its tails.

“Looking at Master?” A certain Fire Fox touched his paws.

“En.” The Death God very obediently answered.

The Fire Fox patted his shoulder, “Brother, you and I stand together.” It glanced at Shang and Wei Mo, “As magic beasts, we should defend our master’s purity, understand?”

The Death God: “?”

Hong Jin looked like he was looking at a donkey. It was truly hard for his little fox face to make this expression, “Don’t let one’s fertile waters flow into another’s field!”

The Death God: “?”

Hong Jin held his forehead and asked in another way, “Do you know what women like?”

The Death God: “???”

Hong Jin sighed, “This question is too difficult. I’ll put it simply: do you know what Master likes?”

The Death God finally turned his head around, humbly learning.

“Romance! Women all like romantic things! Master is the same.”

“What is ‘romantic’?” the Death God asked.

“Flowers under the moonlight, just you and me; rain on Mt. Ba, a passionate night; a range of green mountains, full of beauty; life and death shared together, not to part forevermore…” Fire Fox slapped on one after another, the display of a master.

Other than the first ‘flowers under the moonlight’ that the Death God kind of understood, he didn’t know what the rest were at all.

“Women all love fresh flowers, understand? Even though our master is very strong, she definitely also likes them! Send her some flowers and compliment her a little, then give her a tender hug. Master will let you do whatever you like, do you understand?” the Fire Fox leisurely said.

“Flowers? Compliments? Hug? Whatever I like?” The Death God carefully thought about it. Romantic… He had an idea of what it was.

The panda walked over, grabbing Hong Jin’s neck and throwing him onto its own round head, sitting to the side and continuing to gnaw on its bamboo.

At this moment, the Fire Qilin was tripped and had to take a bunch of Lu Shiqian’s punches. Although it wasn’t injured, it gained some respect for her.

“You can’t beat me, but you may change to someone else!” the Fire Qilin stated. Unable to beat it, yet capable of remaining uninjured and gaining the upper-hand in the battle. Few people could have this kind of ability.

However, to pass the level, they had to defeat it first.

Lu Shiqian didn’t stand a chance. She knew that it was telling the truth.

Shang stepped forward, “I’ll go.” After coldly saying so, his sword ruthlessly struck over.

Lu Shiqian never had a precise understanding of Shang’s strength before. When she sparred against him, it was mostly him teaching her. Now that he was facing the Fire Qilin, she finally knew that his strength was far above the Fire Qilin. He was a veteran of the sword and didn’t make many fancy movements, yet every strike was a stroke of genius. This was the fruit of hard work!

It was obvious that he was just practicing against the Fire Qilin. In under a hundred moves, the Fire Qilin fell defeated to the ground.

The Fire Qilin raised its head proudly with a bit of relief and solemnity, “Kill me.” It couldn’t even guard Master’s seal, damn it!

“Big Brother!” the Phoenix panicked and undid the merge.

The other four beasts were also astonished, “Big Brother, why?”

The Fire Qilin declared, “I’ve already decided!”

Lu Shiqian frowned slightly and was about to start cursing when a voice transferred over from the mental platform, “Allow me. Dumbo just needs to put your hand on his head.”

Lu Shiqian agreed.

“Fire Qilin, stand.” Bai only spoke a single line.

However, this one sentence was astounding. The Fire Qilin widened its eyes and knelt to the ground with a crash, piously crying: “Master!” It didn’t say a word of complaint because its master had returned!

After Bai finished speaking, he returned to his magic beast space. The restrictions here were too great, created specifically to suppress him.

Lu Shiqian couldn’t help but sigh. Bai, ah Bai, what kind of person were you to make someone so loyal?

After the Fire Qilin was contracted, it rose to 4,800 Stars.

It was still immersed in the shock of sharing the same master as Lord Bai. It also knew that Lord Bai’s strength was currently vastly reduced, yet he still remained respectful to him. In this way, you could see just how strong Bai was, so high up you could only admire. Bai truly did have the strange attraction that made others want to worship him!

The last hall was passed and next up was the location of Bai’s seal.

In fairy tales, the princess finally passed through all the trials to reach the prince. Lu Shiqian was the princess that came to save the prince!

“Master, even though the power of Lord Bai was sealed, it is still beyond dangerous. Lord Bai’s power is too great,” the Fire Qilin reminded.

“En, I will be careful.” Lu Shiqian steadfastly walked forward.

Following Yao Hong’s guidance, Lu Shiqian and the others continued down. In the deepest part underground, the power of the seal poured out, another oppressive force suppressing it. Even if only a bit of the domineering power leaked out, Lu Shiqian could tell that it was Bai’s power!

The final hall was extremely huge, almost the same size as a large-scale city! Strange patterns were carved everywhere: the ceiling, walls, pillars.

Such a place was by no means good.

Even a God Rank powerhouse would be suppressed to the point of being unable to stand.

The moment they went in, a gust of wind blew over, carrying the crackle of electricity. The pressure was terrifying.

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