Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 278

Qi Zhan fell on his behind, and Qiu Di passed out under the tremendous pressure of the seal. Qi Zhan hurriedly helped Qiu Di walk up. Now was not the time to be foolishly stubborn. If he stayed here, his power would soon be depleted.

Lu Shiqian could bear it while Wei Mo gritted his teeth.

Yao Hong covered his heart. The blood that belonged to his ancestor magic beast circulated rapidly. The obsession of 100,00 years ago erupted coming into contact with Bai’s power.

Shang frowned.

The only person who looked as usual was the Death God.

The beasties collectively buffed Lu Shiqian, Wei Mo, and Yao Hong, relieving them slightly.

When Lu Shiqian finally reached the bottom, she was stunned by the scene.

Uncontrollable shock, surprise, and shaking of the heart!

What kind of power could achieve such an effect?!

Just what kind of person could have such power?

As we all know, power was stored inside the body. This applied to both humans and magic beasts, everything was like this. It couldn’t be seen or touched, and had no shape, returning to the heaven and earth after death of its host. If—and I said if—you took out a person’s power, it would probably at most be hair-thick, dissipating with the wind. A Saint would just have a thicker smoke, dissipating with the wind. Only God Rank powerhouses would be condensed, perhaps into a drop of water. Lu Shiqian was a special case: she hadn’t reached God Rank, but her power was like a pond of water. Even though her future prospects were high, she was currently only this strong.

Bai’s power was almost condensed into a solid, as large as the sea!

The entire hall was almost entirely occupied by the blood-red sphere!

Of course, it wasn’t still and continuously shifted, trying to break through the seal in various ways.

The Fire Qilin sighed with emotion, “As expected of Lord Bai! Even though his power was sealed, he would never give up! He has grown so much stronger over the past 100,000 years!”

Listening to this flattery was slightly embarrassing, but it was true. You must know that a seal was called a seal because it would slowly consume the sealed power until it was gone. Of course, there was no reason for the sealed power to grow stronger!

However, Bai’s trapped power was growing!

Lu Shiqian slightly understood why the six guardians worshipped him so much!

Not because he could destroy the heavens and earth, control the life and death of others, but because of his unyielding will and strong character!

Bai undoubtedly represented men in the utmost—whether it was appearance, strength, or character!

The more you discovered, the harder you fell in love! There was no way you couldn’t fall in love with such a man!

The seal was designed to contain Bai’s power. Thus, it was like a terrifying film of black gel, tightly covering on top of Bai’s power.

A fierce battle raged between the black and red powers. Just looking at it was shocking enough!

The seal pattern in the hall continuously provided power to the seal. If you looked closely, there were also sculptures that seemed almost alive, constantly chanting strange spells to suppress Bai’s power.

This strange battle could be seen. Black streaks provided power into the seal in the far distance.

When Lu Shiqian approached Bai’s seal, the power began to tremble. Perhaps it was due to her arrival; perhaps it was due to Bai’s arrival.

How strange, Lu Shiqian could actually understand its feelings.

The desire to return!

Lu Shiqian was moved!

The Battle Domain was opened and Lu Shiqian struck her sword into the ground!

Even with all her strength, she couldn’t make a chip.

“Master, it’s useless. I also tried thousands of times to destroy this damned seal!” the Fire Qilin lamented.

Lu Shiqian calmed down. This time, she was too impatient.

Since the enemy wanted to seal Bai, then they would naturally know someone may come to destroy it, preparing early.

Now, what to do?

Lu Shiqian thought quickly, but after thinking for so long, she didn’t even have half a clue. The span of the seal was too vast, and the strange patterns gave her a feeling of helplessness.

While thinking, Shang’s black sword rose, a heavy blow striking the seal!

The power in the seal stunned him, but he was not afraid. He had his own pride—his pride didn’t allow him to back down!

He just… couldn’t stand seeing her frowning in pain!

Unknown since when, he grew used to her existence that ignored his coolness, patting his shoulder and exclaiming: “Yo, cool guy!” He grew used to the smile she revealed whenever she dodged an attack, accustomed to her stubbornness when she was knocked down, used to her cleverness… He was even used to her comfortable face as she touched his ears and horns.

Habit was truly a hard-to-change affliction!

He even felt that he no longer knew his past self anymore. Not only did he continuously give way to her whims, he was even tolerant to those around her.

Or, who else dared to try?

The sword struck over, yet the seal only shook slightly.

“You really didn’t disappoint. You’re finally here.” At this moment, Shuang Ruyue’s voice arrived steadily: “Those people were sent away by you. I was prepared to let them die here.”

He wore a red robe, black hair like satin, handsome as the sun god. Shuang Ruyue walked towards them with a pleasant smile on his face.

Lu Shiqian wasn’t surprised to see him here.

However, at this moment, she didn’t have any goodwill towards him: “What on earth do you want?”

The release of the rumors caused various families to come to this place that ordinary people should not set foot in. He also somehow passed through all the halls with no trouble…

Shuang Ruyue smiled like the spring breeze, “Truly, don’t interrogate me so sternly.” The conversation turned around, “Actually, I wanted those people to die here. How else can you live up to the expectations of such a large, empty palace?”

The Nine-Tailed Snake agreed, “Very good, you’re quite abnormal.”

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