Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 279

Lu Shiqian wasn’t interested in those other people, “Why does the Church of Light have a teleportation array to this place?”

Shuang Ruyue smiled mysteriously, “This is a secret my Church of Light has guarded for over 100,000 years.” He lifted his robe and stared at Bai’s seal with a complex expression, “What fascinating power, who could withstand such temptation? Who wouldn’t want it all for themselves?”

The Fire Qilin was enraged, shouting, “You want it all for yourself?!” while stepping forward.

Even though it had shrunk, its power was not inhibited!

Lu Shiqian held the Fire Qilin back, “Let him finish.” She was much calmer than the Qilin. She knew that Bai’s power wasn’t something that could be swallowed just because you said so! Was a whale big? Ask and see if a person could eat a whole whale by themselves!

“In fact, I’ve always wondered where the teleportation array would send us. What was its purpose? When I became the pope, I finally understood… Oh, so it turned out that our God of Light wanted this power!” Shuang Ruyue laughed, “He sure is sly, guarding from 100,000 years ago. I was just wondering why there were more angels recently…” As if asking for an opinion, Shuang Ruyue looked at Lu Shiqian and said, “Hey, hey, he’s worked so hard over the years. Should I help him out?”

Lu Shiqian stared at Shuang Ruyue, “Would you?”

Shuang Ruyue was startled, “You don’t believe me?”

Lu Shiqian answered, “I don’t.”

This person was cunning and hypocritical, but she didn’t believe he would do something like that.

“I’m the Pope of the Church of Light now.” Shuang Ruyue repeated his position.

“But you don’t believe in the God of Light!” If he must worship someone, then it would probably be himself!

Lu Shiqian merely asked him, “Are you going to insist?”

Shuang Ruyue gave her a deep look, “I must.”

The Fire Qilin jumped up, “I’m going to kill you!”

Shuang Ruyue smiled lightly, pointing to the 24 people in the distance: “Rather than kill me, why don’t you think about how to stop them instead? After 100,000 years of preparation, he finally discovered the way to break the seal of the continent.”

The 24 elders and knights have become 24 angels—12 of them ten-winged angels! These people were advanced to God Rank by the God of Light at a great price in order to complete the complex summoning array today. The light array lit up and the voices of the angels were chafing on the ears. Bai’s sealed power was too strong and destroyed the balance of space whilst fighting against the seal. This could be considered a space weak spot.

Last time, it was only the soul. This time, the body of the God himself was coming!

The Fire Qilin breathed fire angrily, ready to hurtle those 24 angels away.

However, the 24 angels each took a position and formed an extremely stable array. The Fire Qilin smashed them, but was bounced back himself.

The Fire Qilin charged and was reflected back again. However, this Qilin had great tenacity, rushing over and again and again without giving up. The other five guardians saw their eldest brother working so hard and all ran over. It wasn’t that they didn’t know it was useless, but as long as there was the slightest possibility, they would never give up!

The light barrier around the 24 angels bounced the six beasts back repeatedly.

Facing these attacks, the angels didn’t even blink.

“I respect your courage, but this light barrier isn’t so easy to break. Now that we have some time and energy, why not think up some countermeasures?” Shuang Ruyue’s face was three points indifference, three points frivolous, three points joking, and one point serious.

Lu Shiqian stared deeply at Shuang Ruyue, “Just which side are you standing on?”

Shuang Ruyue was startled and smiled, “Of course it is the side of my great God of Light.”

Lu Shiqian stopped questioning him and instead turned to Shang, “Can you cut it down?”

Shang coldly answered, “No.”

As for the Death God, his answer was very interesting: “Master, I’m hungry.”

The 24 angels finished singing and their source of life gathered at the ceiling of the hall, devoting both their physical bodies and souls.

Space slowly split open, and the flesh and blood of the angels eroded as the crack grew larger. Their souls used as pure power were squeezed dry. The price for tearing space was huge. In addition, the two-way teleportation array here also cost hundreds of thousands of magic stones, gems, and jade… Naturally, it also included the lives of 24 high-ranking angels!

However, this was all insignificant compared to Bai’s immense power!

Tearing open space was irreversible.

Brilliant lights burst from the space crack, and a human figure clad in white appeared.

At first glance, there was indeed a feeling of sacredness.

After the white light faded, everyone could finally see this white figure’s true appearance.

He was dressed in a white robe, his face young and handsome like a white-robed young master. He held a golden scepter in his hand, a god-level weapon. The strength of this person was at the peak of God King!

Above God Rank was God King, God Overlord, and God Master. Each stage was divided into four stages: first, second, third, and peak. At God King for magic beasts, it would take 1,000 Stars to advance once while God Overlords needed 2,000 to 3,000 Stars. At God Master, they would need 5,000 Stars per level!

High-level magic beasts, humans, and various other species were the same. The higher the rank, the more power was needed. Oftentimes, to advance once as a God King, you would probably need more power than all of their subordinates combined!

Thus, a peak God King was enough to single-handedly defeat all opponents below their rank.

A peak God King was equivalent to a 5,000 Star magic beast!

The Fire Qilin was enraged when he saw the white-robed figure, “It’s you! It’s actually you!”

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