Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 280

The God of Light only focused on Bai’s seal with crazy and greedy eyes, distorting his beautiful face. He didn’t even glance at the Fire Qilin, turning a deaf ear.

The Fire Qilin was enraged and spat out a mouthful of fire.

However, before it could land, it was bounced back.

“You haven’t made any progress after so many years.” The disdainful voice of the God of Light sounded, “Oh, I’m wrong, you’ve grown 800 Stars. However, your brain is still as muddled as ever. Can’t you learn to utilize that pig brain of yours?” The God of Light continued, “Can’t you see that the me today is vastly different from the past?”

Lu Shiqian felt uncomfortable listening to him.

“In the past, you were just a mere middle god. If it wasn’t for Lord Azure Dragon helping you and making you into the God of Light, do you think you would be anything?!” the Fire Qilin angrily retorted.

The Nine-Tailed Snake took out a mirror and checked out his appearance, “I actually helped such trash for 100,000 years. What a letdown!”

The God of Light naturally had great patience being able to climb up from the bottom to where he was today. However, he was now close to victory. He would soon gain Bai, the White Tiger’s power, so why bother enduring others’ mockery? He waved his scepter and blew the Fire Qilin away!

The power gap was self-evident.

The Phoenix caught the Fire Qilin and yelled, “You traitor!”

The God of Light shamelessly sneered, “Traitor? Don’t you know that I was a traitor since 100,000 years ago?” He looked at his clothes and scepter, “If I wasn’t a traitor, would I be able to gain all this? If I wasn’t a traitor, would I become a God King? If I wasn’t a traitor, I would forever be below you… How can I possibly bear to?”

The Phoenix was enraged, “How could you do this to Lord Azure Dragon that cherished and nurtured you?!”

The God of Light patted his sleeves, “You can only blame him for being too kind, foolishly believing in my tricks!”

To say 100,000 years was in the distant past wasn’t right; to say it was recent was also wrong. At the time, the four great lords were the most worshipped existences. Lord White Tiger was the most powerful and unfathomable beast; Lord Azure Dragon was kind and wise; Lord Black Tortoise was like the mountains and valleys, the most mild-tempered one; Lord Vermillion Bird was the most vivacious and cutest. As God Masters, they had many privileges and were the strongest!

At that time, the God of Light was a mere second stage middle god, neither high nor low—bullying some and getting bullied. Once, he was beaten severely and his life hung by a thread, but he fortunately met Lord White Tiger and Lord Azure Dragon. Back then, these two esteemed ones were far beyond him. Compared to them, he was a mere speck of sand!

Lord Bai Hu merely glanced at him, saying, “Kill him!”

Lord Azure Dragon was kind and insisted on saving him.

Afterwards, he used Lord Azure Dragon’s kindness to climb higher step by step until he requested the Azure Dragon to head to the Plane of Light and be the God of Light.

He still remembered what Lord Azure Dragon told him, “Don’t indulge your ambition. It will swallow you!”

It turned out that Lord Azure Dragon long knew his greed, but what a pity it was that he didn’t kill him due to his soft-heartedness!

The God of Light coldly snorted, “Bullsh*t lord!”

He thought that everyone was like him: people that had sht in their hearts looked at others like sht; people that had the world in their hearts were looking at the faraway future.

The God of Light managed a plane, but compared to the other managers, his position wasn’t high. He had to work hard to climb to a higher position.

Soon after, the opportunity came. From nowhere, a group of mysterious powerful people appeared. They defeated the four great lords and took over all the planes. Some resisted at the time, but they were all suppressed. At the time, he went to take refuge under the new master. To him, climbing up was the most important thing. He applied to guard Lord Bai’s seal and had been plotting to take that power for himself since then, becoming a god amongst gods!

Human power was limited, but desires were unlimited!

He couldn’t come to this plane, but was able to control ordinary people and created the Church of Light. Yes, from that time, he had been preparing. Although he didn’t’ know who created the Church of Darkness, opposing him both overtly and covertly, in any case, the final winner was him!

Now, he could finally get his wish!

He could finally gain Lord Bai’s power!

This extremely strong power that even that lord couldn’t erase was finally going to be his!

He took out a power conversion tool and nailed it on the huge seal.

The Bishui Dragon roared, “What are you doing?!” The Bishui Dragon liked to collect various artifacts and study its use. It vaguely knew what the God of Light nailed to the seal.

The God of Light ignored the Bishui Dragon’s screaming and thrashing, chanting a spell.

The flow of time was enough for this bastard to gain a full set of godly equipment. The attacks of the Bishui Dragon and the Fire Qilin’s attacks couldn’t hurt him.

The six guardian beasts angrily watched as he finished the spell.

“Pop!” However, things didn’t develop as expected. Bai’s seal rejected the power conversion tool.

The six guardian beasts were overjoyed. Lord Bai was too awesome, even the seal had such character! Meanwhile, the God of Light’s expression darkened.

“You have the heart for power, yet don’t have the means to support it. You are just trash!” Lu Shiqian slowly said.

The God of Light coldly glared at Lu Shiqian, then laughed, “How laughable, a little Rank 7 mage can’t differentiate between good and bad.” He then looked at the others, his gaze pausing for a second on Shang. He arrogantly announced, “It won’t be too late to send you all to hell first before I figure out how to obtain this power!”

Lu Shiqian’s eyes also turned cold. This bastard… thought too much of himself!

He actually dared to touch Bai’s stuff? Was he worthy?!

Lu Shiqian slowly reached out her hand, “Fire Qilin, soul merge. Phoenix, armor merge. The others buff! Nine-Tailed Snake, weapon merge!”

Fiery-red hair, fiery-red eyes, and golden phoenix armor, Lu Shiqian appeared beautiful and moving. The burning flames and rising fighting spirit also gave her a more stubborn beauty that others couldn’t match. This kind of beauty came from the inside, much more radiant than the outside.

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