Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 281

The Nine-Tailed Snake muttered for a moment but still obediently turned into a green sword.

At this time, Lu Shiqian’s power rose to a third stage God King!

The God of Light was surprised but quickly disdained, “Only so!” He was surprised at the other’s potential and made the decision to eliminate her in her roots! This woman would become a great threat to him if left alone!

He raised his scepter and chanted a difficult spell. Soon after, two twelve-winged angels appeared!

Angels were a special product of the Plane of Light. These creatures completely obeyed their master and were excellent tools of war. However, after being the God of Light for so long, he’d only cultivated two of them!

At this time, the space crack hadn’t closed yet so it wasn’t difficult to transfer two over!

He could be considered to have put in great effort whilst coveting Bai’s power!

He ordered the twelve angels, “Kill that woman!”

The two angels rushed towards Lu Shiqian! Twelve-winged angels were third stage God Kings!

Wei Mo grew anxious and opened his domain, running to Lu Shiqian’s side. Even if he couldn’t kill the enemy for her, he could block the attacks!

When the twelve-winged angels appeared, Shuang Ruyue went into a daze, murmuring incredulously: “Elder Sister…”

His sister was also like this: a head of curly hair and big black eyes. So similar… Sister, are you still alive?

Wait, wait for me. Wait for me to finish this… and then… we can leave together…

While Lu Shiqian was fighting the twelve-winged angels, Shang also silently drew out his sword, facing the God of Light.

Shang’s level was also the peak of God King!

Meeting a strong opponent, his blood started to boil!

“It’s you?” The God of Light recognized him. Last time he descended, he was destroyed by him, so he naturally hated Shang.

Shang’s black and red hair fluttered, not wasting time on blabbering nonsense: “Take this!”

Shang’s sword was weird and eerie, yet extremely powerful! The son of the Demon King and Asura Ruler, his talent was naturally first-class! Other than this sword that was a top-quality magic weapon, he had no other equipment because his flesh and blood was the strongest equipment he could have. Every part of his body, after training harshly day after day, was perfect. He was much stronger than the God of Light in this way!

However, the God of Light had many equipment and artifacts to make up for his shortcomings. The two were temporarily held in a stalemate.

Almost a thousand exchanges took place in a thousandth of a second in a battle at the peak of God Kings.

At Yao Hong’s level, he couldn’t see anything at all. There were only bursts of sparks and the two separated again.

The battle was fought brilliantly here, but Lu Shiqian’s side wasn’t shabby either!

Twelve-winged angels were indeed extraordinary with high offense and defense. Every attack was blocked by those twelve wings, and their wing attacks were also sharp and cutting!

Lu Shiqian and the long-haired angel fought while Wei Mo and the other beasts faced the other curly-haired angel. Even though their strength was somewhat insufficient, with the buffs, they could barely hold on!

The battle was extremely fierce!

Shuang Ruyue picked up the power conversion tool and changed it to something that looked the same.

His eyes were murky, unknown what he was thinking.

Shifting the attention back to the battles…

Lu Shiqian couldn’t keep up and opened the Living Domain. Five hundred giants swung their fists forward! Her power was greatly increased after merging with a 4,000 Star magic beast.

However, the angel moved fast and flawlessly.

Because angels were only loyal to the God of Light, they had very few thoughts. Thus, their body and mind could be extremely coordinated. This was a perfect fighting tool, but their existences were pitiful.

They weren’t allowed to love, hate, or feel joy or sorrow!

Lu Shiqian sympathized with them, but that didn’t mean she would be soft-hearted.

Especially when the other had designs on Bai!

The twelve-winged angel was fast, but Lu Shiqian was even faster! With the Phoenix armor merging, her speed was extremely fast!

In a very short period, ten exchanges were made between sword and wings. There weren’t any glamorous moves, flashy tricks–only terribly fast attacks and a competition of speed!

Human potential was huge and could be tapped into. In this direct battle, Lu Shiqian’s power and speed continuously rose!

Wasn’t Wei Mo always improving?

He had truly worked hard. Every time after he battled, he would review it carefully. The black-haired Wei Mo didn’t like to fight, but for Lu Shiqian and himself, he continuously improved to shorten the distance between them.

For example, he now steadfastly held a spirit weapon and carefully pondered which angle the enemy was going to attack from.

He had already grown from a dazed young man into a gentle and steady man.

It was said that when men grew serious, there was an indescribable beauty.

At this time, his peach blossom eyes were firm and his gaze was calmly locked on the angel. Cooperating with the Snake Beauty, Griffin, and Panda, he could actually contest a God King with the power of a lower stage god!

It was just that the good times didn’t last long. After all, the other was three whole stages above him. Even though he could barely contest against the other at first with the other magic beasts, he was soon overwhelmed by the opponent’s counterattack. A third stage God King was definitely more powerful than a lower god even if they had no thoughts. Even with five first stage God Kings helping, they can only accept defeat.

It was obvious that a precocious child may dodge a grown man’s attacks for a while, but they would always be caught in the end! The ending was set in stone!

The curly-haired angel used a feather on its wing as a weapon, shooting over like lightning!

“Kacha! Ping!” A cool man with black and red hair easily dissected the feather.

“How unexpected, to think that you would actually save someone. If I’m not mistaken, the Prince of the Demon Plane may kill countless, but does he know how to save?” The God of Light kept blabbering on.

“Shut up!” Shang coldly snorted, taking on a two versus one.

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