Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 282

He also didn’t know why he saved Wei Mo. Perhaps it was because he subconsciously didn’t want her to be sad. What a dilemma!

Wei Mo was rescued and tightened his lips, confronting the enemy together with that cool man.

He didn’t want… to be protected!

Shang paused, seemingly understanding his thoughts and tacitly agreed to fight the enemy together.

The God of Light didn’t want to be stuck in a fight with them. The most important thing was to get Lord White Tiger Bai’s power!

Like this, he could only take out the treasure that great one gave him.

The treasure his new master gave him was quite strange. It could completely copy five clones that had the same power as him and obeyed him.

For this day, he had made great preparations!

It was a black ring that appeared nothing special, but after turning it a few times, a mysterious black light flashed.

Five black figures carrying great pressure jumped out.

Five shadows and the God of Light made six peak God Kings!

What a great treasure!

This was no illusion, but a true replicate of power!

The current situation looked quite grim!

The five shadows charged forward and, coupled with the two angels, Lu Shiqian’s side became weaker in an instant.

Shuang Ruyue walked over and respectfully handed the power conversion tool to the God of Light.

The God of Light gave Shuang Ruyue a glance but only saw piety in his eyes. He smiled, “After this matter is over with, I’ll allow you to serve by my side.”

Shuang Ruyue laughed, “Thank you, my God.”

The God of Light began to walk towards Bai Hu’s seal again. He very smugly thought that all the troublemakers were now tangled, so he could relax and do his own things. Of course, whether it was ten years, a hundred years, or a hundred thousand years, he had the patience to devour all the power in this seal himself.

The greedy expression on his face made his originally handsome face appear disgusting.

“The beautiful scenery and lively festivities, how about I also join in?” A certain charming voice drifted in, casting a wink at Lu Shiqian: “Baby, long time no see!”

Who was it if not Li Jing?!

They saw him walk in with a crimson robe, layers upon layers, fluttering and flamboyant!

This guy will always be this high-profile!

But then again, why did everyone seem to come to this hidden palace thousands of miles below the sea?

Which crack did Li Jing jump out from?

Also, didn’t he mysteriously disappear the day of the auction?

Lu Shiqian would never ask the people around her whether they were going to stay or leave. If they left, they must have something to do or a reason to leave, and those who stayed were worth cherishing more.

Lu Shiqian gave Li Jing a cold glare. This guy was as flippant as ever.

Li Jing made a heartbroken gesture, “Oh, you’ve broken my heart.”

Lu Shiqian staggered and almost fell to the ground, avoiding a powerful blow from the shadows!

Li Jing walked out, twisting his waist charmingly, “Need my help?”

Afraid of being angered to death, Lu Shiqian wholeheartedly focused on the enemy.

However, Li Jing didn’t let go, blocking a sneak attack with a wave of his hand: “So close, so close, just in the nick of time.”

The God of Light glared at the person that emerged out of nowhere, “Who are you?”

With his power at the peak of God King, he actually didn’t discover someone hidden here.

Li Jing gave a wink at him, “How hateful, this one has been your neighbor for so long, yet you don’t recognize me.”

The God of Light broke out in goosebumps out of disgust.

Strong, Li Jing, you were too strong! To disgust the God of Light, your ability was beyond extraordinary!

Li Jing stretched out a hand and caught a falling peach blossom, “Am I not the founder of the Church of Darkness?”

With these words, Lu Shiqian couldn’t help but be surprised. He was actually the founder of the Church of Darkness! The mysterious opposer of the Church of Light!

The God of Light gritted his teeth. It was this Church of Darkness that kept blocking him! Otherwise, he would’ve arrived much earlier!

“You and I have no grievances, why hinder me so?” The God of Light raised his staff, and four black shadows ran over, encircling Li Jing.

“Why?” Li Jing tilted his head, “This one’s just too bored.”

The God of Light was furious, “Kill him!”

“Hey, hey!” Li Jing was dissatisfied, “This is not the way to treat your neighbors!” However, his expression became slightly more serious as he scattered peach blossoms.

Suddenly, hundreds of thousands of meters below the sea, peach blossoms strangely floated down, creating a beautiful scenery.

“Actually, this one didn’t tell you. This one is a first stage God Overlord!” Li Jing took out a branch and threw it under Bai’s seal. The branch rapidly grew, breaking the stone slabs and continuing to climb up, causing the seals to slowly crack.

The branch was exactly the gift Lu Shiqian bought for him at the auction!

The branch was originally a treasure left behind from a foreign plane before the continent was sealed. Its vitality was particularly tenacious and could break through stone and soil. Li Jing was once the God King of this plane and had naturally seen much, recognizing this item!

Life was always the most tenacious!

Unexpectedly, this seal was as difficult to break from the outside as ascending the heavens, but was easy from the inside!

The seal grew a bit unstable!

The God of Light was anxious!

When Bai’s power broke through, it would definitely return to its master’s body. Even this sealed space wouldn’t be able to block it! Then, he would’ve lost everything!

He gnashed his teeth and furiously yelled, “You f*cker!”

Li Jing slowly said, “Aiyah, this one wasn’t doing it on purpose!” Suddenly, “It was intentional.”

The God of Light almost vomited blood from anger, “Kill him, kill him!”

Li Jing’s slender white hand raised, “Falling Flowers Season—Scatter!”

The fragrance of peach blossoms intensified, but it was refreshing on the mind and body. Peach blossoms drifted about, as if whispering some secret. It was entrancingly beautiful. Flowers spun around, attacking from various angles, circling about Li Jing as if performing an exotic dance. A charming dance!

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