Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 283

‘Falling Flowers Season—Scatter’ was the final move in the Falling Flowers set. When cast, thousands of peach blossoms would bloom in a large area, attacking the enemy indiscriminately. It could be considered a beautiful mix of offense and defense.

This move was extremely famous 100,000 years ago. Back when he was just a nameless god, he won the position of God King through this move. No less than a million gods died under this move!

The hall continued to crack due to the expanding branch. Coupled with Li Jing’s attack, the balance was broken. The black seal gradually lost its power and the blood-red power took the chance to counterattack!

The God of Light’s face turned pale.

However, he was unreconciled, sticking the power conversion tool on the seal again!

Li Jing’s peach blossoms radiated their most brilliant light, blooming like the most beautiful fireworks.

The four shadows were instant killed!

This x-factor completely destroyed the God of Light’s hopes. His hand movements sped up and an even harder incantation was uttered. This time, he needed to successfully obtain some of Bai’s power. Losing these 100,000 years of effort wasn’t the worst, he still had a chance…

As the spell was spoken, the power conversion tool churned faster.

But for some reason, he had a strange feeling.

Looking at the converter, he finally realized: there was a problem with this tool.

However, the last line of the incantation was already spoken.

His power began to drift away.

He secretly cried out and rose, wanting to rush to the space crack. The two angels and shadows also followed him. In the shortest amount of time, he made the best judgement. However, the power conversion tool sucked him tightly, taking all of his hard-earned power!

It was rather ironic. At first, he wanted to obtain all of Bai’s power, but now his own was at stake.

As long as there was time, getting rid of the power conversion tool wasn’t hard. Now, the most important thing was to return to his plane.

Just when he was about to leave, his body was hugged by Shuang Ruyue.

Shuang Ruyue firmly grasped the God of Light. His raised eyes were filled with despair and sorrow.

My life is like duckweed, worthless.

However, even if he was duckweed, even if he never bloomed, even if he was a tamed dog, didn’t they also bite sometimes? What more when he was Shuang Ruyue, a person who returned tooth for tooth. The other party took his only relative, so he would repay him in full. No matter how noble or powerful the other was, he would search for an opportunity to bite back!

Due to Shuang Ruyue’s delaying him, the God of Light was stuck.

Often, success or failure was determined in a single second! Li Jing and Shang had already cut off all paths of retreat!

The hatred of the God of Light was accurately pointed at Shuang Ruyue.

“Kill him!” The God of Light’s power was pulled into the power conversion tool and he didn’t have much left to use.

Who he ordered was the short-haired angel.

The angel wholeheartedly obeyed his orders and would never show mercy. That one palm landed upon Shuang Ruyue’s heart!

Shuang Ruyue’s body flew away like a broken kite and then leisurely fell down.

The twelve-winged angel was several entire ranks higher than him. This one strike destroyed all of his internal organs.

How sad, it was this short-haired angel that had his sister’s face that killed him. Perhaps her soul was also his sister’s, but she had long forgotten him.

However, dying in the hands of his sister was much better than dying at the hands of the God of Light!

His dilapidated body quietly whispered “Sister…” while falling.

Just like when he was a child, he would call for his sister like this while being bullied. At the time, his elder sister would clench her fist and get payback. Even if she couldn’t beat them, she would still fight… He was protected like that during those years.

Sister, do you remember the songs you sang for me? Do you still remember the stories you told me? Do you still remember the grievances you suffered for me? …Sister, thank you.

The moment ‘Sister’ was called out, the short-haired angel’s expression was a bit confused. Perhaps, she was thinking hard about something, but she was completely brainwashed and only had obedience left. However, that ‘Sister’ fell upon her soul!

She looked towards Shuang Ruyue!

Lu Shiqian had already steadily caught Shuang Ruyue. Despite this man’s stray mind, he wasn’t hateful. There was no reason for him to fall sullenly to the floor.

Shuang Ruyue also spat out a mouthful of black blood on Lu Shiqian.

His life was like a small candle flame. After that palm, his cultivation was completely destroyed. Though he didn’t die, he was only hanging by a thread.

Lu Shiqian took out a gold medicine and fed it to Shuang Ruyue.

Gold medicine could cure all kinds of conditions—a panacea. This medicine was indeed great for those with high vitality, but for people with no vitality, it had no effect at all. It was like even if an old, crippled man drank buckets of this medicine, there would be no effect.

The angel’s palm wasn’t simple, shattering his heart and organs, also destroying his body functions.

He was dying.

At this time, Shang had already cleaned up the other angel and black shadow. The only enemies left was the short-haired angel and the God of Light.

The God of Light panicked, but his reason was intact. He ordered the final angel, “Blow yourself up and send me back!”

This command was cruel, but to the God of Light, it was normal. He created these angels in order to make them follow his commands. In his eyes, they were merely tools. Whether they lived or died was up to his single whim. Even if he only had two twelve-winged angels and were extremely precious, they weren’t as important as himself.

Angels couldn’t disobey the God of Light’s orders. Because of this, the little doubt of the short-haired angel disappeared.

Shuang Ruyue heard the God of Light’s orders and panicked, “Sister…!” He was a person who had run out of oil, and one breath less was a breath less. Such shouting accelerated his rate of death, but no matter what, he never wanted to lose her again, to lose his only relative. He never wanted to know that kind of pain again.

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