Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 284

Because of this cry, the angel’s actions paused. The voice engraved deep within her soul that couldn’t be erased. Familial affection was the strongest and hardest to erase bond in this world.

The short-haired angel turned her head, as if she was trying hard to recall something. However, it was a shame that she couldn’t remember anything.

She was at a loss.

Who was it that called her just now?

The God of Light saw that she didn’t move and ordered again, “Blow up! I want you to blow yourself up!”

At the same time, Shuang Ruyue’s cries also came.

The God of Light was almost angered to death!

The power conversion tool was drawing energy from his body and his situation was dangerous. Yet, the only angel that could help him was inexplicably hesitating. Was today his bad luck of eight lifetimes? He couldn’t vent his anger anywhere and the benefits he was about to gain was blocked by others. Seeing that the red power was about to overcome the seal, his rage reached a peak.

He decided to use that move. Even though he would be greatly injured, it was the best solution at present.

He angrily glared at Lu Shiqian. Shuang Ruyue was a dead man, but he wanted to drag someone down as payback!

That person was Lu Shiqian!


This kind of self-harming move could hit the enemy hardest while he preserved his soul and escaped back to the Plane of Light in the chaos!




There were three shouts and three men flew over, tightly holding the God of Light.

These three were the gentle and determined Wei Mo, the tragic little demon Yao Hong, and the awkward and stubborn Qin Prince!

Lu Shiqian was stunned. Having one man willing to die for you was already a miracle. Though many men would say that they were willing to die for the other, how many people could actually do it? Now, there were actually three blocking unhesitantly in front of her. Her shock was beyond words!

The Death God glided over and held Lu Shiqian’s hand, “I’m also willing to die for you.”

He didn’t make a move because the God of Light wasn’t worth it, and the life and death of others had nothing to do with him. He would guard the ones around his master, but he wouldn’t care for strangers.

However, if Master wanted him to die, he would die. Except, he would have to ponder over how to kill himself…

This world had many coincidences and accidents, like now…

The three men all rushed up to save Lu Shiqian, and the power conversion tool that had been sucking the God of Light’s power just happened to have nowhere to vent. The three bumped into it and caused a catharsis. The God of Light’s power was divided into three and rushed into their bodies. This one pounce benefited the three much! Quite an unbelievable coincidence!

Lu Shiqian didn’t know the God of Light’s power entered the three, but saw that the three’s faces were constantly changing and grew anxious. Her calm heart was shaken at the sight of the three standing in front of her.

The Death God held Lu Shiqian’s hand, “Master, don’t worry, this occurrence is good for them.”

At the critical moment, the Death God’s calmness surpassed everyone else!

He was silly and cute with Lu Shiqian, but don’t forget that he was the Master of the World of Death, where the vicious spirits of all planes gathered…

Under normal circumstances, a strong infusion of power would make someone implode and die, but this power conversion tool was different. It could turn power into the most acceptable form for the other. As a result, the three’s ranks shot up. What kind of level could a peak God King push the three up to?

Wei Mo became a second stage higher God, Yao Hong third stage middle god, and Qin Xingluo third stage middle god!

This wasn’t absorbing a godhead: this was taking all of another’s power for yourself!

The God of Light truly lost it all now and his anger also surpassed his peak. He only looked to escape now and separated his soul from his body, running to the space crack.

However, a black shadow flashed and the soul was gripped by the Death God.

The Death God was slightly hesitant. A peak God King’s soul was a little nutritious, but this God King’s soul was not very… appetizing.

To eat or not to eat?

Ai, whatever, he was hungry.

The God of Light’s soul felt boundless fear. He knew that he was finished though he didn’t know what the other was going to do. Perhaps, maybe, hopefully it wasn’t what he was thinking… However, reality hit him mercilessly as the Death God swallowed him. Like a match meeting the sea, just a drop was enough to extinguish him.

Lu Shiqian stared a little weirdly at the Death God. Even though it wasn’t the first time she saw him eating a soul, but this was a peak God King! She was still slightly taken aback, “How’s the taste?”

The Death God bitterly said, “Bad, not good.”

Lu Shiqian nodded, “It’s fine if you don’t get diarrhea.”

When the God of Light died, the twelve-winged angel that was bound to him also seemed to have her soul sucked away, collapsing to the ground.

Shuang Ruyue crawled over, crying out sadly: “Sister, Sister!” The him at the moment was no longer the mask-wearing him, ruthless yet always laughing. He was merely a pitiful child that wished to be loved.

The angel’s soul also flowed out. Curly hair, big eyes, and a small cute face around eight or nine years old. She stretched out her hands towards her younger brother.

Shuang Ruyue’s tears poured out as he tightly held the little soul.

The soul blinked and petted his head, “Brother, you must live happily.”

Saying this, she dispersed like smoke.

Shuang Ruyue coughed out several mouthfuls of blood. He smiled sadly. He would no longer be happy, and could no longer be happy.

His body was wrapped in a warm embrace. Lu Shiqian stroked his head like his sister, “Be good. You’ll be happy.”

His life was about to cut off and fall into the boundless darkness. So, at the very least, she would give him some comfort, even if it was a fleeting illusion.

In the end, this guy who always wore a mask was just a child that had yet to grow up.

Lu Shiqian whispered over and over, “Be good. You’ll be happy.”

Shuang Ruyue smiled as if he truly could find happiness, nestling in Lu Shiqian’s arms with peace of mind. Perhaps this was where happiness lied.

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