Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 285

His heart was fulfilled. Perhaps this was also good! He could no longer use schemes and conspiracies to get her, but if he had another life, he would try his best again. However, now, he was tired and wanted to sleep…

Shuang Ruyue slowly closed his eyes, his thinking growing increasingly blurry, soul seemingly flying away from his body.

Snap. There was a snap of the fingers, and a pliable object flew out and wrapped up Shuang Ruyue, dragging him into the space crack.

This happened so quickly that no one could react.

It must’ve been shockingly fast because even Shang and Li Jing couldn’t react!

Too fast!

Lu Shiqian was furious but her face was indifferently cold, holding her sword and poised to snatch Shuang Ruyue back. However, when she rushed over to the space crack, it closed up like a zipper, but not before she heard a chuckle and saw a pair of interested eyes.

That person could be considered an acquaintance. Wasn’t that the invaders’ commander? However, just what did he want with Shuang Ruyue’s corpse?

Damn it! Right under their nose!

The Death God squeezed Lu Shiqian’s hand, “Master, his soul didn’t go to the World of Death.”

The Death God seemed to know how to best comfort Lu Shiqian right now!

Lu Shiqian nodded. Since he didn’t go to the World of Death, that meant he might’ve survived, though the chances were slim. However, his body had disintegrated, so how was he to climb to the peak again…? There weren’t many ‘ifs’ since things had already passed. Her mind turned back and forth before she finally settled down and focused on a very important matter at hand.

The most important thing was Bai’s seal!

The palace was destroyed by the branch while the patterns were also destroyed by external forces. The seal was no longer as powerful as before.

Bai’s power clashed with the seal, breaking through all obstacles and rushing out of the cage that trapped him for 100,000 years in a domineering manner. It broke through the palace, the sea mountain range, parting the water, and rushed to the sky, causing the whole world to fall into an uproar! Then, it turned back and entered Lu Shiqian’s magic beast space!

Lu Shiqian was a little stunned. They were thousands of miles below sea level, but a huge hole was created by Bai’s power and even the blue sky could be seen!

However, this surprise didn’t last for long. This was thousands of miles below the sea, getting crushed by the sea water was no joke!

A blood-red glow appeared around Lu Shiqian’s body; an intricate pattern appearing beneath her feet, extending to the entire sea, the entire continent. The water rushing down suddenly paused.

Bai slowly appeared from the pattern, appearing incomparably brilliant.

Lu Shiqian was stunned by Bai’s beauty.

“Bai, you’re better.” Thousands of thoughts passed through her mind, but only this simple sentence came out.

If the first time she saw him could be described as enchanting and domineering, then now, even a million words couldn’t describe him.

Now, with just a glance, he could determine another’s life or death!

Domineering, too domineering! Domineering to the extreme! So domineering it became a kind of temperament, as if everything in the world paled in his eyes. Seductive, endlessly enchanting, charming to an extreme! It had also become a kind of temperament. Who could be comparable to him? When he appeared, the entire world changed color!

Bai also seemed to gain some things—no, it should be said that it was originally his.

Coercion? No! Sacred? No! It should be unattainable, like the heavens and universe!

This was Bai’s true form?

His hair was unbelievably silky, smoother than moonlight, tangling and extending to his feet. With the seal lifted, the black star on his forehead was erased, making him appear even more haughty and domineering. Traveling down, his eyebrows were like sharp swords, adding evidence to his presence. Further down was his eyes. What a beautiful pair of eyes it was! Brilliant like stars, dark as the night. When he looked at you, they seemed full of starlight. His eyes were long and narrow, a red tint at the ends. Then, was his nose. It was tall and straight, the world’s most beautiful shape. His lips were a cherry red, heavens, no one knew how much he suited that color. Then, his chin and neck. With his strength restored, his body became more perfect, so perfect others could only sigh. He wore a silver-white embroidered with gold, releasing a domineering aura in a low-key fashion…

This was truly a man that others would want to worship…

The five guardians had long knelt; the other magic beasts also bowed.

“Dumbo, are you stupefied?” Bai smiled seductively; his eyes full of tenderness. He pulled Lu Shiqian in, his lips gently pressing down.

Mm, Dumbo…

Bai held Lu Shiqian, but the Death God also held onto her hand.

Bai first kissed Lu Shiqian many times, solving his lovesickness before letting go. Then, the two men with vastly different styles faced each other.

You come I go. Though they didn’t fight, the pressure wasn’t low. Their imaginary sparks seemed to clash in the air.

“You guys…”

“Shh, Dumbo, this is a man’s war.” Bai pressed Lu Shiqian’s lips.

Saying that, the two met palms. With just one move, they caused the entire mountain range to shudder, and the two quickly understood the other’s strength.

Bai pressed down his doubt.

The silly Death God: “I am Master’s.”

Bai was noncommittal, “Depends on your strength.”

Thus, the two glared daggers at each other, fighting in secret.

Lu Shiqian held her forehead, wondering if she should confess that she had already eaten the Death God up. Looking at the two full of hostility, she felt quite awkward. She didn’t want them to fight. Thinking about it, she decided to admit her faults.

“Bai,” Her voice was as small as a mosquito, “Bai, he’s my person now…”

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  1. Well Bai is very much a top/dom, but the Death God not so much. Bai should accept that “Dumbo” is his, and the Death God is hers.

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