Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 286

This was said with great care.

Dangerous light flashed in Bai’s eyes, “Dumbo, are you trying to anger me to death?”

Lu Shiqian obediently lowered her head, “…”

“I didn’t feed you enough, hm? Dumbo, how should I punish you, hm?” Bai narrowed his eyes.

Lu Shiqian’s head was almost low enough to touch the ground.

There was a smile in Bai’s eyes, but his face was stern. He hugged Lu Shiqian, “Dumbo, I must punish you tonight…”

Lu Shiqian lifted her head, “Bai, you’re not angry?”

Bai nubbed Lu Shiqian’s nose, “Dumbo, you’re not mine alone, but I am yours!

Before Lu Shiqian could sigh, the Death God butt in, “I am also Master’s. I want to hug and kiss tonight too.”

As soon as this statement came out, Li Jing sprayed out a mouthful of water while the beasties were petrified!

Lu Shiqian head didn’t seem to turn. This… Was this the legendary 3P?

Bai’s eyes were dangerous, “Then you’ll have to show some real ability.”

The Death God wasn’t scared to glare back, “En.”

Lu Shiqian didn’t know anymore. She was a pure woman, so why did these words sound so ominous?

Fortunately, Bai didn’t linger on the topic, “Since the time and place is right, why don’t we make Dumbo advance?”

Look at those words, speaking as if it was only natural. Was advancing easy?

“Though the quality is only so-so, contract all of the magic beasts in the sea.” He spoke lightly, as if he was merely eating.

Lu Shiqian was speechless. Bai who had recovered his power was more arrogant than ever!

Grabbing Bai’s collar, Lu Shiqian asked him, “Bai, how many stars are you?”

Bai poked Lu Shiqian’s lips, smiling dotingly, “Dumbo, it’s better for you to not know.”

Lu Shiqian carefully asked, “Is… Is it very scary?”

Bai smiled warmly, “You want to know? That’ll depend on your performance tonight.”

This glaringly lascivious remark was spoken extremely casually.

Lu Shiqian’s face turned red, “Bai, why aren’t you angry?” Such a peerless and domineering person should be angry, right?

Bai seriously stared at Lu Shiqian, exceedingly gentle, “No, I’m not angry, only jealous. You’re not mine only, I know that, so I’m jealous. However, I also know that I’ve occupied the most important spot in your heart, so I’m jealous and also relieved.” Kissing her lips and face, he continued, “I’ve had you alone for so many years, so my heart is satisfied.”

Lu Shiqian lowered her head, “I’m sorry…” Sorry, you’re so good, so excellent…

Bai smiled charmingly, “This isn’t like my dumbo. Don’t apologize, I just want you to stand at the top, free to do whatever you wish.”

Lu Shiqian pulled her lips, “You’re going to pamper me silly.”

Bai dotingly smiled again, looking at her deeply. Then, he pulled her into his embrace, hugging her tightly: “Dumbo, go contract.”

While they were hugging, Bai’s pressure covered the entire sea. If anyone saw what was happening underwater right now, they would be shocked to find that all of those terrifying magic beasts were shuddering and worshipfully turning towards a certain place.

“Bai, my contract can’t cover such a large area…” In front of Bai, she was like a little girl that could rely on someone else, entrusting everything to him.

And Bai also enjoyed this dependence.

In fact, he could handle this matter for her.

The method was for Lu Shiqian to hold his palm and borrow his power to expand the contract to cover the entire Deceiving Sea.

The contract quickly concluded with Bai’s help.

There were many creatures in the vast sea, and most of them were over 100 Stars. When the contract concluded, numerous advancement patterns lit up the sea, and more magic beast spaces were added to Lu Shiqian’s body.

At the same time, Lu Shiqian began to advance.

A golden advancement pattern appeared beneath her feet, beautiful and complex.

As Lu Shiqian’s Life Contracted magic beast, Bai always benefited more than the other beasts. While helping her channel the tremendous power, Bai also helped her refine her 100 magic seas and vessels.

Lu Shiqian advanced, and the magic beasts also ushered in another advancement frenzy. The 10,000-meter-deep sea emitted an astoundingly bright glow!

Calculating carefully, Lu Shiqian’s current foundation couldn’t be described in a few flimsy words. It could only be said to be godsent.

The first to advance was Lord White Tiger and the Death God. However, these two just happened to be the ones that only knew their level themselves. The blood-red and deep black patterns seemed to shield others from seeing, somewhat inharmoniously.

The Fire Qilin became 5,700 Stars; Hydra 4,200 Stars; Phoenix 3,900 Stars; Bishui Dragon 3,500 Stars; Taotie 3,400 Stars; Qiongqi 3,300 Stars; Snake Beauty 1,500 Stars; Griffon 1,400 Stars; Three-Headed Dog 1,300 Stars; Panda 1,100 Stars; Jiu Feng 1,000 Stars. These twelve beasts used to be sacred beasts of their plains, the top in their plane.

Next were the magic beasts in the Deceiving Sea above 100 Stars and below 1,000 Stars. The 400 to 500 Star dragons from the Dragon Clan advanced more than 100 Stars again while the 24,000 magic beasts in the Forest of Death advanced 100 Stars too. 3 million 100 Star magic beasts advanced 30 to 50 Stars; and more than half a million 30 Star magic beasts advanced 3 Stars. The elves entered God Rank while Xiu Si became a third stage middle god. Mi Luo became a second stage middle god.

Jun Zun became 880 Stars, the kitty 760 Stars, the little gold dragon 400 Stars.

The Violent Dragon became 300 Stars, Five-Colored Elk 280 Stars, Flaming Lion 275 Stars, Phoenix Bird 260 Stars, Water Eagle 257 Stars, Rafflesia 250 Stars.

The 77 beast kings in the Staff of the Thorn Army became between 180 Stars to 200 Stars. Among them, the black dragon was 228 Stars and the black tiger 210 Stars.

The Eight-Headed Snake 110 Stars, Seven-Headed Snake 90 Stars, Six-Headed Snake 80 Stars.

The Red-Tailed Leopard became 80 Stars, Phantom Beast 73 Stars, Sound Beast 71 Stars, Lantern Antelope 71 Stars.

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