Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 287

Poluo became 27 Stars, Yin 35 Stars, Hong Jin 41 Stars, Shui Se 45 Stars, Wang Cai 51 Stars, and the white-winged unicorn 55 Stars.

Lu Shiqian advanced to Rank 8. Every time she advanced was so explosive!

Li Jing was already calm by now, standing by her side as if nothing could surprise him anymore. He stood with his profile visible, but no one could tell what he was thinking. This man was a little crazy, but behind his madness lied unfathomable depth.

However, a certain hydra took out a mirror, “Shiny skin, bright eyes, I’m so handsome.”

It had to be said that this snake was highly narcissistic, daring to compliment himself in front of Lord Bai.

The seal was broken, so staying here would only be depressing. Bai swept his long sleeves and brought the group to the surface of the sea.

The big fish happily waved its tail, and the group stood on its large back.

“Since I’m out, this seal should also be removed.” Bai waved his hand and there was a tiger’s cry before a phantom tiger leaped up to the sky!

The entire continent began to shake. No one could fathom what was going on, only passively accepting fate’s arrangements.

The release of the seal on the continent would undoubtedly push everyone into an unknown world. However, it had to be said that this was a test they should’ve faced 100,000 years ago. Now that the seal was lifted, the plane was pushed to the frontlines. Bai used a strong power to push the continent towards the other planes, and the magic power in the air also grew richer.

Lu Shiqian was a little worried that with the passageways open, it would bring unprecedented danger to the continent. After all, this continent was far behind in terms of development. Besides, she was reborn in this world and still had feelings for it. She didn’t wish for this continent to be ruined by outsiders.

Bai naturally knew what she was thinking, “Dumbo, don’t worry. Interplane aggression isn’t a simple matter. Moreover, I’m only slowly opening the passage, so the ones that can come are of similar strength. There won’t be much danger.”

Lu Shiqian nodded. Her Bai always understood her so well.

“But then again,” Bai looked up at the sky before glancing at Li Jing, “This plane isn’t that weak.”

God Rank powerhouses flew by in flocks. With the plane unsealed, the powerhouses from 100,000 years ago also returned. How much trouble would this bring to the continent?

Li Jing took a step forward. How could he not understand what Lord Bai was hinting at? Ai, wasn’t he telling him to slave away being that God King for free? Tragic.

Lu Shiqian held Bai’s hand tightly. The unfortunate thing this trip was not finding Lu Wushuang while the biggest gain was lifting Bai’s seal.

A group of people stood on the back of a fish’s back, wading slowly to shore. They leisurely watched the scenery, oblivious to the huge changes of the continent!

The seal was released and many God Rank powerhouses returned to the continent. Those people were mostly middle gods and higher gods, and after returning, most headed straight to the Xufeng Ice Field, heading straight for a higher plane. Some stayed to make preparations while others with more proud hearts stayed to gain some privileges.

Among them were Fu Yi, Fu Song, and Fu Qiong these three brothers. Fu Yi was the eldest, a third stage middle god; Fu Qiong the third eldest, a first stage middle god. These three were sealed in an extremely barren plane for the past 100,000 years, fighting every day for limited resources. Now that they returned to this continent, they must enjoy some king’s treatment. The three flew through human territory for over a week and were overjoyed. There weren’t many powerhouses in most of the countries. They decided to target the Song Empire.

With the God of Light dead, the Church of Light was essentially paralyzed. No support could be given, and the Song Empire who relied on the Church of Light was also at its weakest.

The three Fu brothers arrogantly killed through the Song Empire, charging straight for the royal palace, initiating a bloody massacre!

You could only blame the Song Empire for being unlucky. Facing middle gods, they could only be chopped like vegetables. Not a single royal family member survived!

The Fu brothers used bloody means to clean up the Song officials, ministers, and generals. Then, they filled the positions in with their own subordinates. Only two days later, the Fu brothers replaced the Song family.

Who was king and who wasn’t was unimportant to the common people. They only hoped to survive in this world. They couldn’t resist fate, nor would they try to, but with the huge usurping of the Song Empire, there was still some gossip.

At this time, in a small tavern in the former Song Empire and now Fu Empire, a Rank 2 mage and Rank 3 practitioner were talking while drinking.

“Bro, I have a bad feeling that our future days won’t be good.”

“The king was killed while the new king indulges in beauties and recruited soldiers to attack the neighboring countries. They don’t treat us as human beings at all!”

“Shh…” the mage glanced around, “Be quieter, the walls have ears.”

Bang! The practitioner slammed the table, “I would willingly fight for the country, but I won’t fight for three idiots!”

“This country is no longer your country.”

Gulp, gulp. The practitioner gulped down a glass of beer, “Lie An, you’re always so cruel.”

“Why don’t we go to the Qi or Qin Empire instead?” the mage named Lie An said, “Otherwise, we’re really going to be recruited to fight in unnecessary wars.”

“No, Lie An, my family is here. I can’t leave them behind.”


The conversation between the two was overheard by a nearby table. The past two days, they had listened to quite a few similar rumors.

Li Jing smiled charmingly, “Sure enough, some people couldn’t hold back anymore.”

Qin Xingluo had some concerns that the Qin Empire would also be attacked. Because of a blessing in disguise, his strength grew greatly and he naturally wanted to stay by Lu Shiqian’s side, but he was also part of the Qin Empire, the God of War. His relatives were there, and it wasn’t something he could just easily let go of.

Bai tenderly looked at Lu Shiqian, “They had just left the seal and are rather impulsive, attacking other countries in the blink of an eye.” He glanced aside lightly, “And my dumbo just happens to be missing a country to rule.”

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