Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 288

Lu Shiqian thought for a moment before she understood Bai’s meaning. As long as those Fu brothers continued brashly, Lu Shiqian would be famous after wiping them out. After a long year of battle, the Song Empire was already weak and needed to recover. Lu Shiqian could reward money, develop business and agriculture, making a comfortable country for the people to live in after obtaining the Song Empire. Then, people would naturally accept her as their ruler… Bai merely used a few words to settle her as a ruler.

“But, what do I want a country for?” Lu Shiqian asked.

“To cultivate faith. Dumbo, even though you’re only Rank 8, you can still accumulate faith.” Bai pecked Lu Shiqian’s lips.


Bai only gave Lu Shiqian a mysterious smile, not saying anything else.

At this time, everyone finally reacted. So, Bai was not only strong, he also had a lot of wisdom.

Wei Mo blushed, “A’Qian, no matter what you want to do, I’ll help you!”

Shang hummed coolly.

Yao Hong lowered his head, but he had decided to stay by her side.

Li Jing smiled charmingly, “Very good, it’s going to be lively soon.”

The Death God held Lu Shiqian’s hand, sandwiching her between Bai and himself.

Lu Shiqian immediately decided, “Let’s return to the Qin Empire first.”

Qin Xingluo raised his head and smiled brightly. He silently vowed in his heart, ‘After this, no matter where you go, I’ll follow.’

This group of people was too eye-catching, so to avoid trouble, Lu Shiqian made everyone put on human face masks. However, their aura was still too striking, so many were still looking over.

That night, Lu Shiqian found the best inn in the city, ready to get a good rest. During the seaside trip, she wasn’t able to take a good shower and have a good sleep.

After eating dinner and arranging accommodations, she took a good bath and walked out wearing a towel. Suddenly, her body was held by Bai.

“Dumbo, I miss you very much.” A hot breath touched her ear.

Silver hair scattered down from the person embracing her.

Her neck felt slightly numb.

Bai had already initiated some kisses. He would never be indirect or ashamed of what he wanted.

Lu Shiqian was wrapped in a towel, neither advancing nor retreating. Though the two rolled in bed for a year together, but seeing Bai’s even more perfect appearance, she felt a bit awkward.

In front of Bai, she was already used to being a little girl, and she was also willing. Whatever she was like, he would love. This love had sunk into the marrow, and it only grew deeper as the days passed. His life was extremely long, and he had never known what love was in the first half and was unwilling to learn. However, ever since he met Lu Shiqian, from protecting her to slowly paying more attention to her, was she his fated one? Perhaps that was the case at the beginning, but now he knew that he didn’t love her just because she was some fated one or something.

What would she do if he told this secret to her? Would she be angry? Would she suspect his love? That would be the worst punishment. He was anxious like a hairless young man who had just experienced his first crush, fearing that his lover would have misunderstandings towards him.

“Dumbo, you did great. I didn’t expect you to unleash my seal so quickly.” He truly didn’t expect it, and he also didn’t expect his star rank to reach an unbelievable point with the advancement.

Lu Shiqian smiled teasingly, “The brave princess saved the prince.” She stroked his silky hair and played with it.

“Yes, you are my brave princess.” Bai lowered his voice. When he lowered his head, he saw the beauty covered by the towel and his breathing grew rapid.

Any man who was in good health would probably be turned on by his lover’s body, not to mention how much Bai had been thinking of her!

What else was there to say? Bai picked Lu Shiqian up and walked towards the big bed.

Setting her down, Bai pressed over.

Looking closely, Bai’s face was indeed perfect. Ah, so perfect. It truly made one breathless.

“Dumbo, I have something to tell you.” Bai hugged Lu Shiqian in a defensive and frightened posture. He didn’t want to hide it from her anymore.

“En?” Watching Bai’s insecure actions, a word that was completely incompatible with him popped up in Lu Shiqian’s mind: cute. She couldn’t resist kissing his lips.

With his lover’s initiative, Bai was incredibly surprised, but he still had to tell her the whole truth first. Even if he had to face her suspicion and coldness, even if his heart was to be torn to pieces, he wouldn’t back down!

“I share a master with Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, and Vermillion Bird. He is called Lord God by us, or, the God of Creation.” Bai slowly said, “He was a great master that created thousands of worlds including this plane. He is infinitely wise and extremely kind. And us four brothers were some of the earliest life in these planes. Lord God loves us greatly and gave us boundless power, allowing us to take charge of these worlds. In the following hundreds of millions of years, we helped Master bring these planets to life. Various Gods and God Kings appeared under us to assist us. However, on the ten billionth year Master created this world, a group of enemies suddenly invaded the plane Master was on and fought against us for 500,000 years.” Bai’s expression was a bit pained, but he was more worried about was Lu Shiqian’s reaction. She stayed quietly and tenderly under his body, listening to his story attentively. “The enemy was stronger than Lord God. In that long battle, my Lord God lost his life and I was sealed away.”

“En…” Lu Shiqian softly replied.

“My main body was destroyed, but my soul drifted to the blue planet known as Earth. The world created by Lord God also fell into the hands of the enemy, but fortunately, he didn’t destroy it. Although most of my power was sealed, it didn’t limit my actions. 700 Stars was enough for me to survive on that planet and even… find you, my master…” Bai stared closely at Lu Shiqian, probing her reaction.

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