Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 289

*Slightly NSFW

After a while, Lu Shiqian opened her mouth, “You mean, I’m the reincarnation of your original master?”

Bai solemnly nodded.

“Your meaning is… you’ve guarded and protected me because my soul is your original master’s? So, you’re obliged to do so?” Lu Shiqian eyes sank.

Facts hurt, and Bai cried out in his heart that it wasn’t like that. Even though when she was a baby, he truly did think so, but after she grew up, everything about her attracted him: her character, her trust in him. His heart also fell slowly little by little. He loved not his master, but the true her… However, would saying this have any effect?

He personally broke through the dream and faced reality. Faced with such deception, no woman would be able to bear it, but even so, he didn’t want to hide it from her any longer. He didn’t want her to work hard for an unknown destiny. After telling her the truth, she would have options. He trembled. He may never get the trust of his dumbo again. He might not even get her love anymore…

He endured the great pain and got up, about to leave. Fortunately, the contract was unable to be changed. As long as he could see her from afar, he would be satisfied…

Lu Shiqian grabbed his clothes, her face full of anger: “You’re not running away because you’re afraid of the crime of love between a beast and human, right?”

Bai froze. Poor Bai, give him some trust, few things could stun Bai in this world.

Lu Shiqian reflexively pressed Bai beneath her, heroically riding on top of Bai’s waist, “Hmph, hmph, don’t forget that your life belongs to me! Don’t forget who undid your seal, did you think it was simple? Want to leave so easily?!”

When Lu Shiqian moved, her towel fell off and her chest was revealed.

Bai sucked in a breath.

“You’re not angry?” He tentatively asked.

Lu Shiqian kissed Bai fiercely, “Of course I’m angry!”

Bai’s heart was broken again!

“I’m angry that you don’t have confidence in yourself and not stopping to think that even if you told me you were my mortal enemy, I wouldn’t be able to live without you!” Saying so, she bit his lips.

Bai was suddenly awash in joy. The little dumbo that was baring her fangs was so cute and adorable!

“I’m still thinking about how lucky I am. All the good treasures and good things were given to me. I was worried about it before, but now I’m relieved. So, it turned out that I’m the God of Creation, hahahaha!” This Lu Shiqian must be the real Lu Shiqian. Cold was her outside, hot was her inside.

Bai’s heart was full of surprise and he wanted to impulsively push Lu Shiqian down.

Lu Shiqian twisted her waist on him like a queen, “I haven’t calmed down yet.”

Bai resisted the volcanic desire, “Mm, how to calm you down, Dumbo?” She could always easily ignite his desire.

“Can me Queen today, not Dumbo.” Lu Shiqian huffed.

Bai laughed, wickedly charming. After letting go of the biggest worry in his heart, his domineering aura naturally radiated out. He used his nice voice to say, “Yes, my Queen.”

Why was his voice so tempting?

Lu Shiqian’s flushed red, but since they already started, they must take it to the end! She told him, “I’ll move. You, just lie down.” After thinking for a while, she took a cloth strip and bind Bai’s hands to his head, “This is your punishment.”

Bai had a face full of excitement.

Lu Shiqian tied his feet up next. Thus, he looked like a maiden in racy situations.

She was very satisfied with her masterpiece.

At this moment, Bai’s silver hair was spread out, his face enchanting, expression full of passion and desire, his figure slender and powerful, a perfect being. The majestic clothes he was wearing made him appear even more tyrannical and sacred. After recovering his strength, his entire person became even more… of course it was attractive!

Lu Shiqian pressed her lips down and pecked his forehead, “In fact, I’m grateful to God and my past life. He cultivated you and allowed you to meet me in this life.” She kissed his lips.

Bai smiled, his heart surrounded by warmth, giving him boundless courage. At this moment, his heart seemed to be lifted.

However, his body quickly burned up, spreading through his four limbs. The reason was that this little enchantress stuck her hand in his clothes and began to stroke him.

He overestimated his endurance!

“Hurry,” he urged.

The little enchantress bit his lips, sucked on his tongue, and untied his belt with a hand.

Too aggravating, he wanted to *!

A certain enchantress spoke up, “Don’t rush, we’re just getting started.”

“Yes, Your Majesty the Queen.” Who told him to listen to her? What a tragedy.

His clothes were untied. Bai found them in the way and wished they would simply disappear, and the two kissed. The feeling of the other enraptured them both.

Bai let out a sigh, this enchantress.

Lu Shiqian sealed his mouth, “Don’t go back on your word.”

Bai was distressed. Heavens knew how hard he was enduring!

And a certain someone seemed to fall in love with teasing him this way.

The temperature in the room rose; the two both locked in the new method of intimacy.

Taking a closer look at the furniture in the room, it was indeed worthy of the best hotel in the city. The beautiful redwood chair, the blue wooden senmu table, the rug made from the fur of some magic beast… The huge bed was also made of redwood and carried a faint fragrance. However, sniffing carefully, there was another scent mixed in—Bai’s fragrance.

This man was top-notch, his appearance even more unparalleled. Even the smell of him was great! He was indeed loved by the heavens.

And such a person only loved her. This was a sweetness any woman would be unable to reject. Lu Shiqian, as a fellow woman, was also unable to refuse.

When love and desire mingled, the two clamored for each other, and only for each other.

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