Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 290

The saying went that you couldn’t beat newlyweds. It was indeed true.

When they stared at each other, they only had each other in their eyes.

The storm came after. Bai could no longer endure it and turned over and overwhelmed Lu Shiqian.

“You’re cheating!” Lu Shiqian’s eyes widened.

Bai gave a fascinating smile, “Dumbo, all is fair in love and war.”

Lu Shiqian twisted a few times unconvinced, gaining the other’s muffled hums, “I’ll die before I surrender!”

Bai’s eyes tainted with passion and desire turned into a dark abyss. He began to conquer the city, intent on making his Dumbo beg for mercy.

With a smile, Bai took his time, “You finally learned to fight back.”

Lu Shiqian boldly declared, “Study hard and make progress every day!”

Bai held Lu Shiqian’s foot and pulling, falling over her body. He pressed his lips against her lips, “Then, Dumbo, work harder.”

The smile that couldn’t be concealed radiated out, making his eyes appear brighter and everything around him dim. With this smile, Bai began to attack, continuing to invade the city, inviting out countless gasps and moans.

“Hmph, hmph, you used the male beauty trick!” Lu Shiqian accused.

Bai licked Lu Shiqian’s fingers, “What I used was strength!”

Lu Shiqian guessed that she would probably never win against Bai, so she didn’t dwell on the topic, falling into the embrace of passion and love.

Bai’s heart was full of tenderness as he hugged her tightly like she was his most treasured possession.

The night was still long…

The next day at noon, Lu Shiqian leisurely woke up and saw the sweet-faced Bai and the black-clothed Death God.

This… was kind of like the embarrassment of being caught cheating in bed by your lover.

It was just that the adulterer Bai was completely relaxed and carefree.

The Death God saw that Lu Shiqian woke up and quickly walked over, simply lifting her blankets and slipping in, holding her waist tightly.

Lu Shiqian was stunned!

Bai’s eyes also darkened!

This was the second time the Death God and Bai faced off. The two released their pressure, neither letting down. Thus, a silent spark-filled fight began on the bed.

Those who reached their level could fight countless rounds just through their pressure.

However, Lu Shiqian who was stuck in between was left in an awkward position even though the two had minimized the effect of their pressure on her.

With a sigh, Lu Shiqian gave a kiss to the left and right, pausing the two’s fight.

Bai smiled charmingly, as if relenting to the Death God while the Death God acknowledged Bai.

Bai was relieved. With the Death God here, even if he traveled to other planes to find his brothers, he didn’t have to worry about Dumbo meeting danger.

“Dumbo…” Bai hesitated.

Lu Shiqian long knew what he was going to say and pressed against his lips, “Go. I’ll be fine.”

How could she not know what Bai was thinking? How could she not understand his feelings? She didn’t want to leave him, but she also didn’t want to hold him back. With Bai’s arrogance and character, after getting his power back, it was inevitable. The brotherhood of thousands of years couldn’t be forgotten! She wouldn’t make Bai stay because of her, though she knew he would do anything for her. However, the Bai that lost his brothers wouldn’t be Bai any longer.

“Be careful.” Lu Shiqian said. This one sentence belied thousands of emotions.

Bai lowered his head and kissed Lu Shiqian.

At this time, though he had tens of thousands of thoughts, he couldn’t speak half a word.

A white light flashed and Bai seemed to soar up like a white dragon. Beside him, the Fire Qilin, Phoenix, and the other ten guardian beasts, leaving only the hydra and panda by her side. He didn’t look back, afraid that his determination would collapse. His figure flickered and he jumped out of the plane.

Fortunately, their hearts were connected.

Lu Shiqian wasn’t worried; she believed in Bai. The parting now was to make way for the future.

Patting the Death God, Lu Shiqian was going to get up and wear some clothes, but her waist was tightly grabbed.

“Master, I didn’t get to hug you yesterday.” The Death God grumbled.

Lu Shiqian laughed. In some respects, the Death God was very powerful; but in other aspects, he was like a child.

It wasn’t until evening that Lu Shiqian got dressed and ate dinner. After eating, everyone got into the car and drove to the Qin Empire. The car was rebuilt and it was fast and smooth. In this world now, few things could endanger this group.

The Mercedes-Benz had a small world inside of it.

Lu Shiqian carefully took studied the “Million***” book in her interspatial bracelet. Now that Bai recovered his power and had his power multiplied by the contract, his power was way beyond hers. She had to work harder.

“Million***” could truly be called a heaven-defying book.

For example, just the part about forming magic seas was astounding.

Only after opening a magic sea and reaching Rank 8 could be considered the threshold, when you could learn the profound spells inside the book. The conditions of this book could be considered stringent.

By now, Lu Shiqian naturally wouldn’t believe that the possession of this book was a coincidence. This was definitely related to her identity as the God of Creation. What kind of character was that Wan Ye? The Thorn Army Staff was also his creation… Forget it, she’ll ask when Bai returns.

“Million***” was indeed worthy of its name: it had a million spells inside, all of which were extremely powerful.

The spells were horizontally divided into area spells and targeted spells, including the various elements and magic circles that were extremely powerful but required time.

Vertically, it was split into three: life spells, power spells, and creation spells.

Life spells used magic to restore life or stimulate their potential, turning fallen leaves into forests, a lifeless pond to be filled with fish. It worked well together with the Fire of Creation and was extremely powerful…

Creation spells moved mountains and rivers, creating both inanimate and animate objects.

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