Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 291

Power spells were naturally various offensive spells. Speaking of it, the number of life and creation spells far surpassed the amount of power spells in this book.

However, with the support of the magic seas, even though there were only 100 power spells, all of them were astoundingly powerful.

Lu Shiqian couldn’t help but be stunned. At first, she didn’t realize, but now, this book really looked like a book to cultivate a God of Creation!

The her now was in danger of having trouble knocking on her door at any moment. Furthermore, when she fought, she relied heavily on the Heavenly Swinging Sword and fireball spells. Even though the Fire Dragon Spell was powerful, but to those people, it was rather trivial. No good! First, she’ll learn some power spells, one of each element…

Lu Shiqian took a closer look and decided on five strong spells.

Now the true use of “Million***” was revealed!

The five spells Lu Shiqian chose was Golden System, Golden Core; Entwined Wood; Water Fills the Sky; Soil Unearths Mountains; and Fire Dragon Breath.

Every element had five spell ranks, each more powerful than the next! The functions of “Million***” could also be upgraded. Truly unbelievable!

Lu Shiqian was completely immersed in the book, and it wasn’t until the car drove into the Qin Empire’s capital that she slowly returned to herself.

At this time, her temperament grew more mysterious and her body was covered in a dim glow.

Qin Xingluo invited everyone to the palace first. As a prince, he had quite a large noble residence. The Qin Emperor Qin Feiran was also well-informed and passed down a summoning the moment the Qin Prince returned. The three Fu brothers had just declared war on the Qi and Qin Empire, and he was preparing countermeasures. Hearing of his brother’s return, he naturally called to ask his opinion.

Gathering his courage, Qin Xingluo walked to Lu Shiqian’s side, “Will you go with me?”

At this time, he was no longer that awkward and tsundere Qin Xingluo. He knew that if he wanted to stay by her side, he would have to lay it out clearly.

Lu Shiqian nodded; she would naturally go. She unleashed Bai’s seal and Bai unleashed the world’s seal. It was good thing for strong God Rank powerhouses to return, but there were always going to be some troublemakers. Then, they couldn’t blame her.

“I’ll go with you.” Lu Shiqian answered.

Qin Xingluo was overjoyed and wanted to hold Lu Shiqian’s hand, but she subtly avoided it.

He felt a little sad, but as long as he could stay by her side, he would have another chance!

Coming to the palace again, Lu Shiqian had changed greatly, gaining a temperament that wouldn’t allow others to underestimate her. At this moment, no one dared looked down on her. After Qin Xingluo had his fortuitous encounter, he also seemed completely reborn.

Qin Feiran was stunned when he saw his little brother. His brother had become unfathomable, as if he was far away from him.

Seeing Lu Shiqian, his face couldn’t help but sink. He hadn’t forgotten how she had abused him that night!

Qin Feiran pressed down these thoughts. National affairs came first. He was a qualified king and wouldn’t allow a beauty to disrupt his judgement. If the three Fu brothers really wanted to attack his Qin Empire, then the General of the Thorn Army was absolutely indispensable. Though Lu Shiqian was rumored to be dead earlier, he had always been skeptical. Seeing her in good condition today, sure enough! This woman was as tenacious as a cockroach! Looking at his little brother again, he couldn’t help but sigh and have them sit down.

While they discussed, Lu Ningxiang also arrived. Even though the Lu family head was currently Lu Xianghui, no matter how precocious he was, he was still only nine. Learning and training every day was already packed, so major affairs were still handled by Lu Ningxiang.

When Lu Ningxiang saw Lu Shiqian, she was excited beyond belief. She wanted to hug her, yet she was also hesitant. Towards her eldest daughter, she was truly lacking in love and care too much. She even listened to Lu Caiyun and Xu Jun’s words in the past and drove her out, breaking the mother-daughter relationship between them. So, what qualifications did she have to face her daughter? And what right did she have to take her back to the Lu family?

“The Fu Empire is ambitious, desiring to destroy my Qin Empire. Does anyone have a good idea?” Qin Feiran was open and honest.

“Your Majesty, the Fu Empire is trampling over us, please allow us to fight back!” A general knelt on the ground.

“This subordinate also asks to fight!” Another general also knelt.

“Please fight!” The generals all knelt.

The Qin Empire leaned towards a fighting culture, and even women were bloodthirsty. There was no reason to refuse to fight when the other had already reached their doorstep. Such a nation would be destined to fall! The military commander fell to the ground and asked for orders. Ministers and ruler stood united!

“Good, General Gao, General Lu, lead an army of 500,000 to the border and leave no trace of the fools who dare invade my land!” Qin Feiran declared loudly.

“Yes!” The generals knelt and shouted in response.

Lu Shiqian calmly sat, only saying at the end, “I have a plan.”

Qin Feiran smiled, “Oh? Pray tell.”

Lu Shiqian mysteriously answered, “Step by step.”

Qin Feiran gestured to them and Lu Shiqian, Qin Feiran, and Qin Xingluo entered the inner room, discussing inside. No one knew what the three talked about inside, but unbeknownst to everyone, this day would enter history as the beginning of the Five Star Alliance.

When Lu Shiqian walked out the main hall, the sky was shining brightly. Under the bright sunlight, a figure stood with great majesty. Who was it if not Lu Ningxiang?

Lu Shiqian’s feelings were rather complicated towards her. She hated her for favoring others and wronging her; hated her for not listening to her and hurting her; and hated her most for believing in rumors blindly, never truly getting to know her, whether it was her or the one that had already passed away. In the other world, she had never had maternal love, but Bai was there to fill the gap. However, it didn’t affect her desire for a mother’s love. A mother, weren’t they supposed to be sacred and powerful, standing behind their child no matter what? Thus, she couldn’t accept Lu Ningxiang favoring the second daughter so much. More importantly, she transmigrated from Earth and her soul was the God of Creation. She was no longer that Lu Shiqian—that Lu Shiqian that had already died. Not that trash Lu Shiqian, or that Lu Shiqian whose mother and lover both spurned! What she couldn’t forgive was that even at death, that Lu Shiqian couldn’t gain the slightest sympathy from her mother, though Lu Ningxiang wasn’t aware of this.

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