Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 292

“Qian’er, do you want to go home and take a look?” Lu Ningxiang asked.

Lu Shiqian indifferently replied, “No.”

Lu Ningxiang felt a pang in her heart, “Hui’er really misses you.”

In her mind, she couldn’t help but remember that little cutie. That little guy protected her at her weakest and always stood beside her no matter what: her little brother. Lu Shiqian couldn’t help but soften and smile, “He can contract magic beasts now, right?”

Lu Ningxiang was evidently proud when speaking of Lu Xianghui, “He is highly talented and has already become a Rank 4 practitioner. He’s always saying that he’ll wait for your return before contracting a magic beast.” While speaking, she glanced at Lu Shiqian.

Naturally, Lu Ningxiang didn’t know that half of the reason her son progressed so fast was due to talent, while the other half was due to the magic stones Lu Shiqian left behind.

Lu Ningxiang was no longer young and didn’t have crazy ambitions anymore. Her current mentality was more like that of a mother. Now, she only hoped to have children surrounding her.

“Tomorrow’s Hui’er’s ninth birthday. Will you be coming back?” Lu Ningxiang slightly begged.

“Okay, I’ll bring a gift for him tomorrow.” Lu Shiqian lightly replied before quickly leaving.

Hui’er’s birthday… She must find a suitable magic beast for him.

She hurriedly went back to the noble residence and pulled the Death God, ready to find a suitable beast for Lu Xianghui.

The Death God flew with her to the sky, and all things were visible below them. The Death God moved fast and had great perception. Finding a suitable magic beast for her little brother was a piece of cake for him. Soon, the two found a magic beast that was the same kind as Yin: Moon Wolf King.

This kind of wolf lived in grasslands, had tenacious vitality, and had water and wood attributes, 20 Stars. Lu Shiqian didn’t personally fight and sent Yin down instead. Yin was now 35 Stars, and the wind blades created by his claws was very powerful. In addition, his quality also improved after absorbing the 500 Star magic beast core. How was the little Moon Wolf King his opponent? It was knocked down in merely two seconds.

Yin sighed listlessly. There were so many magic beasts pressing him down, and now that he could flaunt his power slightly, he finally felt that he was great again.

After Lu Shiqian tamed the Moon Wolf King, she used the contract to increase it by a few stars and took out a magic beast core to evolve it a bit. If there were no surprises, then its growth aptitude would greatly increase. Working alongside her brother, it should be no problem for it to reach 500 Stars.

Thinking slightly, she turned around again and caught a leopard, also raising its star rank and quality.

Returning to the palace, Lu Shiqian carefully thought about various problems that could arise with the lifting of the seal. She was 100% sure that she would also leave this plane soon, and after thinking for a long time, she finally made a decision. She would send the middle gods Xiu Si and Milo along with all the elves and the Elf Lord Tree to a higher plane, the dragon clan to another plane, and the magic beasts of the Forest of Death to another plane, and the magic beasts of the Deceiving Sea to yet another plane… Work separately towards the same goals, build up forces, investigate the whereabouts of the Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, and Vermillion Bird, and immediately return to the magic beast space when encountering danger… The magic beasts took their orders and not long after, countless magic beasts flew across the Xufeng Ice Field, heading to various planes. Fortunately, not many people saw it so no commotion was raised. The seal was lifted and the once-powerful God Rank powerhouses had already left. The scattered powerhouses that hadn’t left yet also wouldn’t run up searching for trouble when seeing this terrifying scene… The beasties crossed to their respective plains and began building up their power, but let’s set that aside for now.

On the second day, because the Lu family head’s birthday happened to be during wartime, he didn’t have a large celebration and simply invited a few closer friends and relatives.

The nine-year-old Lu Xianghui with his large eyes and chubby face greeted guests with a serious face. He really looked like a little adult, but his eyes that constantly looked outside betrayed his eagerness.

He hadn’t seen his eldest sister for a year, but it was almost noon now. How come his sister still hadn’t arrived?

Seeing him looking at the door, Lu Yunxiang teased, “So our Lu family head also has his moments.”

Lu Xianghui no longer had his calmness, “Fourth Brother, is Sis not going to come?”

Lu Yunxiang saw that he was anxious and stopped mocking him, “She’ll come. Sister has always been closest to you. There’s no reason to not come.”

These two little guys: one was talented at martial arts while the other was talented at relations. They were by no means comparable to ordinary children. Ever since Lu Xianghui became the head of family, the two children had experienced much ups and downs together. Now, in the capital, people knew that the Lu family not only had General Lu, but also these two prodigal sons.

“The Qin Prince has arrived! E-El…” the messenger announced, “Eldest Young Miss!”

Before he finished calling, Lu Xianghui shot out like an arrow, rushing into the embrace of a peerless woman, “Sister, you finally came back to see me!”

Lu Shiqian was also taken aback by this enthusiasm. Immediately afterwards, her heart filled with warmth. This was family—no matter where they went, there would always be someone waiting.

Lu Shiqian touched Lu Xianghui’s head, “Of course I’ll be back for my little brother’s birthday.”

It was shameful to say that without Lu Ningxiang’s reminder, she wouldn’t know that today was his birthday.

What a fateful coincidence, “Happy Birthday!”

The little guy wrinkled his nose, “I’m happy as long as you’re back.”

Lu Shiqian laughed and called out the Moon Wolf King, “This is my present. Do you like it?”

The Moon Wolf King’s spirited eyes fixed on Lu Xianghui’s body. Needless to say, Lu Xianghui and it clicked instantly. The Moon Wolf King stood tall and mighty with a coat of intermingled black and white. It was extremely beautiful, and the little guy was more than happy when he saw it. One person and one wolf, they instantly hit it off with each other.

The people who came to congratulate all had good eyes and were shocked to see it, “It’s actually a 23 Star Wolf King!”

With this shout, the others could no longer endure it and rushed up to witness the majesty of a wolf king.

The Moon Wolf King was surrounded and seemed neither impatient nor afraid. Raising its head high, it dismissed the crowd’s awe and surprise.

Lu Xianghui fell in love with the wolf even more.

Excitedly stretching out a small hand, he placed it on top of the wolf’s head. A white contract pattern lit up and concluded!

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