Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 293

The first magic beast was always special to any owner. It showed that from now on, human and beast would work together to advance and grow, trust and rely on each other.

The contract was concluded, and everyone was still in a state of envy. High star magic beasts hard to capture and difficult to tame. They were priceless on the market, but even contracting them was hard! Yet, on the birthday of the Lu family head’s birthday, someone gave him a high star rank magic beast! How could others not be envious?

Lu Yunxiang shifted his gaze away. He was truly happy for his little brother. He himself had also reached Rank 3 practitioner and was going to break through Rank 4 soon. He was envious, but not jealous, just a little lost. If only he could also have a good magic beast.

Youths, no matter how calm they were, how precocious, they would always dream of having a strong magic beast to conquer the heavens and seas with.

Lu Shiqian naturally saw his disappointment and walked in front of him, calling out the 22 Star Golden Leopard. The elegant and beautiful leopard perfectly matched his temperament. Lu Yunxiang’s eyes widened in disbelief. Was this leopard for him? If not, he would be disappointed again.

Lu Shiqian sent the leopard in front of him without asking whether he like it or not, only asking whether he dared accept it or not.

The youth stared at the leopard as he clenched his hands, “Want, I want!”

Lu Shiqian then smiled, “Then contract.”

She caught the Moon Wolf King and the Golden Leopard afterwards for Lu Yunxiang, this scheming little brother.

After contracting with the leopard, Lu Shiqian slowly said, “I hope that you two brothers can assist and support each other, carrying the Lu family to greater heights.”

The two youths solemnly replied, “Yes!”

Lu Ningxiang watched the brothers’ harmony in satisfaction. Fortunately, her Qian’er wasn’t completely ruthless to the Lu family. At the very least, she loved these two younger brothers of hers. Then, she beckoned the Death God, Wei Mo, and Qin Xingluo to sit. Shang naturally wouldn’t join in on the excitement and Li Jing went to fill his duties as a God King. To avoid more troubles like the Fu brothers, Qiu Di returned to Crimson Wolf while Qi Zhan prepared to head to a higher plane. Yao Hong didn’t want to be seen so he didn’t follow along.

Lu Ningxiang stared at Qin Xingluo in satisfaction, then at Wei Mo in satisfaction. It was the look of a mother-in-law wolf looking at her sons-in-law.

Lu Shiqian grew aware of this and held the Death God’s hand. What she was trying to express was clear.

Lu Ningxiang looked at the Death God again and again, but couldn’t sense the slightest trace of energy on him. He was just like an ordinary person. Even though his figure was beautiful, he wore a black cloak and his mysterious temperament was unable to make one feel at ease. She used to lack concern for her daughter, and now she wanted to make up for it. She already had a lot of good son-in-law candidates in her heart, each of them talented with peerless appearances. They were absolutely not like this black-clothed man, who looked like he had no power, no money, no background at a glance. She believed that her daughter would carry on the family tradition and marry a few good husbands, so she asked: “Does Qian’er favor anyone?”

When this question was asked, everyone perked up their ears. They had already recognized who this woman that could casually take out two high-level magic beasts was. She was the General of the Thorn Army that vanquished the Song army a year ago! Thus, everyone that was eyeing the Lu family hoped to draw closer to her and marry her.

“Yes!” Lu Shiqian didn’t conceal anything as she held the Death God’s hand. Suddenly, she remembered Bai who was working hard to find his brothers, “There’s two!”

Then, she turned around and asked the Death God, “Will you love me, marry me, and stay with me until the end of time?”

The Death God’s eyes suddenly lit up, “Yes.” He was willing to be with Master forever; he didn’t want to be apart for a second. No one could make him change his answer. If he wasn’t by Master’s side, every second was hard to endure! He didn’t want to ponder why he desired Master so much, as long as he knew he wanted her, that was enough for him. He had been alone in this world for so long, and in this world, there was not a second person that could chase away his loneliness or extinguish his desire for Master. Even more so, there was not a second person that could take Master’s place! That was a fact from the very beginning.

With these words, Wei Mo and Qin Xingluo felt slightly sad in their hearts. However, Wei Mo quickly recovered his spirits and positively thought that even if A’Qian wasn’t asking him this question, even if A’Qian couldn’t accept him for the time being, as long as he could be by her side, it was enough. Qin Xingluo was determined to chase after her footsteps. He knew that he probably didn’t mean anything to her, but it was fine. The future was long…

Lu Shiqian glanced apologetically at Wei Mo. She knew his thoughts from early on, but she could only think of him as her best friend and family, not yet as a lover.

Bai had protected and accompanied her for two lifetimes. This love had long sunk deep into her bones!

As for why the Death God loved her, even she didn’t know. However, he loved her, so the reason didn’t matter!

This was a wonderful feeling. There was gratitude, and she thanked the heavens for giving her these two people’s love. She would love them back sincerely and never part with them!

Lu Ningxiang couldn’t keep listening and slammed the table, “Rebellious daughter!” Thinking of the tension between her and Lu Shiqian, she could only say in a nicer tone, “There are many good men: the third son of the Wenhui family, talented in scholarly arts; the second son of the Fujing family, skilled in both literary and martial arts…”

Lu Shiqian immediately understood her mother’s meaning and sneered, “If I’m not wrong, the third son of the Wenhui family spoke ill of me a year ago, and the second son of the Fujing family also disdained me for being incompetent trash… Why, a year later, they’ve all turned over a new leaf?” The last chance to recover their mother-daughter relationship was over. Even at this time, Lu Ningxiang was still so tyrannical. If it was the Lu Shiqian from before, would she still have to do as she ordered? When she was weak, others treated her poorly and thought of her as an embarrassment. When she was strong, she had to marry husbands that didn’t love her? How tragic!

Not saying any more, she got up and left!

“Eldest Sister!” Lu Xianghui ran over.

Lu Shiqian rubbed his head softly, her eyes soft: “You will always be my most beloved brother.”

Lu Xianghui sensibly nodded his head, “You’ll always be my dearest eldest sister!”

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