Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 294

Finishing, she held the Death God’s hand and stepped out.

“You will regret it!” Lu Ningxiang pointed at the Death God and shouted, “He has no power or influence, and can’t help you in any way!”

Lu Shiqian suddenly pitied Lu Ningxiang. Perhaps, she really was thinking of her children, but she truly wasn’t a good mother.

“Mother, this is the last time I will call you ‘mother’. I love him, not because he has power or influence, but because his heart only has me. He does everything for me, and I also love him. Even if he has nothing, I will still love him.” Her hair swayed and Lu Shiqian appeared like a goddess, “I hope you treat Father well.”

No longer hesitating, they quickly left.

Qin Xingluo glanced back at the ashen-faced Lu Ningxiang and shook his head.

Lu Ningxiang collapsed into a seat. She really did want to reconcile, truly didn’t want things to end up like this, but she kept pushing her daughter farther and farther away… Perhaps, a long time ago, she had already pushed her far away!

Lu Ningxiang couldn’t get rid of the burden that was the family name and the official rules, but she had no idea that her daughter had long reached a point she could not even imagine!

“Master,” the Death God called, “Master, Master…”

“Huh?” Lu Shiqian responded.

“Master, Master, Master,” the Death God pulled Lu Shiqian’s hand, looking down at her from above, appearing mysterious and majestic. However, he just kept repeating, “MasterMasterMaster…”

“Mhm, mm, mm,” Lu Shiqian cheerfully responded back, feeling his joy.

“Master, I’m so happy I can fly. My heart is full, and my head seems to be filled with color, all kinds of color, how wondrous! Master, Master…” the Death God took Lu Shiqian’s hand, “I also love you. I love you too. I want to kiss you.”

The Death God’s words increased as joy filled his heart. He didn’t know how to express himself. He wanted to kiss her, so he pressed against those red lips he desired.

His eyes closed, eyelashes appearing finely under the sunlight.

Master said that you must close your eyes when kissing!

Two days later, at a border town of the Fu Empire, nearly ten million troops were gathered. At first glance, the young, old, and women were all there. The true elite was terribly few.

When the General of the Thorn Army defeated their empire last year, they hadn’t even recovered their spirits before being pulled back onto the battlefield.

The three Fu brothers were all middle gods. In their long lives, they naturally learned many underhanded tricks to subdue people with. In just four days, they gathered tens of millions of troops. Truthfully, the three were capable of recruiting a group of lower gods to massacre their way into the Qin and Qi Empire, but they had been sealed for too long and became somewhat psychotic, insisting on experiencing what it felt like to gather tens of millions of troops.

It was said a that a small team was arranged at the border, around twenty people with a forty-year-old uncle leading them. Other than three young men, they were either children or elderly. There was even one disabled man.

The forty-year-old An De was extremely worried. He truly didn’t want these youths to die. Young people should be enjoying the prime of their life right now, and the elder should be basking in the love of their children.

Who would save them?

They were originally believers of the God of Light, but the God of Light was a joke. What should they do without faith?

Despair spread like a plague.

Now, other than warriors and bloodthirsty madmen, who was willing to fight? Who didn’t want to guard their wife, children, and parents, passing their days in peace? They didn’t want to be involved in war anymore!

“You don’t wish to fight, so why not resist?” A woman walked over from the distance. She had an ordinary face but was filled with boundless charisma, “Why not overthrow the tyrant and build a new, peaceful country?”

The woman was followed by ten men. Those men were all peerless in appearance, and An De could tell that they were all masters.

“Who are you?” An De found that he couldn’t rebuke her. The country she spoke of was indeed one he desired.

“My name is Ren Woxing. You can also call me the Five Star Goddess. I will lead you to create a new country, a rich empire that no longer needs to fight. This country will be called the Five Star Empire! The Five Star Empire’s people will live united under the bright sun without oppression or carnage!”

There was a formless courage in this woman, a type of courage that made others trust and guide the way for those who had lost their beliefs.

“Are you willing to fight with us?” that woman asked.

An De and his team answered, “Yes, we’re willing!”

This day was recorded as the first team of the Five Star Rebels. The names of An De and the others were passed down in the history of the Five Star Empire!

The wave caused by the Five Star Rebels greatly exceeded expectations. In just a few short days, their numbers soared from 20 to 500,000, still increasing. People in despair needed a true leader that could pull them out of desperate times, or perhaps they were lost after being abandoned by their god. In any case, Lu Shiqian’s appearance gave people power. Lu Shiqian and the others also knew to use this to their advantage, creating a legend that would never fall. The name Ren Woxing gradually gained popularity and attracted faith. Everyone believed that she could lead them out of this rut and give them the peaceful life they desired.

Hong Jin, Yin, Shui Se, and Wang Cai revealed themselves in the war. To ordinary people, they were high-level magic beasts, perhaps the only ones they would see in their entire lifetimes. They were heroic and full of spirit, fulfilling people’s wishes. Their guide had four legendary magic beasts that became the symbol of Ren Woxing!

Sitting in a big tent, Lu Shiqian drank the tea Lan Ruo made, feeling the countless specks of light flying in from outside and gathering in her body. This was the faith Bai spoke about. Thinking about it, she opened 100 magic seas so her starting point was vastly different from others. Thus, she was able to attract so much faith even as a Rank 8 mage. The power of faith was extraordinary. She probed it, and felt that this power could greatly increase someone’s mental power. Mental power was extremely important to God Rank powerhouses. God Rank mages relied on mental power to release spells. For example, when magic power was the same, the one with stronger mental power would be able to accurately control their spells and attack power. They might even be able to save energy when casting spells due to better control. High mental power can also help resist the enemy’s mental attacks. Mental power was important to practitioners too. The better it was, the faster they thought and better their reflexes. All in all, mental power was a necessity.

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