Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 295

Lu Shiqian’s mental power was originally high, but with her magic beasts, it had reached an abnormal level. However, who would disdain faith power? In addition to improving mental power and faith power, it could also temper the body, increase success rate when forging, and also enhance sensing ability… In short, there were many uses!

The brain was like a sponge, endlessly absorbing the floating faith power and storing it.

The first thing she had to do was use faith power to temper the body, starting from the brain and following the channels down, as if following some mysterious guidance.

Tie Mu stared at the map for a long time before formulating a complex battle plan.

It had to be said that Tie Mu who grew up in the demigod clan was more intelligent than others, his battle plans almost impeccable. After the ten became Gods, their temperament also grew more refined. After reuniting with Lu Shiqian, through wars of business and military, they had also grown more aware of their value. They gradually forgot the misery of the past by her side and became livelier. However, they had experienced hardships before so their minds were stable and not arrogant. These ten served as the vanguard, forging open a path for Lu Shiqian. After sharpening their blades, they gradually became great cards to play.

Lu Shiqian sighed, deeply feeling that her decision back then was correct. Look, how much energy she could save now.

She unconsciously smiled. This smile, even on a completely ordinary face, could make one’s heart flutter. Tie Mu and the others were stunned silly.

She was also helpless about the disguises. After all, she already made an appearance as the General of the Thorn Army. Even if it wasn’t the most spectacular battle, it was still etched into the minds of the participants. Her original appearance wouldn’t be able to win over the Fu Empire’s people, so she may as well borrow Ren Woxing’s name. As for appearances, people only needed a symbol, who cared so much about their looks? Later on, when her believers learned that she was one and the same as the General of the Thorn Army, they continued to believe in Lu Shiqian. However, that was a few years after the establishment of the Five Star Empire. At that time, people were proud of being the subjects of the General of the Thorn Army.

“Report! General, the enemy commanders are attacking!” An De saluted.

Tie Mu retracted his longing gaze and restored the calm a general needed to have. He coldly asked, “What direction? How far from us? How many?”

“Report! To the northwest, about 20 miles away! There’s an estimated one million!” An De succinctly reported.

Lu Shiqian placed her tea cup onto the tray Lan Ruo was holding, standing up: “It’s time to show them.”

“Yes!” Tie Mu answered loudly.

At this time, the Five Star Rebels had already increased to 800,000!

800,000 versing 1,000,000 was indeed smaller in terms of numbers, but Lu Shiqian stood on the higher moral ground. Both parties were from the same country, and there may even be their friends and relatives on the other side. Thus, as long as they killed their leader and roused their affection, that one million was simply being gifted over to the other side.

Lu Shiqian shook her hand. Yes, she could indeed directly kill her way over and kill the three Fu brothers, but wouldn’t she lose a lot of faith that way? Ai, even though it was slightly more troublesome, it was more helpful in the long run.

Gather the army and wait for the enemy to arrive!

Lu Shiqian wore soft army, sitting bravely atop a magic beast horse. To her left and right was Wei Mo, the Death God, Qin Xingluo, and Yao Hong. Shang didn’t like this kind of low-level battle and ran to another plane to frantically train. The hydra stood on the side holding a zither. When he wasn’t speaking, he indeed seemed like a noble gentleman. Tie Mu wore steel armor and stood behind them. This fight would be the main battle!

The three Fu brothers also heard about the generals in the rebel army. They indifferently dispatched 13 lower gods. It could be said that they greatly disdained the powerhouses of this continent, disdaining this rebel army even more. The reason they sent 13 Gods was to knock the mountain and shake the tiger, letting those commoners see how strong they were. Second was to extinguish the flame of rebellion and quell their resistance.

Those lower gods were also extremely arrogant. They didn’t go probe the situation and simply took the million people with them and charged. Killing one Lu Shiqian was enough with the thirteen of them!

Twenty miles was a blink of an eye to them. Soon after, the two armies faced off.

The 13 glanced at Lu Shiqian’s party and were shocked. They never imagined that the other side would also have Gods, and there were even some they couldn’t ascertain! They knew that most other gods in the sealed Devil Dance Continent left for other planes after being released, and only their lord who was greedy for mortal privileges remained. So, where did these Gods pop up from? Doubts were just doubts, and after a while, they began despising the other party again. What kind of trouble could a couple of kids that just became gods stir up?! Thus, they no longer spoke and charged forth!

Tie Mu coldly snorted, “Come!” and jumped up! The nine behind him also flew up!

The battle between Gods was unfathomable to those below.

Seeing the 23 Gods in the sky throwing spells at each other, the soldiers below suffered from the enormous pressure. The coercion and domains of God Rank powerhouses were astounding! Both armies retreated. How many would dare watch such a high-level battle?

Watching the shadows fighting from afar, they felt admiration in their hearts. They respected both sides because they were both strong, and this continent admired the strong! Countless also grew hopeful that they would one day become one of those powerhouses!

Unsurprisingly, the winner of this battle would win the hearts of the soldiers!

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