Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 296

Lu Shiqian secretly told her beasties, “Buff!”

The beasties tacitly called their master cunning and buffed.

The ten buffs boosted the ten people, but it wasn’t as simple as merely ten buffs! This wasn’t an arithmetic problem like 1+1; ten buffs were equivalent to doubling their power!

The war was naturally reversed. Tie Mu’s momentum propelled while the other side was completely suppressed. Those thirteen grew more and more shocked and uneasy as they fought. After exchanging a glance, they abandoned battle! They didn’t want to lose their lives here!

However, abandoning the troops to run away was very detrimental to morale.

At this time, Tie Mu also used his eloquence to passionately accuse the three Fu brothers of tyranny and persuading the troops to rebel for the future prosperity of the Five Star Empire. Tie Mu was absolutely a talent, capable of using ethos to easily win over a million soldiers. In fact, the soldiers also knew that they wouldn’t be able to get the peace they wanted under the three Fu brothers. When the thirteen fled, they understood even more clearly that their rulers didn’t put their lives in their eyes.

After winning these one million troops, Lu Shiqian’s faith power soared. She waved her hand and ordered them to attack. Traveling from the border to the capital, promoting the Five Star Empire in the meantime, gaining the trust of more troops, she was sure that by the time they reached the capital, her faith power would reach a small high. It was time to clean up those three!

The Fu Palace was full of extravagance.

The three Fu brothers long knew that Lu Shiqian and the others would arrive, but they continued unhurried. They had the ability to be arrogant, believing that no one on this once-sealed plane could defeat them three. They had nothing to fear and disregarded the reports of their subordinates. It had to be said that since the three brothers were able to escape from the sealed space, their strength and wisdom wasn’t bad. They were indeed cautious in that world full of killing, but ever since they escaped, they discovered that they were only facing a group of weaklings. This was like when a midget in a clan of giants would still be enormous when dropped into the human world. They were once bullied by others; now, others were bullied by them.

At any time, ignorant fools who looked down on their opponents would be taught a lesson. The defeat of the three Fu brothers was set in stone from the very beginning.

When Lu Shiqian and the others killed to the capital, they had already recruited tens of millions of soldiers and faith power.

Lu Shiqian glanced at the towering palace, face cold as ice. She coolly leaped up like a sharp knife.

The Death God floated behind; his figure as beautiful as a black butterfly. However, before others could see clearly, he stuck close to Lu Shiqian and disappeared.

Following after, Wei Mo, Qin Xingluo, and Tie Mu and the others jumped up the palace wall.

The three Fu brothers exaggeratedly released their pressure, and Lu Shiqian and the others quickly found them inside the palace. However, they continued indulging in pleasures, not putting them in their eyes at all.

They could see that Tie Mu and the others had just stepped into God Rank, and the leader Lu Shiqian was merely a Rank 8 mage.

Lu Shiqian stepped forward, releasing a majestic aura that shook people’s hearts: “Do you choose to scram or die?”

These words were spoken lightly and the tone could even be considered gentle, but the meaning could make one’s head explode. They had seen crazy, but they had never seen a Rank 8 mage that dared to be crazy in front of Gods! The three Fu brothers were naturally enraged!

Fu Yi was the eldest among the three, appearing like a forty-year-old middle-aged man. His triangular eyes glinted coldly, not really a pretty sight. Fu Song appeared to be in his thirties with cunning eyes—a bloodthirsty character. Fu Qiong looked around 25 years old, and the eyes that glared at Lu Shiqian were obviously ill-intentioned. He was a lustful character. Among these three brothers, the eldest and second eldest still had some ability, but this third eldest was more like a waste that grew up under his older brothers’ protection.

The three were challenged by a Rank 8 mage and were furious beyond belief. The three were all practitioners and were going to show them true strength.

Fu Yi ordered Fu Qiong, “You go!”

Fu Qiong was more than happy to receive. In his opinion, Lu Shiqian was already a done deal.

But at this moment, Lu Shiqian spoke words that made them vomit blood, “Come all at once!”

If they didn’t come together, how could she display the full power of “Million***”?

Fu Qiong laughed eerily, sultrily saying, “Little beauty, it’s enough for this brother to push you down.” Even though Lu Shiqian changed her face, her figure was indeed first-class. No wonder perverts would still be attracted.

Before Lu Shiqian could react, the Death God merely lifted a finger and harvested the fool’s soul. He held the soul that looked absolutely disgusting and squeezed it lightly into dust.

“Master, he said something that made me angry.” Feeling Lu Shiqian’s gaze, the Death God lowered his head and somewhat admitted to his mistake. He was so cute it made others want to pat his head!

Hm? Wait, was the Death God jealous?


Fu Yi and Fu Song were stunned to see their third brother die inexplicably under the hands of that mysterious black-clothed man. Seeing their brother’s soul crushed, they finally understood that the people who barged in today were not ordinary! They were angry and hateful, glaring at Lu Shiqian, their resentment evident. Their hearts were united as they decided to take this woman as a hostage and run away. As for whether they would let her go afterwards or not? Hmph!

Lu Shiqian calmly said, “If you can defeat me, I’ll let you go.” On the way to the capital, Lu Shiqian learned all of the evil things these three brothers did after occupying the Song Empire. Not mentioning the fact that they didn’t even let the elderly or children of the previous Song family live, just abusing twenty girls to death within a few days was enough for others to point in rage. These three needed to die!

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