Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 297

She would not give them a chance!

Her hand slowly lifted, the first rank wood spell of “Million***” circling out.

This spell could bind the enemy, ignoring the enemy’s props or spells. Its highest level was 5, and could even bind opponents at a higher rank.

A small group of verdant plants grew in Lu Shiqian’s palm, the tangling vines extremely cute. No one would be able to tell from its appearance that it was actually a powerful killing machine!

The group of green plants grew happily, extending their vines like a graceful dancer.

When the vines completely opened, what was revealed was a green woman. Her whole body was green and covered by vines.

It spread out vines and the vines surged towards the middle gods like it was alive.

Lu Shiqian was a little startled. “Million***” was indeed one-of-a-kind—even its spells were so unique! Such a beautiful scene was actually just a prelude to the following attack!

However, what was even more surprising was afterwards. The attacks of the two middle gods had no effect on the vines. In fact, the magic power in their attacks was actually swallowed by the vines! They couldn’t use spells, but cutting it also proved impossible. The two were shocked again. They had never seen such a strange spell, integrating offense and defense, terrifying!

Thus, Lu Shiqian didn’t even need to make another move and the two were chased all over the room by the vines.

The effect was truly amazing, but because it was her first time using it, she couldn’t catch those two nimbly leaping gods.

Lu Shiqian’s brain turned and she used her mental power to control the vines. Sure enough, the vines no longer made unconscious attacks and grew more flexible, driving the two into a desperate situation.

The two’s intestines turned blue. Two dignified middle gods were actually beaten into such a state by a high-level spell? Who would believe it if they told others?

But the two had much experience after all and soon came up with countermeasures. First, the flexible Fu Song led away the vines while Fu Yi attacked Lu Shiqian. Only then did they realize just how strong and abnormal the opponent in front of them was. What was even more shocking was that this woman was only a Rank 8 mage!

A Rank 8 mage that could beat two middle gods into submission?!

Was the world too crazy? Or were they sealed for too long and became idiots?

Fu Yi opened his domain, hoping to turn the tables around.

His domain was quite famous. Composed of blade-like knives, its offensive power was very strong and many have died to this domain.

The blade-like domain was also indestructible.

However, Lu Shiqian long expected a counterattack and casually diverted half of the vines over to him.

It turned out that the vine could be split!

Fu Yi didn’t know this, so he was surrounded by vines!

Even though his domain could destroy the vines to a certain extent, how long could he maintain it for? Furthermore, the vines could absorb magic power. His domain was soon broken.

After dealing with Fu Yi, it was much easier to deal with Fu Song. Soon, Fu Song was also caught!

The vines tied the two together and retreated. It had to be said that this attack was sure insidious!

“Hmph, bad guy!” Fire Fox Hong Jin couldn’t endure it and jumped onto the two’s faces, giving them a flurry of swipes!

Tie Mu walked up with a smile, “Master, how should we deal with them?”

Lu Shiqian smiled evilly, “Send them to the vegetable market. I trust that the people know what to do with them.”

Tie Mu shuddered when he thought about what the two would soon suffer. Think about it, many people in the city hated them so much they wanted to rip into their flesh and gnaw on their bones. Now, they were throwing these two that could no longer resist to them. How would those people react? They would probably be the first two gods in history to be beaten to death by a mob… Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but slightly pity them.

However, Master’s command must be happily executed!

After Lu Shiqian settled the three Fu brothers, a red, five-star flag rose from the palace!

The Five Star Empire was established!

This was definitely a day of significance, recorded in the annals of history. In the 2000th year of the Devil Dance Continent, a powerful empire rose henceforth, guiding the progress of the plane.

There were also some miscellaneous notes. On this day, two middle gods were thrown to the masses and beaten to death the same day.

Ignoring miscellaneous notes, it was said that Lu Shiqian didn’t become the monarch after defeating the three Fu brothers, instead pushing Tie Mu onto the throne. Tie Mu naturally knew his master didn’t care about this worldly position and knew she was more suited for the vast sky, so he agreed and became the Emperor.

Tie Mu was originally a first-rate character, knowing how to use people well. Soon after, the Five Star Empire walked onto a stable path and people were also relieved.

The commoners who had finally achieved a peaceful life were grateful to Lu Shiqian. They worshipped her as the Founding Goddess and prayed devoutly.

After completing the matters of the Five Star Empire, Lu Shiqian thought about which plane to go and when. She didn’t want to be a frog boiled in warm water. She needed to constantly challenge herself to improve!

On this day, Lu Shiqian finished training with Shang and practiced the spells in “Million***”. Then, she learned the Heavenly Swinging Sword from Xing Chen. Sitting on a high platform looking up at the sky accompanied by the Death God, she sighed about the meaning of life. Tie Mu handed over an invitation to the Qi Empire, inviting the three kings to meet!

Lu Shiqian used her identity as Ren Woxing to once again enter the Qi Empire, except there was now a suffix in front of her name: Founding Goddess!

At the Qi Empire’s banquet, the three emperors each occupied a corner. The Emperor of the Qi Empire was around 50 years old, but his eyes were sharp and shrewd. Qin Empire’s Qin Feiran was in the prime of his youth, full of vigor and strength. The Five Star Empire’s Tie Mu wasn’t any worse, sitting with steady composure.

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