Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 298

Lu Shiqian’s identity was noble and sacred, but she wasn’t a monarch in the end so she ended up sitting with the Qi princes and princesses. The representatives of the Qi royal family was Qi Tianxiong and Qi Wan Feng, the princess being Qi Wanru; from the Qin Empire was Qin Xingluo, and Wei Mo sat beside Lu Shiqian. The Death God wanted to be with his master at all times but didn’t like these gatherings. Yao Hong couldn’t bear the excitement and retired early while Shang disdained to even attend.

When Lu Shiqian saw the old emperor look at Qi Wan Feng and Qi Tianxiong, she was suspicious.

Qi Tianxiong glared with unconcealable resentment at Qi Wan Feng, but Qi Wan Feng continued drinking unperturbed.

On the other hand, Qi Wanru stared at Wei Mo with unconcealed desire. Yes, she still held intentions towards him. For a man that appeared charming like a fox yet had the purest heart, anyone would be moved. Such a wonder was a first for her and she thought about it night and day, wanting a taste. Imagining how he would cry out in ecstasy with her made her bones go soft.

Wei Mo hated her gaze, but because Lu Shiqian was beside him, he couldn’t avoid it, distressed in his heart.

Lu Shiqian also noticed and subtly held Wei Mo’s hand.

Wei Mo felt relieved instantly.

However, Qi Wanru was enraged, glaring with great hatred at Lu Shiqian. In terms of appearance, she was more than a hundred times better! Why didn’t that handsome man give her a glance, revolving around her instead?! Hmph, a princess like her also had much more status. She must think of some way to snatch that man over.

While Qi Wanru was making wishful thoughts, Qi Tianxiong was also scheming about Lu Shiqian. Of course, he didn’t know she was in disguise and even more so didn’t know that he was attracted to her both times they met. He only knew that this woman was the symbol of the Five Star Empire, but that was enough for him to be excited. Think about it, how exciting would it be to conquer a founding goddess? Furthermore, this would definitely help him ascend to the throne, and possibly even pave the way to conquer the Five Star Empire in the future… He faintly felt that damned old bastard the Emperor changed his attitude towards him and seemed to have the intention to cultivate Qi Wan Feng.

He was irritated but managed to control it. He smiled in what he considered suavely, “Miss Ren Woxing, I have heard of you for long. Allow me to toast you.”

Lu Shiqian refused to talk to him. Seeing the three emperors chatting amiably, she pulled Wei Mo up and said, “I’m a little tired. Help me to rest.”

Wei Mo blushed somewhat, nodded, and escorted Lu Shiqian out.

Qi Tianxiong’s outstretched hand hung awkwardly in the air.

He was extremely angry, but he didn’t dare make trouble. There were more than ten God Rank powerhouses in the Five Star Empire, who would foolishly make trouble? However, his eyes darkened.

Qin Xingluo coldly glanced at the two siblings, not saying anything. With Lu Shiqian’s current strength, he wasn’t afraid of her taking a loss, only fretting over how to tell his brother he had already made up his mind to follow Lu Shiqian. He was thinking about how to tell his brother he was giving up his position as a prince to follow Lu Shiqian to the corners of the earth. He was no longer that Qin Prince that only knew to be brashly arrogant. He was no longer the person that only knew how to snatch… His red hair was flamboyant as always, his clothes as extravagant as ever, he was also still very princely, but he was slowly growing up.

When Lu Shiqian returned to her room, she was stopped by Shang. Nothing could be deciphered from his face, but she felt that something was wrong.

Without a second word, Shang pulled her into a battle space. The first sentence he spoke was: “Attack me, with all your power!”

Lu Shiqian didn’t know why, but she had formed a conditioned reflex over the past year and was a little eager. All kinds of tricks flipped through her mind and she positioned herself and attacked! It was very straightforward, but also practical.

Shang fended her off, “Again!”

His aura began expanding out and pressuring her.

Lu Shiqian’s fighting spirit was also roused, soul merging with the little purple dragon. She attacked once again with purple hair and eyes!

Shang brushed the attack aside, “Not enough! Again!”

Lu Shiqian armor merged with the kitty, added buffs, and attacked! She even began casting the five spells she learned from “Million***”!

However, Shang was still too strong. Those attacks hardly did anything to him. When their swords clashed, he smashed Lu Shiqian away. They fought for five hours before parting. Lu Shiqian panted, exhausted, but she couldn’t relax.

“Handsome, you have something on your mind?” She got up in front of the cool man.

“I’m going to return,” Shang coolly answered.

Lu Shiqian wiped her sweat. She knew, knew that he would have to return someday. After all, he was a prince.

Shang coolly stared at Lu Shiqian. With his black armor and horns, he indeed appeared like a demon.

“Contract me,” he coldly stated.

“Huh?” Lu Shiqian was confused.

She did have the intention before, but it was only when she first met him. Afterwards, she always respected him and showed him the sincerity she gave to friends. She never thought about contracting again. Now that he dropped a bomb like this out of the blue, the blow to her wasn’t light. She rubbed her nose and really wanted to ask him: ‘Handsome, do you have a fever?’

“Contract me. Don’t make me say it again!” Someone became impatient.

Lu Shiqian was flabbergasted. Why were there so many that wanted to contract this year? Staring at him, Lu Shiqian quickly placed her hand on his forehead, “Then, please take care of me.”

The purple contract concluded and the advancement began.

At this time, Shang was a second stage God Overlord!

After forming the contract, Lu Shiqian’s hands once again grabbed the other’s horns. They had become even more beautiful again. Over the past year, she had felt his horns and ears quite a few times. Not touching for a couple days truly made her hands itchy. Thinking that he would soon return, she felt them energetically.

Pleasure burst from his horns, and a certain iceberg couldn’t bear it anymore and kissed Lu Shiqian’s red lips. His kiss was like his person, cool yet lingering, with faint enthusiasm like rolling thunder.

Lu Shiqian was stunned before resisting after a while, but a certain iceberg had already released her: “Once I get the throne of the Asura Plane and Demon Plane, I will marry you!”

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