Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 299

“Ah?” Lu Shiqian felt thunder rocking her world, splitting her inside and outside.

However, Shang didn’t explain and leaped to the window sill, “Don’t worry. This royal one will guard his body like jade and keep himself clean.”

“But I…” But she already had Bai and the Death God! Before she finished, Shang vanished.

Lu Shiqian was helpless. If she knew earlier, she wouldn’t have contracted! The contracted only needed to think about it in order to return to their master’s side. Ahhhhh, she was going to go crazy! Even if she wanted to hide, she couldn’t!


She didn’t intend to provoke peach blossoms, but why did peach blossoms keep gathering around her?

Before Lu Shiqian recovered from the shock, she saw the pure elf Lan Ruo come in with clean water and towels. He looked at Lu Shiqian.

“What’s wrong?” Lu Shiqian noticed his strangeness.

“Master, Young Master Wei was called over by the Princess of the Qi Empire and has not yet returned.” Lan Ruo slowly reported.

Lu Shiqian suddenly had a bad feeling.

Even though Wei Mo was now a second stage higher god, he had a simple mind and may not be able to deal with the princess’s insidious tricks. She didn’t dare think more and sent out her magic beasts to search for him. She was careless, damn it!

Wei Mo was very uncomfortable at the moment.

His handsome eyes narrowed slightly, face flushed, body limp, struggling viciously against something.

He had already been fighting for over two hours.

He was in a sealed, luxurious room. Inside were all kinds of bright, scarlet flowers—a species unique to the Qi Empire that could only grow in cold places. When this flower bloomed, its petals had rejuvenating effect on women, but to men, they were an aphrodisiac. This kind of flower could continuously stimulate a man’s nerves and cause them to fall into a trance, their body listless as they clamored for love.

This kind of plant was used to increase pleasure, but some women would use it for insidious schemes. Thus, it was banned from being grown privately.

However, Qi Wanru cultivated quite a few such plants. As long as an unyielding man fell into her hands, she could use these methods to make them submit.

Looking at the man who could endure less and less, she was secretly smug. Her heart felt like it was being scratched as she looked at his enchanting appearance. However, she also slightly admired him for being able to endure two hours of this torture. Usually, one flower would be enough to turn a steadfast man into a degenerate. Hmph. Her gaze turned cold. He actually guarded himself to this point for that woman, pushing her away again and again. She must play with him well and make him cry out, then record his appearance to relish it later! She waved her hand and a woman opened the door, placing another flower inside.

The flower’s scent entered Wei Mo’s bloodstream, deep into his bones. He wanted to scream and vent, but he didn’t know how. He wanted to run away, but couldn’t even move. The fragrance constantly eroded his body.

He couldn’t help but be annoyed at his stupidity. He actually followed that woman over! But he couldn’t not go, because that woman said she was going to deal with A’Qian, the Five Star Empire… wuwuwu (crying sounds), he was so uncomfortable. His body flushed red and his heart longed for her, but this kind of longing made him blush in shame. However, he still couldn’t stop himself… Who would come and save him?

Qi Wanru was satisfied and walked in, “Want to continue struggling?” Saying this, she rubbed Wei Mo’s chin and slowly traveled downwards.

Wei Mo felt disgusted but his body was weak. He was a higher god, but that flower could provoke desire of the flesh. The fragrance was an invisible poison and hard to force out of the body. It really had nothing much to do with strength.

Even a powerhouse that had conquered various worlds would still be constrained by these worldly affairs.

Qi Wanru had already lifted up Wei Mo’s clothes, and the increased fragrance made his desire burst forth even more.

She touched Wei Mo’s skin, and the silk-like feeling made her even more lustful. She twisted his head and was about to kiss his red lips.

Wei Mo was extremely disgusted, stomach churning, and he tilted his head to the side. Even though his body clamored for someone to draw close, his heart continued calling out A’Qian…

Qi Wanru raised her hand and slapped him, “Slut, still refusing?!” Then, she smiled gloomily, “Very well. When I’m finished playing with you, I’ll have the rest of the palace have a turn too. Do you think that woman would still want you?”

Wei Mo paled, his heart stabbed by knives. He couldn’t imagine it. If that was really the case, what face would he have to see A’Qian, to stay by her side? He may as well die…

Qi Wanru appeared happy to see his despair. The more the other despaired, the happier she grew. Her hand was already on Wei Mo’s chest, “You want to die? Not that easy! No man has ever been able to reject this flower’s enticement.” Saying that, she kissed Wei Mo’s neck.

Wei Mo’s clear eyes were growing muddled. This woman wasn’t going to let him go. He was going to be dirty, dirty… It was better to die. Only by dying could he protect his innocence… A’Qian, A’Qian…

His heart ached as that dirty woman’s mouth continued moving lower and lower. Wei Mo closed his eyes in despair, tears welling up…

Slam! In the darkness, the door was suddenly kicked open.

There was a loud noise and then that evil woman screamed. Whose embrace was so warm?

“Wei Mo?” that woman called out as if in pain.

But he didn’t want to open his eyes, for fear that everything was an illusion.

“Wei Mo, open your eyes. Everything’s fine! Don’t scare me!” the woman cried bitterly.

No, don’t open. Otherwise, only darkness awaited him…

Lu Shiqian was heartbroken and glared fiercely at Qi Wanru, “I will make you pay the price!”

Qi Wanru vomited out blood and she smiled sinisterly, “He was already touched by me. Do you want to pick up my worn-out shoes?”

When she said this, Wei Mo trembled uncontrollably. He was like a broken doll as tears poured down.

Lu Shiqian saw that his clothes were disheveled and purple spots littered his chest. However, his underclothes weren’t completely taken off. Even though she knew that Qi Wanru was only trying to provoke her, it still touched her bottom line. She must make that woman feel that death was better than living…

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