Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 300

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She glared at Qi Wanru with the eyes of a devil, making her break out in cold sweat.

When she looked at Wei Mo again, her heart was full of distress, “Don’t be afraid. Nothing happened to you, Wei Mo. You were just bitten by a dog. It’s okay.”

Wei Mo cried in despair, “A’Qian, A’Qian, I’m already dirty. Wuwuwu, dirty…”

Lu Shiqian was distressed and angry, carrying Wei Mo to her room, “Wei Mo’s not dirty. Wei Mo is very clean. Wei Mo, open your eyes. I’m here.”

“A’Qian, I’m so scared… Wuwuwu, so disgusting…” Wei Mo cried like a helpless child.

“…Be good, everything’s fine now.” Lu Shiqian shouted in her heart, ‘I’m so sorry! Sorry, Wei Mo!’ She was too careless, too brash!

“What are you standing around for? Hurry up and stop them!” Qi Wanru recovered her senses and roared.

The guards obeyed the order, yet before they could walk to Lu Shiqian, they were shocked away by the enormous pressure surrounding her. Her eyes shone with a red that was eviler and more terrifying than a devil, but her voice was gentle: “It’s fine. Let’s return to the room first.”

Qi Wanru suddenly realized subconsciously that she had offended someone she should never have. However, she was unwilling to back down and would now suffer the consequences.

“Violent Dragon, help me watch that woman.” Lu Shiqian ordered before leaving the room.

The purple contract light flashed.

Lu Shiqian placed Wei Mo on the bed. After being tortured for so long, his face had grown dazed and was a little muddle-headed. His body was flushed red.

“Shui Se, help me take a look.” Lu Shiqian brushed Wei Mo’s face. She already noticed his abnormality.

“Master,” Shui Se’s was a little weird, “He’s not poisoned. He’s just… Whether he can recover or not depends on Master.”

Lu Shiqian raised an eyebrow.

“He inhaled the flower’s scent, an aphrodisiac that is hard for any man to resist.” Shui Se grew a little embarrassed, “The scent and appearance of the flower is easy to recognize, but if it was absorbed…”

“What happens?” Lu Shiqian asked.

“Needs a woman… to solve. Otherwise, the blood vessels will explode… and you will lose your fertility.” Shui Se remained silent after finishing.

Lu Shiqian was silent and shut down the mental platform.

At this moment, Wei Mo was lying on the bed, crying like a mess. His body was red and caused him much discomfort.

Lu Shiqian had an internal war with herself, sighing after a long time…

She pressed onto Wei Mo, gently coaxing, “I’m here.”

Wei Mo screamed and held Lu Shiqian, but he was shaky from the drug.

“Wuwu, A’Qian, I’m dirty.” He wanted to push her away, but his body clutched her even harder.

The body of a second stage higher god allowed him to endure for over two hours. He couldn’t bear it anymore and the moment Lu Shiqian touched him, it broke out in a frenzy.

Lu Shiqian sighed slightly, “Believe me. That woman only bit you a few times. You’re clean, the cleanest.”

“Wuwu, I’m dirty, wuwuwu…” Wei Mo cried in confusion.

Lu Shiqian touched his chest and he suddenly stilled. She asked him, “Did she touch you here?”

Wei Mo cried even harder.

Lu Shiqian kissed his chest over and over again, “Did she kiss here?”

Wei Mo felt that he was going to die from sorrow.

“I’ve kissed here and touched here too now. This place is mine.” Lu Shiqian brazenly declared.

She kissed his lips again, “Did she kiss here?”

Wei Mo was shocked, “No…”

She kissed his eyes, eyebrows, and ears: “What about here?”


Her hand touched his stomach, “What about here?”

Wei Mo gasped, “No…”

“These places are all mine now. You’re mine, you’re not dirty. Aren’t you going to open your eyes to look at me?” Lu Shiqian kissed his body gently.

His eyes trembled and opened a sliver.

“Tell me, who’s in front of you?”


“Who kissed and touched you?”


“Was it someone else? That Qi Wanru?”

Wei Mo opened his eyes wide, “No, it was A’Qian!”

Lu Shiqian kissed Wei Mo, “I kissed you, are you dirty now?”

“No, not dirty…” He stared deeply at the person in front of him, feeling like he was slowly being pulled out of the dark abyss.

Lu Shiqian didn’t ask any more and kissed his lips and wrapped his tongue. A strange fragrance emitted from his body.

Once he was sure that the one in front of him was the one of his dreams, the uncontrollable sexual desire burst out. His body was extremely sensitive. Every kiss touched the deepest part of his soul. At this moment, he couldn’t believe that he was so close to A’Qian.

Lu Shiqian unbuttoned his clothes and kissed him from top to bottom, causing him to blush furiously, the fragrance igniting his body.

Wei Mo felt really uncomfortable down there and wanted to vent, but couldn’t find a way to. He grasped at something in vain.

Lu Shiqian took off their clothes and kissed him again on his lips.

“Qian, A’Qian…” He somewhat couldn’t help himself, beckoning and longing for it.

“En, Wei Mo.”

Wei Mo smiled like a child that received some candy.

That smile would make even flowers bloom.

A’Qian… He was so happy…

His body and mind were united. There was no longer any discomfort or unhappiness… Even his toes were curled blissfully.

This kind of bliss couldn’t be put into words. This kind of feeling was beyond words.

His entire head was filled with A’Qian.

The fragrance became even more intense.

Lu Shiqian stared at Wei Mo seriously, “Do you regret it?”

“No! I’ll never regret!” His tongue entangled with hers, the bottom of their body too. They hugged each other tightly; their whole body was wrapped together. He didn’t regret it, would never regret it. From the moment they met, he had never regretted!

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