Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 301


Lu Shiqian rocked a few times and Wei Mo moaned again, like water bursting out of a spring, he shot out a hot spray.

The fragrance grew thicker again.

Wei Mo’s face reddened as he stared into Lu Shiqian’s black eyes, his bottom hardening again.

A God Rank powerhouse naturally had good stamina. The flower’s poison was slowly eliminated, but the night was still long.

The next day when they woke up, someone was staring at her intensely, recalling the feeling of when he entered her body again and again. Silver hair scattered across his chest.

The red eyes looked wantonly at her, those red lips sneering, “You ate this great one right up. Should I take some revenge?”

Saying that, without waiting for her reaction, he began to act roguish!

A bolt out of the blue! Putting everyone in a terrible situation!

Lu Shiqian was truly stunned. Honestly, she accepted the black-haired Wei Mo, but that didn’t mean she accepted the silver-haired Wei Mo. Even though they were two souls one body, there was always a strange feeling as if they were two people. However, while she was still in a daze, someone began getting unruly!

Lu Shiqian turned around and was about to kick him out.

The silver-haired Wei Mo ruthlessly pressed her back onto the bed, not letting her go.

Lu Shiqian’s face turned black, whipping out a dagger and shooting it over.

Without merging with her magic beasts, spells, or killing techniques, Lu Shiqian couldn’t beat the silver-haired Wei Mo. Wei Mo’s silver-haired state not only changed his temperament, but even his instincts, which were like that of a beast. His reactions were extremely fast. The two fought a physically close battle—really wanton. Whenever Wei Mo found a loophole, he would ram forward a few times, causing her to gasp. What was even more infuriating was that he would moan as he dodged.

Lu Shiqian twisted her body and Wei Mo released an uncontrollable moan. She took the opportunity to send the other flying!

Wei Mo dodged and the place where their bodies connected was tied by a white thread. He languidly lay on top of Lu Shiqian’s chest, staring at the beautiful scenery. His eyes began burning with desire and his tone was slightly dissatisfied, “What a cruel woman! You were so gentle yesterday!”

He wanted it all: her body, her person. Yesterday, his soul and that brat’s soul longed for her together. That unforgettable feeling had long ingrained itself into his soul. Hmph, that brat was too inferior. If he was the one yesterday…

Lu Shiqian already quickly put on her clothes, not looking at the poor soul lying prone on his back, staring at the ceiling with two wide eyes. He was a good-looking man with peach blossom eyes and clear, smooth skin. Even though he was actually quite tricky, he really had some demonic beauty, but she simply doesn’t want him!

The door opened and Lan Ruo stood outside with a flushed face. He was holding a golden basin for washing their faces, not knowing whether to enter or not.

On the contrary, the silver-haired Wei Mo wasn’t a half bit ashamed. His face was as thick as a city wall. He slowly got up, completely naked, and very slowly put on his clothes, turning a complete blind eye to Lan Ruo who was standing outside, and Qin Xingluo and Yao Hong who just walked over. There were still love marks on his body, and anyone would be able to tell what he did in a glance. He and the black-haired Wei Mo were two extremes like the North and South Poles or positive and negative.

Qin Xingluo’s eyes dimmed as he squeezed his fist. When he looked at Lu Shiqian again, his eyes grew even more determined.

Yao Hong also understood what happened yesterday. He lowered his head, unable to decipher what he was feeling. He was faintly jealous… His beauty seemed to have no effect on this woman. It could fascinate the world, but not her. He unconsciously hoped that she would look more at him, pay more attention to him, but he felt that there was an uncrossable gap between them: Lord Bai, Lord Death God, and that extremely mysterious aura on her.

After Wei Mo fully dressed, Lan Ruo walked in.

He still appeared to be a teenager after entering God Rank. Those green eyes seemed to be the purest green. Behind him were two translucent wings. If they weren’t a God Rank powerhouse, they wouldn’t be able to see it.

His face was still red and while he was waiting for her to wash up, he accidently touched her and almost shocked him into jumping up. His face grew even redder, even his pointy ears became red.

Helping her comb back her satin-like hair, his hands felt somewhat numb. The elf was quite pure, and seeing such an impure scene left him a little startled.

Lu Shiqian looked at the few and glared at Wei Mo.

The silver-haired Wei Mo returned a careless smile.

How could he not understand these men’s thoughts? Each of them was seeking death, hoping to climb onto a woman’s ****! If he didn’t watch them carefully, how could that be! He didn’t mind being the third husband, but he must prevent Lu Shiqian from seeking a fourth, fifth… This woman was too deadly attractive. She didn’t go provoke other men, but couldn’t prevent them from sticking onto her.

He held his chin mysteriously, not even thinking that he was one of the men that was gluing himself onto her!

The Death God flashed over, standing naturally by Lu Shiqian’s side, looking very aggrieved. Yesterday, he wanted to *** with her, but another man stole his spot. It was the same as last time. For some reason, he really wanted to take that person’s two souls and give them a taste of his methods, but if he did that, Master would be sad and he didn’t want to make her the slightest bit sad. Thus, he stayed up in the sky for an entire night. Now, he could hold Master again and felt happy. The more he missed this feeling, the more he fell in love with her. As long as he could stay by her side, everything was good.

“Master, I want to learn how to loving with you tonight.” The Death God focused on Lu Shiqian, his heart filled with bliss. A few days ago, Master said that the thing that made one shy and embarrassed and have a nosebleed yet was extremely joyful and pleasurable and also electrifying was called ‘loving’. He had to make up for last night.

When these words came out, the effect was like an entire minefield exploding, zapping the entire room upside-down.

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