Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 302

Pfft! Lu Shiqian spit out a mouthful of tea. The heavens and earth were big, but the Death God was the biggest! This sentence was too OP!

Lan Ruo’s neck became red and Yao Hong was also suspiciously flushed. Wei Mo’s face went black as he carefully studied the Death God. Good bastard, he didn’t let him down!

Qin Xingluo accused, “Tramp, just how trampy are you?!” Even though he made up his mind to stay by her side, he still had his own pride and personality. He could not throw away his principles, and what needed to be said must be said!

Lu Shiqian had a guilty conscience to Bai and the Death God. Yesterday, she and Wei Mo… She was helpless and felt slightly nervous as if she did something wrong… But what’s done is done. She would love and respect them, never regretting or giving them up.

Just when she was going to apologize to the Death God, he already spoke, “Master, have to work hard tonight. Also, I want to be above.”

He didn’t want his master to apologize. He was his master’s, everything of his was hers, forever and ever.

This sentence was even more OP than the last. Lu Shiqian was completely speechless.

Lan Ruo’s entire body had turned red by now, bowing and running out. Qin Xingluo snorted, “Tramp!” before also leaving. Yao Hong couldn’t endure any longer and also escaped.

Wei Mo was very upset, but he knew that he couldn’t beat this black-clothed man. However, on the battlefield of love, what they competed on was guts! He fought for his own tomorrow, “Tomorrow, I also want to be on top!”

The Death God acted as if he didn’t hear it and pulled Lu Shiqian’s hand. He would guard her for 24 hours a day. He won’t let him even touch the bedsheets!

At this time, the officials of the Qi Empire invited them down for breakfast.

Lu Shiqian’s eyes were cold. She did not forget who caused her this huge mess! Was just anyone allowed to mess with the people around her?!

Her eyes grew colder and colder, but her face was placid as water.

The silver-haired Wei Mo also thought of that scheme. Even though he hated that brat for being so innocent, he didn’t want to harm him. When he thought of that btch, his eyes burst with bloody light. Was that woman worthy of making a move on him?! “Leave that btch to me!” He wanted to chop off her fingers one by one, and dig out her skin piece by piece. He was going to dig out her eyeballs and feed it to the snakes!

Lu Shiqian glanced at the silver-haired Wei Mo with slight surprise, coldly saying, “I’ll do it.”

“You don’t believe me?” the silver-haired Wei Mo flipped his silver hair.

“That’s not it. I don’t want you to bloody yourself,” Lu Shiqian calmly replied. She wanted to protect Wei Mo’s innocent kindness.

The silver-haired Wei Mo was taken aback. As if knowing what she was thinking, he smiled evilly, “Woman, I understand your thoughts, but I’ve always been behind that brat, haven’t I? Your man is not weaker than your heart. He’s also not afraid of staining his hands!”

Lu Shiqian was silent and then nodded.

This was his shame, so he should get it back himself!

A group of people came in. Among them, Qi Wanru was clutching the Qi Emperor’s arm, looking fearfully at Lu Shiqian and shaking her father’s arm.

The Qi Emperor smiled dotingly, saying to Tie Mu, “If your country and mine form an alliance, that would be a good thing.” The Qi Empire had always been neutral and fought few wars. An alliance with the Qi Empire would undoubtedly be a secure choice. The Qi Emperor was very fond of Qi Wanru, giving whatever she wanted to her because she was the daughter of his most beloved concubine. The concubine died young, so he passed on his love and doting to her child. Even if she did something wrong, he would turn a blind eye. It was also because of this that Qi Tianxiong had a good relationship with him.

Qi Wanfeng hurriedly stood, “Father, no!” How could he not know what that shameless sister had done? The Qi Empire had already lost all respect for scheming against Young Master Wei, and they definitely couldn’t dig a deeper hole by pressuring them with status. Lu Shiqian, that woman, she… she wasn’t someone the Qi Empire could go against.

Qi Tianxiong coolly said, “Little Brother, this is where you’re wrong. I believe this is a good idea. You won’t be so short-sighted as to spoil it, would you?”

Tie Mu glanced at his master. Seeing that she was noncommittal, he understood and lifted a glass of wine, “Take it easy, take it easy.”

The Qi Empire smiled kindly, “My daughter is interested in a gentleman and would be willing to marry to establish an alliance. How does that sound?”

It turned out that Qi Wanru was afraid of Lu Shiqian’s revenge but was also unwilling to give up, so she thought of this method. Using national power to suppress people, if Lu Shiqian wanted to take revenge, she would still have to see what she’s going against! Qi Wanru gloatingly clacked her abacus, but didn’t know that Lu Shiqian wouldn’t take it lying down so easily.

The silver-haired Wei Mo arrogantly stated, “Oh, so you’re interested in me?”

The same figure and appearance, but this silver-haired Wei Mo’s devilish charm was much more prominent than the black-haired Wei Mo.

Qi Wanru was infatuated and declared, “Yes, you!” At the same time, she gave a provocative glance at Lu Shiqian, the meaning clear: she had backing, and if she so much as beckoned a finger, the handsome man would be delivered to her door.

“Good!” The silver-haired Wei Mo smiled, but it didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes. When he raised his hand, there was a screech through the air.

Qi Wanru felt pain in her eyes and when she reached up to touch, blood rolled down. An eyeball fell out.

This move shocked all of the officials present. Only the Five Star Empire’s envoys had no expression.

The Qi Empire was shocked that this man dared to attack in front of everyone and also the speed of his attack. Even the secret guards were stunned. This silver-haired man was terrifying!

Qi Wanru had one eye destroyed with no possibility of recovery. She glared viciously with her remaining eye at Wei Mo, full of mad hatred.

Seeing his beloved daughter’s fury, the Qi Emperor turned to Tie Mu, “What do you mean by this?”

The silver-haired Wei Mo brazenly smiled, “Why ask him? I’m the one that attacked, wasn’t I?” He stepped out, each step bringing great pressure, “Your Qi Empire invited our Five Star Empire as guests, but not only did you not treat us with respect and courtesy, you instead helped that dirty woman capture me and force me to do those beastly things. Did you not know that I’m the founding goddess’ man?” Wei Mo pointed at Lu Shiqian, who was casually drinking water.

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