Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 303

Lu Shiqian almost spit out a mouthful of tea but quickly recovered and kept her face expressionless, “Indeed, he is my… husband.”

First, stand on the moral high ground before dealing with that dirty woman slowly. Even though the Five Star Empire wasn’t afraid of the Qi Empire and could single-handedly destroy them, no one wanted senseless killing or war between two countries. Lu Shiqian already decided to go to another plane and didn’t want to leave a mess behind for Tie Mu to clean up. Thus, even though they must kill Qi Wanru, they must have the other party willingly deliver her up!

As far as mental strength was concerned, the silver-haired Wei Mo was much better than the black-haired Wei Mo. It wasn’t that the black-haired Wei Mo wasn’t smart, but he was too kind and couldn’t be hard-handed. This job wasn’t suitable for him.

“Nonsense! All nonsense! You obviously took an interest to my beauty and seduced me!” Qi Wanru wasn’t an idiot and immediately turned black into white.

The silver-haired Wei Mo snorted and flicked his finger slightly. There was the sound of air breaking.

Qi Wanru’s ears suddenly pained and she tremblingly touched it. Her ears were exploded by the other party, blood splashing all over her neck and the ground. She was terrified in her heart and didn’t dare to even look at Wei Mo. How could she know that this man was such a cruel character that dared to mutilate her in front of everyone? It was too terrifying! She regretted every provoking him! However, there was no medicine for regret. Since she dared commit those terrible acts, she must be ready to accept punishment.

“Father, save me…” The only one that could suppress them was her father. As long as they sent out troops or pressured them with their country, the Five Star Empire wouldn’t dare do anything to her.

The Qi Emperor was furious and the ministers also lambasted them. This was an insult to them. They actually dared to harm their princess in front of everyone in the main hall, where were they supposed to put their face?

Qi Tianxiong furiously stood, “Father, they dared insult Little Sister so, they should be punished by being sliced a thousand times!”

The tense atmosphere reached a peak.

However, Wei Mo smiled indifferently, “I originally thought that after your country discovered what schemes your little princess came up with, you would act accordingly. Even if you didn’t beat her to death, you should’ve at least had her offer an apology. I never thought…”

A certain minister couldn’t help but reproach, “What evidence do you have?! Words are baseless and nothing good comes out of your brazen mouth! Death by a thousand cuts is a light punishment for you crippling our princess!”

The silver-haired Wei Mo glanced at the minister and his tremendous pressure suffocated him, directly causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Want evidence? Okay!” Wei Mo took out a crystal ball from his bag.

When Qi Wanru saw the crystal ball, her bloodless face turned even paler. The bodyguard standing behind also trembled. Qi Tianxiong glared at her in dissatisfaction. This fool doesn’t even know to wipe her ass after finishing!

After infusing it with magic power, the things that happened in the room was replayed one by one. The dim room, barely enduring man, and pots of magic flowers… In the face of the truth, the Qi Empire’s ministers’ faces all turned red and green. This princess really was too much, too shameful…

Wei Mo’s eyes grew darker as he watched until the moment Lu Shiqian appeared and took him away, his expression easing.

“That flower was long banned, wasn’t it?” Someone lightly muttered.

The faces of the ministers and the Emperor grew even uglier.

The Qi Emperor was infuriated, “Wanru!”

“Father, save me! I just admire Young Master Wei! Father, forgive me this time. I’ll never do it again!” Qi Wanru begged for mercy on the ground.

This was in the end his favorite daughter. The Qi Emperor’s heart softened, “Please forgive Ru’er, she’s young and made a mistake…” He understood clearly that they could no longer stand on the moral high ground. If the other party wished to, they could bring this up to an international scale. He cursed her for not knowing what’s good for her but still wanted to protect her. After all, she was his daughter.

Qi Tianxiong already summoned the guards, “Don’t go overboard, this is our family matter and it’s not your turn to have a say in it!”

The ministers also repeated, “Yes, this is our private matter.”

Qi Wanfeng was the most clear-headed, “Father, since the matter has already happened, we should tie Sister up and hand her over the Five Star Empire to deal with. Whether she’s slashed or killed it doesn’t matter. She should take care of the things she did herself! Father, please think twice!” The country doesn’t need war, and he didn’t want his father to provoke an enemy he shouldn’t in a moment of muddle-headedness. He glanced at the woman who was like an immovable mountain. He was afraid that because of this matter, he would never be able to see his light again.

This was the best and correct method the Qi Empire should’ve used. However, they underestimated this newly-formed empire. Not only did they not punish Qi Wanru, they even protected her.

Qi Wanfeng sighed.

Qi Tianxiong looked contemptuously at Qi Wanfeng, not forgetting to provoke him, “Don’t know if Younger Brother is still from the Qi Empire, helping outsiders speak!”

Qi Wanfeng remained silent.

The silver-haired Wei Mo smiled brazenly and said, “So this is your private affair? Good! I’ll let you watch some more interesting things!”

He took out a few more crystal balls and inserted magic power.

Qi Wanru not only paled, but turned ashen.

It wasn’t much, just a few scenes of Qi Wanru mm, mm, ahh, ahh with other men, misdemeanor at best. However, the man was a minister’s son who was struggling and obviously unwilling. Furthermore, there were also those magic flowers which made everything different… Qi Wanru felt many resentful eyes fall on her, the thousands of regrets in her heart already too late. It was all her fault for liking to record these things to slowly savor… Wait a minute, she hid these things so well, how did they manage to steal it? She was already completely confused and asked sharply, “Where did you get these things?”

She didn’t know, but this question was tantamount to admitting doing those things!

She didn’t know that it was a piece of cake for Lu Shiqian’s beasties to get something in the palace!

The pictures were extremely exciting, one after another. Once in a while, Qi Tianxiong’s face would appear.

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