Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 304

A pin drop could be heard in the large hall, and the lewd sounds were especially piercing to the ears. The ministers all looked gloomy and complicated.

In order to prevent the situation from exploding, Qi Tianxiong stood out and said, “They were all willing. Taking these out is too despicable on your part, isn’t it?” He hated his sister because some of those videos included him.

Wei Mo smiled, “Is that so?” He then took out several more crystal balls, but the actor had changed to Qi Tianxiong.

The ministers’ faces turned dark when they saw it. Some even coughed up blood.

Because they could recognize the man in the scene, and also the women! Most of them were their daughters, daughters-in-law, and even their wives. They finally remembered why they became so abnormal after a certain day.

They glared ferociously at the two beasts, wishing they could tear them apart and dig into their flesh! Just where did those two place them ministers in their hearts?

This was like a bolt of thunder from heaven, zapping everyone into disarray.

The silver-haired Wei Mo was very satisfied with the results and walked to Lu Shiqian’s side and sat down.

“Your Majesty, requesting to capture the Princess and send them to the Five Star Empire! Strip the Prince of his royal position, throw him into prison, and beat him to death!” a minister fell to his knees.

“Your Majesty, also requesting!”

“Your Majesty!”

The entire hall of ministers knelt on the ground. Shame! This was the Qi Empire’s shame, and also their shame!

Qi Tianxiong panicked. He never thought that in just a single moment, his situation would turn for the worst, so terrible that he couldn’t keep his position as crown prince, and possibly his life!

“Father, forgive me! I’m your son!” Qi Tianxiong hugged the Qi Emperor’s leg.

When the Qi Emperor looked at the first crystal ball, his expression went from shock, to anger, to helplessness, to reluctance… In the blink of an eye, he seemed to age by twenty years. He looked at his son and daughter blankly, coughing up a mouthful of blood. Blame him for spoiling them too much usually, making them so lawless. He also seemed to suddenly wake up and know what kind of person he should entrust his country over to.

“Someone come. Tie up Qi Wanru and hand her over to the Five Star Empire for them to deal with to express my sincere apologies. Don’t ask about her life or death. Strip Qi Tianxiong of his position as crown prince. From today onwards, the position will be given to Qi Wanfeng. Throw Qi Tianxiong, this unfilial son, into prison, and any relatives who had been violated by him are entitled to compensation…” Finishing, he coughed up a few more mouthfuls of blood and passed out.

The guards immediately obeyed the order, tying up the bloodless Qi Wanru and handing her over to the silver-haired Wei Mo, and taking Qi Tianxiong who kept kowtowing to the ministers away. Everyone knew what fate awaited them.

Within a day, the Qi Empire’s imperial family was overturned. It was said to be the most bloodless and fastest change in their history, with only three people being sacrificed. Of course, it was also a stain on the Qi Empire’s history. The incident of that day was prohibited from being spread, and historians could only record a few words.

Soon after this incident, the new Qi Emperor ascended to the throne, making drastic reforms, removing the corrupted leftovers from the previous reign and formed an alliance with the Five Star Empire. The two empires would henceforth support and help each other.

On a certain day, Lu Shiqian went drinking with Qi Wanfeng, sighing slightly: “Didn’t think you had such means in you.”

Even though the crystal balls were found by the beasties, the approximate location was told to them by Qi Wanfeng.

“Some things are inevitable being born in the royal family.” Hiding his love for this woman in front of him, he gulped down a glass of wine.

“I really admire you,” Lu Shiqian said. Never revealing anything about yourself until the very last moment. She didn’t know how long he had planned this for, even finding talents to replace the old. However, she was also slightly angry because Wei Mo was almost sacrificed. Although, the reason they could find Wei Mo was also due to a secret letter he sent. This matter couldn’t be completely blamed on him, since she was quite careless herself.

“My elder sister is lustful by nature and my elder brother too. If the Qi Empire was given to them, its demise wouldn’t be far.” Qi Wanfeng said.

Lu Shiqian only replied, “The Emperor is ruthless.”

“Please,” Qi Wanfeng requested, “send my sister off quickly. After all, she is still my sister.”

“Wei Mo killed her with a single stab through the heart. There wasn’t much pain.” Lu Shiqian continued, “I’m heading back tomorrow.”

Qi Wanfeng paused, “Will we… meet again?”

“Don’t know. I’m leaving this plane,” Lu Shiqian said.

Qi Wanfeng’s eyes dimmed. This woman would soar into the skies like a phoenix, a height he could probably never imagine.

“May you be safe.”

“Wishing you happiness.”

Qi Wanfeng and Lu Shiqian said one after another.

Saying this, they both looked at each other and smiled.

Forget it. This woman was a fateful encounter in his life, his greatest happiness, enough for him to reminisce for a lifetime.



The Death God hugged Lu Shiqian and flashed.

He wasn’t happy that Master was speaking to that man, but he was looking forward to tonight’s delicacy. Master said that he could go all night today… Thinking this, he smiled sweetly.

Even though she was far away from Bai, they contacted each other through the mental platform and it was almost as if he never left. Every day, she heard him talk about the wonders of the other planes and his search progress for the other three. Both of their hearts were filled with sweetness, and even if they were separated, Bai never felt lonely.

Thousands of planes apart, Bai sunk deep into thought, recommending Lu Shiqian to go to the Dayu Plane. The Dayu Plane was one of the ten higher planes and powerhouses were like clouds. However, it wasn’t as cruel as the Demon Plane, surviving by killing and nefarious schemes. It also wasn’t like the Abyss Plane, with countless unconquerable beasts; much less like the Death Plane, an extremely mysterious plane independent of all other planes. It was said that only dead souls could reach there, yet, the plane existed for a fact… What was rare was the Dayu Plane, with abundant resources and magic power, suitable for all types of creatures to live in. The plane quickly developed a large population, and there were also many adventures and challenges there. Since all kinds of people lived together, the number of powerhouses were high and there were many different kinds of fighting styles.

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