Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 305

Lu Shiqian was excited and eager.

They prepared for a while longer on the Devil Dance Continent and sent a few more magic beasts to other planes, notifying the dragon clan and elves to meet them. They then went to the Lu mansion and left a large number of magic stones and artifacts for Lu Xianghui, bid farewell to Sikong Yun and left him a bunch of materials. During this period of time, Sikong Yun casually asked her what plane she was going to. He was a Master Forger, but he was also a Saint that was about to become a God. Furthermore, Master Forgers were well-received on any plane. They also left a large number of magic stones for Tie Mu and the others, but these ten insisted on contracting with her. Seeing their persistence, Lu Shiqian relented and contracted. To her surprise, she could even contract with humans! This “Contract Book” may really be able to contract with anything under the heavens. The ten who signed the contract seemed radiant and given a second life… As for Wei Mo, Qin Xingluo, and Yao Hong, they were given the newest communication devices. They could inject magic power to call, simple and convenient, able to reach the other no matter how far apart.

The only downside was that Yi Mengji’s left side wasn’t found yet.

“Ai…” Yi Mengji sighed slightly. She missed her lover, and time was unable to erode their feelings.

“Don’t worry. The part must be on this continent. I’ve already told people to pay more attention, they will find it.” Lu Shiqian had never regarded her as a piece of equipment. At the very least, just her story was enough for her to be considered her friend.

“I can wait.” Yi Mengji answered, “When I find my left arm, I’ll be able to search for my lover with all my strength. I have a feeling that he’s still on this place.”

Lu Shiqian didn’t say anything, merely staring at the vast universe. Hate would eventually vanish, but love would last forever.

At this time, Tie Mu’s shocking announcement came, “Master, when we were organizing the Qi Empire’s items, we found the left arm you were looking for.”

Lu Shiqian was excited, and Yi Mengji was even more so at these words.

It turned out that the founding emperor of the Qi Empire unintentionally acquired the left arm piece and used it to be undefeated in battle, creating a new country. Destiny was usually this miraculous, perhaps the next miracle would occur at the darkest moment.

When they went to the main hall, they saw a left arm with patterns floating in the air.

Lu Shiqian now had one less thing to worry about. She took out the other parts and they once again combined into a whole. Two minutes later, a noble woman walked out from the ring of light. Blue eyes and red lips, if it weren’t for the patterns on her face and hair, people would really think she was a person. Though, it only made her appear wilder.

She bowed deeply to Lu Shiqian, “Master, thank you.”

Lu Shiqian helped her up, “Go. Go find your lover.”

Speaking of it, it was quite coincidental. 100,000 years ago, Da Peiwen’s soul was injured and unable to travel to the world of death. After passing through the reincarnation cycle, he was now some rich household’s young master in the Five Star Empire, no longer remembering the past. Yi Mengji attacked fiercely and cooked the raw rice in just a few days. The two were greasy and stickily sweet. The young master was very extraordinary, only falling deeper in love after hearing Yi Mengji’s tragic past and how much she endured to be here again. This love story between human and armor became the role model for cross-racial loves. Love surpassed all boundaries—gender, race, and age! Lu Shiqian laughed and gave a godhead to Yi Mengji. Da Peiwen’s soul was injured and was destined to have a weaker body that couldn’t absorb magic power well. This godhead would grant their dream of a long love…

Everything on the Devil Dance Continent was completed, and Lu Shiqian was finally prepared, heading towards the Xufeng Ice Field.

She was accompanied by the Death God, Wei Mo, Yao Hong, and Qin Xingluo.

The Xufeng Ice Field was a vast expanse of white, the temperature less than -100 C. Other than the occasional white bear, there were few living organisms.

When the plane was unsealed, a large gate appeared at the end with a guard.

When Lu Shiqian and the others flew over, they saw a familiar red figure standing there. In this sea of white, it was even more striking to the eyes. Black hair like satin, green eyes like gems, shouting when he saw them, “Damn it, you’re not taking me along when you’re leaving?!”

The sky was bleak, the weather cold, but no matter how cold, it wasn’t more forlorn than Li Jing’s words.

Li Jing couldn’t care less about guarding the gate, “A certain someone chased those troublemakers out of the plane recently. Look at how hardworking I am, I want a reward.” As a God King, he intimidated the Gods released from the seal and forced them to be obedient. He didn’t control the three Fu brothers because there were other plans for them.

Finishing, Li Jing twisted his waist as he walked over.

Lu Shiqian frowned and was about to kick him. The silver-haired Wei Mo was even faster and already began to fight with his teacher.

“Lil’ Mo, I’m happy that you’re so enthusiastic, but can you let me hug Lil’ QianQian first?” a certain someone said while fighting.

Wei Mo was angered, “Scram! You think I don’t know your little schemes?!”

Li Jing gasped, “My young heart was hurt by you!”

Yes, you can’t face this unscrupulous man with no bottom line normally. Otherwise, you would definitely be angered into coughing up blood.

“You continue, I’ll be leaving first.” Lu Shiqian lightly said and walked towards the guard, “Heading to a higher plane.”

The two paused at the same time, obediently standing next to Lu Shiqian.

The guard didn’t care about them, only reacting slightly when he saw Li Jing. However, he quickly collected himself, “The first transportation is free. Which plane are you heading towards?”

Lu Shiqian replied, “Dayu.”

The guard looked at Lu Shiqian in surprise. Only now did he realize she was only Rank 8, despising, “I advise you to go after gaining some more experience. It won’t be so easy to come back after you regret it.”

Lu Shiqian smiled faintly.

The silver-haired Wei Mo’s anger hadn’t dissipated yet. Hearing the guard disdain Lu Shiqian, he interrupted, “Stop chitter chattering. Open the channel already!”

The guard mocked, “Don’t know what’s good for you. At your level, going there is just seeking death.” He then glanced at the Death God, growing even more angry, “Forget the measly Rank 8 mage, what’s this guy? An ordinary person wants to go to Dayu?”

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