Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 306

The Death God’s strength wasn’t leaked out at all. Even if the other was a guard and had a power testing stone, he couldn’t determine the Death God’s level.

“Even little ants dare to disdain this great one?” the Death God’s tone wasn’t that good, moving to lift up his scythe.

Lu Shiqian hurriedly stopped the Death God. She didn’t want him to kill the guard. Even though the guard was rather rude, they still had to rely on him to transport them, right?

The Death God was aggrieved, “I can make us a space tunnel.”

Lu Shiqian kissed the Death God, “I know you’re great.”

The Death God was happy again.

The guard had felt the imminent threat of death and didn’t dare speak loudly, but when he heard the Death God say that he could open a space tunnel, he couldn’t hold back a snort. Did he think it as easy as eating or drinking? This was a tunnel formed through the great power of nature. Don’t mention a single person, even if there were millions of gods, they still wouldn’t be able to tear a single space crack. However, he didn’t dare blabber. The looming feeling of death just now wasn’t fake.

“Open the channel, consider these two my people!” Li Jing declared in a low voice. Though he was charming and sly in front of Lu Shiqian, he was always lofty and mysterious to others.

Since the God King spoke, the guard didn’t say any more, obediently opening the channel. He was slightly apologetic, “Esteemed One, they’re all first-timers, so they’re free. You… You…” He handed over a shining golden ball.

Li Jing took out a card and swiped it on the ball.

The guard then said, “Esteemed One, head in please, head in please.”

Lu Shiqian went in first. The space tunnel was like a rotating vortex. When you stepped in, it was like stepping into the starry galaxy; moving forward like walking amidst the stars.

She knew that once she finished this step, it would be equivalent to starting a new chapter, painting a new picture. What would be waiting for her ahead? She was looking forward to it.

The Death God immediately followed. Wei Mo, Li Jing, Qin Xingluo also went. Yao Hong seemed to be thinking about something and was the last to go.

The transportation was extremely fast. Even if the two planes were separated by an unimaginable distance, with the space channels, it was very quick.

Of course, if you wanted to go to a specific plane, you might have to “transfer” at another plane sometimes. For example, there weren’t many channels to other planes from the Devil Dance Continent. If you wanted to go to a plane without a direct channel, you would have to first head to a higher plane and transfer from there. The only problem was if you could afford it.

“Ai, how nostalgic. Haven’t been to Dayu for a long time, don’t know how much money my businesses have earned by now.” Li Jing said to himself, “Oh, we’re here.”

Lu Shiqian was taken aback as soon as she stepped out. There were thousands of guards compared to the Devil Dance Continent’s single guard, what a difference!

Furthermore, white flashes constantly appeared as various races were transferred over. You could see how bustling this plane was.

“Hey, you guys, stand together and don’t make trouble!” A whip snapped over and the people just transferred over were gathered together.

Lu Shiqian frowned slightly.

However, hundreds of fierce guards were holding barbed whips, snapping them at the people who were just teleported over.

Lu Shiqian and the others were on the edge, but soon there was a man wearing red armor with a scarlet face that whipped over. The whip was long and flexible, and each strike would result in a red mark. Many that were still disoriented from the transportation were whipped bloody, but because the guards were all at least second stage, third stage lower gods, they could only endure their anger.

The whip was about to come down when Qin Xingluo reached out and caught it.

The man was furious. Seeing that the person who disrupted him was a middle god, he barked, “You guys, go stand in the middle!” Finishing, he went off to hit other people.

There were too many space channels connecting to the Dayu Plane. The next second, the place where they were originally standing was filled with various races.

Lu Shiqian didn’t want to cause trouble and went to stand in the middle. There were already 50,000 to 60,000 various races standing in the middle. At first glance, there was a multitude of races, but few were of the same race. There were many humanoids, but from their eyes, nose, ears, complexion, and limbs, you could tell the difference. For example, the person next to her had one hundred feet, the number of shoes she was wearing dazzling. On her right was a lady with car ears and a sexy figure, casting flirtatious glances at Qin Xingluo. In front of her was a man with unconstrained silver hair, pointed ears, and a silver tail behind him. Seemingly noticing Lu Shiqian’s gaze, he turned around, a pair of vertical silver pupils glaring at her. This exotic-looking man had unmeasurable strength. Looking at that scythe-carrying brother again, he… was truly eye-opening.

Lu Shiqian was curious about the other races, but didn’t know that the other races were more curious about humans.

You should know that human strength, mental strength, and ability was not exceptional. Amongst all the races, they could only be considered low to middle rank and were rather rare. The other races were naturally curious about them.

However, God Rank powerhouses usually appeared in humanoid form since most races believed human form to be most decent. This was probably the greatest contribution of humans.

“My Lord, there are a total of 100,000 in this batch. Where should we send them?” a guard asked the leader respectfully.

The gray-haired man flipped through the list and said, “Send them to Motian (Desert Sky).”

“Yes!” the guard answered.

The Dayu Plane was thousands of times larger than the Devil Dance Continent. There were ten major regions: Motian, Houshi, Shuicheng, Gongling, Chaofeng, Shenlan, Sifang, Jiangsong, Silong, and Kongjun. Each region was extremely vast and… let’s just put it this way: to traverse Motian, without eating and drinking, at a speed of 1,000 meters per second, you would still need ten years. The Dayu Plane transportations could receive one thousand batches per day, more than 100,000 races in each one.

The guard shouted, “Get ready! You will be sent to Motian and fall at will. Don’t treat this place as your home. If you fall to death, it’s your own problem.”

Would God Rank powerhouses fall to death? Of course! The Dayu Plane was a higher plane and had a more stable base. Even though there was more magic power, there was also a lot more space constriction. The Gods that came here felt their abilities being restricted. For example, Lu Shiqian could break a large boulder with a punch in the Devil Dance Continent, but it was hard to even crack a stone here. Of course, if you reached a higher level at a higher plane and then went to a lower plane, almost no one could beat you. This was also one of the reasons why so many races gathered here. It was dangerous, but held great potential! Those who could come to Dayu were naturally dragons and phoenixes in their original plane. However, when they came to Dayu, everyone had to start from scratch—they were nothing here!

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