Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 307

The transportation array lit up beneath their feet and then they heard loud wind blowing beneath their feet. Space seemed to tear as they were sent into the skies of Motian, throwing the God Rank powerhouses out one after another.

The people who were originally together may be tossed as far as thousands of miles away from each other.

The transportation array could send you to a specific spot, but it required money. Lu Shiqian and the others were all newcomers, so they naturally didn’t have the higher plane’s currency and couldn’t enjoy preferential treatment. Even though Li Jing had money, he didn’t plan on making a show of himself and was thus thrown down with the group of people like this… Scattered!

Lu Shiqian used a skill to land safely, but looking at the desert all around, her mouth twitched. As expected, her luck wasn’t that great.

She took out her communication device to talk with the others. Fortunately, Yao Hong and Qin Xingluo fell together, landing near the main city; Wei Mo and Li Jing were together. With Li Jing’s strength, he could naturally choose where to land and with whom. Thus, they didn’t need to worry about him and Wei Mo.

“A’Qian, what about you?” Wei Mo anxiously asked.

Lu Shiqian didn’t want the others to worry and said, “I fell in a small town. I’m fine.”

The Death God held Lu Shiqian’s hand, “Master, I’m here.”

Lu Shiqian smiled at him. Indeed, it was great to have him here.

The Death God’s hand was cold, very comfortable in this hot desert.

Feeling the warmth and softness from his master’s hand, the Death God received several shocks, numbing him. He could never get enough of his master.

“Hmph, you fell into this kind of place, yet you still have the energy to PDA?!” Cold words came from near them. It turned out that the silver-haired man that was standing in front of them earlier also landed here. He appeared around sixteen or seventeen, but his tone was quite old-fashioned.

Lu Shiqian didn’t get angry with him and instead politely replied, “We’ve bothered you!”

The man wasn’t used to others being polite to him and hummed, “You two, follow me!”

This man could be considered quite famous on the Dayu Plane, but he was quite forgetful. His maternal plane was one of the ten highest planes, and when he went back, he left all his money behind so he was placed into the newbie group, thrown into the desert. It wasn’t that he didn’t notice Lu Shiqian was only Rank 8 and that man in black… He frowned. It was the first time he had ever asked a woman to follow him, probably because her attitude was good.

Even though he looked young, he was over 300,000 years old with a fiery temper. His personality could only be described as hard to get along with.

Lu Shiqian and the Death God followed hand-in-hand.

“Little Brother, what’s your name?” Lu Shiqian asked. Ai, pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger was a necessity when arriving at a new plane.

The veins on the man’s forehead bulged. Little Brother?! He looked at Lu Shiqian, who was at most 17 years old, but she actually dared call him Little Brother! Thus, he decided to ignore her.

Lu Shiqian smiled and continued her efforts, “Which plane did Little Brother come from?”

Zi Ji snorted. He came from a high-ranking family from the Dark Plane. Even on the Dayu Plane, he still held power. His silver tail swayed back and forth, the blood-red energy crystals on his ears shining brightly. The equipment on his wrists and ankles were all God Artifacts.

Lu Shiqian suppressed her smile, “Little Brother came to Dayu Plane at such a young age? What a talent! Are you 16?”

Zi Ji shook his pointy ears and thought inside, ‘I came to this plane 300,000 years ago! Hmph, little baby!’

Lu Shiqian laughed sneakily behind him, blasting him with ‘Little Brother this’ and ‘Little Brother that’. However, Zi Ji ignored it all. Many people wanted to draw closer to him. This little brat was a little too tender!

The three walked for a while, but the scenery was exactly what it sounded like.

Zi Ji fiddled with his pockets, remembering that he had forgotten everything on the Dark Plane. Even his transportation tool was left in the palace, and though he could fly through the desert rather fast… He glanced at Lu Shiqian. Did he have to carry her? Unlucky.

“Haha, Big Bro, three strays!” There was suddenly a shout and a person with scales on his face crawled out from the sand, “I placed the mountain and planted the tree, if you wish to pass, you must pay the fee!”

Lu Shiqian was surprised. She never expected to hear such familiar lines on a completely different plane! Such literary talent from a completely different race on Dayu!

Soon after, another emerged from the sand with a human figure, fish eyes, and scales. The two were both second stage lower gods.

“You all, take out all of your magic jade and we’ll let you go.” The one with the big head said.

Lu Shiqian innocently replied, “We don’t have magic jade! We’re new here!”

The two didn’t suspect them and the bigger one cried, “Damn it, another beggar!”

Zi Ji shook his silver tail, “You two are robbers?”

The two replied, “Indeed, we are!”

Zi Ji asked again, “Do you have a mode?”

The big man proudly said, “We happened to rob a small businessman a few days ago and received a mode, hahaha!”

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. These two were too stupid!

Sure enough, Zi Ji clapped his hands, “Hand the mode over and you two may leave.”

The two looked at each other. The smaller one said, “Big Bro, they seem to be robbing us.”

The bigger one shouted, “He wants to take our catch!”

The two were furious and jumped up, attacking Zi Ji!

These two waded through the sand like it was level ground, their movements sharp and agile. No wonder why these two could still rob others with their terrible IQ. However, Zi Ji didn’t put these two’s little tricks in his eyes at all. His silver hair snapped out like lightning, knocking the two onto the ground. Seeing that something was wrong, the two were going to burrow into the sand and escape. Unexpectedly, none of their usual tricks worked against Zi Ji. His tail easily tied up the two, a terrifying light in Zi Ji’s vertical pupils: “If you don’t hand over the mode, I’ll squeeze you to death!”

The two wanted to cry without tears. Oh Mama, God, they were so pitiful! They had some luck when they first started out, reaping some profit, but were robbed in turn in the blink of an eye! Was being a robber so hard these years? They tremblingly took out the mode, hoping that this great one would let them go this once.

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