Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 308

Zi Ji frowned, “So small!”

The two robbers were frightened and quickly kowtowed, “Granduncle, please make do!”

Ai, so pitiful. They were too reluctant to use it, yet the other disdained it for being too small! Wuwuwu, you must know that a mode was extremely expensive. For example, the one in their hands was worth 5,000 magic jade! Their hearts ached.

“Forget it, you two can scram.” Zi Ji reluctantly took the mode.

The two acted like they were granted amnesty and quickly ran for their lives. No matter how valuable the mode was, it wasn’t worth more than their lives! They had to continue their promising careers as robbers!

“Come here,” Zi Ji lightly said to the other two.

The so-called mode was a type of transportation tool. Motian was extremely vast, and the distance between small town and small town was a few days away. Even though Gods could fly, in this plane, flying was slower than walking. Furthermore, flying without enough strength to support you was the most stupid thing you could do. Not to mention the predatory birds that would attack, even land beasts would fire attacks to shoot you down. This plane was too vast and wide, and even though there were abundant resources and magic power, with so many different aboriginal races and those that were transferred over, the plane turned into a huge hodgepodge. Although the Dayu Plane was good, it was an extremely dangerous place. Every step must be taken carefully. As for the mode, it was created by the combined creativity of greatest Master Forgers and the most prestigious Ling Tian. Its outer shell was hard and could withstand the attacks of magic beasts. Robbers would also have a difficult time breaking through it. Thus, it was regarded as a safeguard for life in this dangerous plane.

The mode could be shrunk and kept in an interspatial bag, and the mode Zi Ji snatched over was the lowest grade. After expanding it, it was about four cubic meters with a small table, two benches, and could travel 100,000 miles a day. Yet, this type of mode still cost over 5,000 magic jade. Some larger-scale modes that were the size of a small house could travel millions of miles a day. There were even larger ones that were almost the size of palaces, traveling tens of millions of miles a day… Of course, it was difficult for an ordinary person to even earn 1,000 magic jade in a thousand years. Buying a mode could be considered a faraway dream.

Lu Shiqian didn’t know the price of the mode at this time. Of course, even if she knew, she wouldn’t care. She casually stepped in, sitting hand-in-hand with the Death God on the bench.

Zi Ji sighed. This mode was too small, too lowly.

The mode’s four legs extended and began to run.

The desert was vast, and two suns shone on the yellow sand from above. The temperature was over 100 degrees. Even looking was too hot. Lu Shiqian wasn’t afraid of heat, but she felt the urge to drink some cold beverages, eat some shaved ice and the like. When she came to Dayu, she was afraid of there being too many people and revealing her secrets, so she made a 10,000 cubic meter spatial bag containing clothes, food, water, and so on.

The mode ran very smoothly and the food on the plate didn’t even budge. She comfortably ate and drank.

From time to time, she would feed the Death God, both smiling sweetly.

Zi Ji stared at the cola. It was obvious he was interested in this strange drink. He then looked at the snowflake cake, studying it carefully. Finally, he could no longer resist and gave it a try, his expression immediately turning strange. It was the reaction of a human eating an alien’s food; they would definitely find it strange. He then picked up the cup filled with cola and gulped it down in one breath, his expression turning even stranger. He couldn’t hold back a hiccup, and while finding the drink quite peculiar, he took another mouthful, and another, eventually growing used to it.

Lu Shiqian could see that the silver-haired youth had an extremely good upbringing. Even though he seemed brash, you could still see his noble bearing.

She smiled slightly and turned slightly to look at the yellow sand.

The sand changed colors with the sky, turning into a shade of red. When looking at it from afar, you may be hit by a wave of desolation.

Sand filled the sky as the mode ran through, the moon gradually rising overhead. Three moons hung in the sky like silver plates, exuding a cool aura. The temperature also abruptly fell below -100 degrees. Lu Shiqian lay in the arms of the Death God.

The Death God was overjoyed and tenderly held her, allowing her to find a comfortable position.

He felt that these days were adorably sweet and just wanted to stay by his master’s side forever. Embracing her was like holding the entire world. Seeing her beautiful eyes closed, body next to his, his heart seemed to ripple with an inexplicable feeling of satisfaction. He subconsciously lowered his head and kissed her lips.

Zi Ji looked at them from the side, feeling uncomfortable. His brothers had all married countless wives and concubines, but he was still alone. Ai, was it wrong for him to focus on cultivation? After a pause, he looked outside the window. Yellow sand turned black under the moonlight, and something seemed to be traveling towards Lu Shiqian from under the sand.

Zi Ji geared up: perfect timing! He didn’t release his aura to drive it away, hoping that these beasts would bring him some fun.

In Dayu, people who dared to blatantly travel at night were few. Even a large-scale party would need a powerhouse to back them, releasing coercion to drive away magic beasts and robbers. After all, a whole group getting wiped out wasn’t rare, and normal solo travelers or small groups wouldn’t dare to move at night. Everyone knew that nighttime was more dangerous than daytime!

The evil beast that wanted to attack Lu Shiqian and the others was called a Primitive Sand Beast. They were extremely bloodthirsty and even more feral at night. They had low intelligence and would eat almost anything. However, their skin was thick and they were extremely fast; their cores and pelt were sold at a high price since few dared attack them. They always attacked in groups, and once blood was drawn, the others would go into a frenzy. Thus, if there was one, there would definitely be many more. So, who would dare go against them? They were a nightmare in this desert, but fortunately, they only came out to hunt at night.

This group of Primitive Sand Beasts that followed Lu Shiqian had over a thousand in numbers!

They quickly traveled through the desert and encircled Lu Shiqian’s mode, constantly hitting it in an attempt to knock it over.

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