Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 309

After Zi Ji recollected the mode, the three were exposed to the ravenous primitive beasts.

Lu Shiqian also saw them clearly.

They looked like lizards dressed in hard armor, full of sharp teeth and ugly-looking. They were all around 50 to 60 Stars!

Seeing the three, they began to salivate fishy saliva, staring at the three hungrily. Their small eyes were greedy as they inched forward.

“So lowly, not even enough for me to have some fun!” Zi Ji unhappily complained.

However, the Primitive Sand Beasts didn’t understand his words. Their intelligence had long degraded, leaving only instinct and appetite.

Seeing their food, these evil beasts no longer hesitated and attacked together.

“Better than nothing. I’ll play with you!” Zi Ji leaped high up, moonlight scattering on his hair, forming a faint light.

He swung his silver tail and made a bell-like sound.

The Primitive Sand Beasts were extremely fast, their seven-meter long body rushing over before pressing down.

Zi Ji grabbed the tail of the frontmost beast, smashing it forward against the rest of them, sweeping a huge area. He was very powerful and instantly cleaved the beasts that came.

The stench of blood permeated the air.

The bloody smell enraged the beasts. They opened their mouths one after another, exposing their sharp teeth as they bit towards the man! Under the faint moonlight, the man smiled, revealing two tiger teeth. He agilely jumped and pressed two index fingers down, creating a downward air current. Two Primitive Sand Beasts were immediately crushed into powder. He backflipped, like a rabbit leaping on a moonlit night. Where he went, countless beasts died. Yet, he didn’t even collect a single drop of blood.

Lu Shiqian touched her chin. This guy was good!

Several Primitive Sand Beasts noticed Lu Shiqian and sneaked up. They jumped up at the same time, opening their jaws wide, about to swallow them whole.

Zi Ji moved faster than lightning, flipping those beasts over and jumped back into the fray.

“If you don’t find it too dirty, peel off the skin of those Primitive Sand Beasts and dig out their cores. People will buy!” Zi Ji coldly said. To say it was easy to make money on the Dayu Plane was true; to say it was hard was also true. If you were powerful, it was extremely easy, but if you were a noob that just arrived, it was extremely hard. This was a place where God Rank powerhouses constantly fell, much less a measly Rank 8 mage. The only destiny for her was probably death. Thinking of this, he felt a little strange. Whatever, he would give her a hand first. What happened in the future was none of his business.

He killed another beast with ease and turned around to see. She was standing in the same spot, staring at the Primitive Sand Beasts with unknown thoughts, and he felt a little angry. Was this woman feeling scared or disgusted? Did she know that he created a rare opportunity for her?!

Forget it, looking at her, she was probably a spoiled young lady in her original plane. Everything was taken care of by subordinates, so when would she have ever seen blood? However, such a person was destined to not live long in this world. He sighed for some reason. They’ll separate after reaching a small town. He was rarely such a good person.

Lu Shiqian collected her thoughts before whipping out a dagger to dig out the core, her movements smooth like flowing water. The peeled skin was even and her actions to take out the core was even more accurate, as if she had done this millions of times!

The dagger was still the one gifted by her younger brother, but before coming to Dayu Plane, she had already upgraded it into a spirit weapon. The Primitive Sand Beast’s skin was hard to cut through, but under Lu Shiqian’s dagger, it could only obediently part.

Soon, she peeled off 20 skins and took out 20 cores of varying qualities.

Zi Ji was surprised to see her dagger and skilled movements.

He wasn’t surprised to see spirit equipment, after all, the most basic equipment was gold equipment on this plane. Spirit equipment was also rather common. What surprised him was that the dagger was thin yet sharp, wielded handily in that woman’s hand, appearing even more perfectly executed.

At this time, Lu Shiqian’s long hair was tied behind her as she wore soft armor. Her face was bright and focused as she worked at her task. The Death God was mesmerized.

Zi Ji turned back around and took care of the last few Primitive Sand Beasts.

Lu Shiqian peeled off 35 skins, ten of them extremely perfect while the rest were slightly less so.

After cutting, she stopped.

Zi Ji stared at her, his silver eyes reflecting the moonlight, “Why did you stop?”

Lu Shiqian smiled slightly, “There’s probably more than just this evil beast in this desert. The bloody smell is spreading out, and I’m here cutting them. Am I not serving myself up as a dish for them?”

Greediness would kill you.

Zi Ji’s eyes flashed with appreciation, “Pretty good.”

“Furthermore, I’m weak yet carrying a jade ring. You’ll definitely leave once we reach a town, so if I carry more, am I not asking to be robbed?” Lu Shiqian continued.

A strange glint flashed in Zi Ji’s eyes, “How do you know if I’ll definitely leave?”

Lu Shiqian smiled and didn’t reply.

Stepping into the mode again, Lu Shiqian lay in the Death God’s arms at first moment to rest.

Just as she expected, the pile of dead bodies soon attracted a large number of beasts, killing each other for food. Because of this, they didn’t meet any beasts for the rest of the journey.

The mode’s speed was very fast and a navigation system was embedded in it so it wouldn’t get lost. It told them that a small town was not far ahead.

The mode was currently running towards it.

Generally, small towns would all have teleportation arrays to neighboring towns. Of course, there was a fee. If you wanted to be sent farther, it would cost more.

When the sun rose high and the bright morning light once again filled the world, Lu Shiqian saw her first small town in Dayu Plane.

This small town was quite peculiar.

First of all, it wasn’t small. It was called a “small town”, but it was the same size as a capital in the Devil Dance Continent with complete facilities and social classes. Secondly, the structure was strange, resembling a crescent. Hm, more like a tumor growing on top of a boulder on the crescent. Of course, with so many different races on Dayu Plane, the buildings were strange and unfamiliar. This town was named as it appeared: Crescent Town.

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