Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 310

Lu Shiqian quickly calmed down. Her beautiful eyes shone like the night sky, not a thing could be seen through them.

The gates had just been opened, so Lu Shiqian and the others could be considered the first visitors of today. When the guard saw them, his eyes widened into saucers, unable to hold back his question: “You guys traveled through the night?”

It made sense for him to ask this. There were many evil beasts in the desert, and those that would travel at night would either be extremely powerful or noobs that were extremely lucky. However, no matter what kind, it was admirable enough. Thus, even the three walked in without answering many questions, the guards still treated them respectfully.

Strength. Powerful strength. It was the eternal goal of people in this world. This world respected the strong, and luck was also recognized as a part of strength!

They entered the town that was quite exotic. Let’s not mention the various types of buildings for now, just the pedestrians of many different races were eye-opening enough. The humanoids were different races from different planes; the beasts were also plentiful, generally over 100 Stars with intelligence and strong strength. They had the right to walk down the streets and live rightfully. No one would say otherwise. Those that were weaker, around 40 or 50 Stars, would contract with others, but there were no extremely high-level magic beasts (500 Stars) that could turn into humans.

There streets were lively as vendors hawked their goods and buyers bargained with them. Looking around, there were a variety of shops to fulfill any needs. The most common ones were equipment stores and magic beast stores. Of course, there were also stores to fulfill daily needs such as clothing stores, restaurants, butcher shops, and grocery stores. There were also pharmacies that weren’t seen on the Devil Dance Continent, occupying the grandest part of the street. Together with equipment stores and magic beast stores, they were known as the Big Three. Of course, there were also some shops that sold special items from other planes.

In addition to stores, there were also mercenary groups. It was a little different from the ones on the Devil Dance Continent because there was only one group that was united under the name ‘Thorn’. Branches were spread across the plane and almost every small town had its members. You must go through strict tests before entering and tasks were divided into seven ranks according to the number and difficulty of the tasks completed. Originally, there were also many mercenary groups in Dayu Plane, but after an extremely powerful man stepped over them 150,000 years ago, they were united under Thorn. Legend says that that man was as powerful as a Region Master, a dazzling figure.

Opposite the mercenary building was the district army. Inside, there were various capture, interception, and killing missions. It was a good place to make money, but the premise was that you had the strength to!

The district army was a violent public security army. Dayu’s ten districts all had a District Lord, and the district army was responsible for the district’s safety, maintaining order, and ensuring the normal life of its citizens. Of course, the district army wasn’t omnipotent. Killing and fighting was the norm in the Dayu Plane. As long as it wasn’t made too big, they wouldn’t care. Furthermore, if an extremely powerful figure wanted to slaughter an entire city, they would have the heart but not the strength to counter.

Lu Shiqian looked around as she walked before standing in front of the mercenary building.

“You want to join Thorn? You have to pay ten magic jade to participate in the test,” Zi Ji glanced at Lu Shiqian, his eyes shining indecipherably.

“Magic jade? The currency?” Lu Shiqian asked in confusion. It sounded about right. Since there were more richer resources in a higher plane, gold wasn’t worth anything.

“Your brain turns quite fast,” Zi Ji said with crossed arms.

“What is the value of the pelt and cores from yesterday?”

The youth squinted like a cat, “One pelt can be sold for one magic jade, the core for two magic jades. The average person earns less than five magic jade a year.”

Lu Shiqian tidied her hair, “You want me to thank you?”

The youth’s tail waved, “Isn’t it only right?”

Lu Shiqian laughed, “I don’t think Little Brother is so stingy.”

The youth seemed interested, “Of course I have to be stingy. I don’t have a single magic jade right now.”

“Ai, then you can only go buy leather goods.” Lu Shiqian turned around and walked into an equipment store.

The youth wondered, “You’re not going to the leather store?”

Lu Shiqian noncommittally replied, and Zi Ji followed in curiosity.

The Dayu Plane was indeed extraordinary. Even an ordinary equipment store in a small town sold all gold equipment. Except, they had less attributes and enchantments. Equipment with three enchantments were treated as the treasure of the store. As soon as Lu Shiqian entered, a neatly-dressed and fair-skinned clerk greeted them, “Dear Guest, are you lacking gold equipment? Our store has quality goods at a fair price, perfect for a beautiful young lady such as you.” This clerk could be considered good at flattering, speaking eloquent nonsense. Seeing that Lu Shiqian was only a Rank 8 mage, he thought that she wasn’t here for practical equipment. The streets of Motian were filled with God Rank powerhouses and it was rare to see people below God Rank. She might be some noble young lady or a native Dayu citizen. These types of people would typically have more spare cash to spend.

Lu Shiqian glanced at the gold equipment. Good heavens, one piece costs ten magic jade, and the most expensive one costs 500 magic jade! Gold equipment, pfft. The lowest rank of equipment she currently creates is spirit equipment, okay?

Sigh, but she didn’t even have a single magic jade right now.

“I’m not here to buy, but to sell.” She appeared calm, ignoring the clerk’s changing face.

At first, the clerk thought she was here to make trouble, but she also didn’t seem like it. Even though he was slightly unhappy, he patiently inquired, “What are you here to sell?” He thought to himself that if she couldn’t take out anything good, don’t blame him for being impolite.

Lu Shiqian didn’t pretend to be mysterious and took out a Primitive Sand Beast pelt, “Will you accept this?”

The clerk was surprised. He knew the brutality of the Primitive Sand Beasts and that they were extremely difficult to deal with. The Primitive Sand Beast pelt was also a specialty of Crescent Town, and it was said that turning it into equipment would increase agility and resistance. There was no shortage of people who traveled far and wide to buy it. However, hunting Primitive Sand Beast requires a lot of manpower, but the price wasn’t large enough for large groups to set out. Thus, the product had always been rare. “How much do you have?” the clerk asked.

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