Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 311

Lu Shiqian smiled broadly, “A lot.”

The clerk couldn’t make the final decision, so he could only call the boss out. The owner of the shop was a middle-aged man in his forties, looking somewhat simple and honest. However, Lu Shiqian knew that those who could start a business in this small town weren’t as simple as they appeared.

The middle-aged man examined the pelts that were beautifully handled, “How much do you have? I will buy one for two magic jade.” He had a friend that happened to be a Master Forger, asking him to keep an eye out for Primitive Sand Beast skins. He bought some, but they were either very few, badly damaged, or peeled so poorly it couldn’t be used at all. Now, someone had delivered themselves to his door to fulfill his wish.

“Look again. Look at this degree of perfection.” Lu Shiqian didn’t rush to agree.

The middle-aged man was displeased, “Girly, I’ve already doubled the price, but you still don’t want? What are you dissatisfied with?! I don’t want it anymore!” He wanted to buy, but also didn’t want to pay more than this even though the quality was good. Even if she didn’t sell here, she would have to sell it at another store. Perhaps buying it from them would be cheaper too!

Lu Shiqian sighed slightly and cut the pelt into rags, “Since you don’t want it, then consider us done. This pelt couldn’t even catch your eye, so it’s useless to keep it. I’ll destroy the others too.”

Zi Ji was confused while the boss was aching for the pelt. You must know that one good pelt could create two equipment. His friend had promised him to give him half of the equipment he creates to sell… He grew anxious, “You’re not selling?”

Lu Shiqian stated, “I won’t sell to anyone who can’t see its value.”

The boss was distressed, “Okay, okay, I’ll buy. Three magic jade.”

Lu Shiqian then smiled and said, “Very well. I still have 24 pelts here.” In the blink of an eye, she narrowed her eyes and asked mysteriously, “I still have ten even better pelts. How much are you willing to pay?” Saying that, she took out the ten better pelts.

The boss compared the difference between the pelts and gritted his teeth, “Then ten magic jade per piece!”

Lu Shiqian smiled, “Adding a magic beast core when refining would make the quality much better. Perhaps a superior artifact can be created with it!”

The boss finally understood how cunning this young woman in front of him was. She wasn’t a child but a sly fox! She had completely grasped his thought process, making him unable to refuse. He sighed, “How much are you selling the cores for?”

Lu Shiqian shook her finger, “Depends on what type of equipment you want to make… You must know that killing Primitive Sand Beasts requires a large cost.”

The boss was defeated and hardened his resolve, “Okay, ten magic jade per core. I want all of them.”

Thus, the pelts and cores that could originally be sold for 105 magic jade was sold at 472 magic jade instead.

Zi Ji watched this scene, a strange brilliance flashing in his silver pupils. Perhaps, he need not rush back…

Lu Shiqian squeezed a magic jade and observed it. This thing was jade green and the size of her little pinky, about 3 mm thick. Magic power flowed inside, a little more concentrated than magic stones. It seemed that you could also draw magic power from it like a magic stone. It was small and thin, and 472 magic jade was no more than the size of a child’s fist.

But in any case, this was the first sum of money she earned in this plane so she was quite happy. However, this excitement was quickly doused by a tragic truth. Lu Shiqian wanted to use the teleportation array to transfer to the capital in order to meet up with Wei Mo and the others, but it cost 2,000 magic jade!


The next few days, she finally understood why Zi Ji said most people couldn’t make even five magic jade a year.

Lower gods didn’t dare exit town easily. Who knew how many people were buried in the vast desert? Even if they went out to hunt during the day, it was only a few low-level prey. It was okay to take back to eat, but it was impossible to go out at night. Joining the mercenary group and completing some missions was a good idea, but how could Thorn be willing to accept lower gods? Do some district army missions? Sure, those murderers and evil criminals were all powerhouses. They would just be sending themselves up to die.

It was so hard to make money!

The only choice was to quickly increase your strength!

After that, they could join Thorn or the district army, or even form their own small party to slowly accumulate some money, improve your strength again, then save some more money… In the future, they may be able to buy a house or shop in the town.

The past few days, Lu Shiqian had been sleeping in the streets every night. At the least, she had a mode, so it wasn’t exactly on the street. She also had food and water so the problem of hunger was solved. However, money, they needed money!

“How are you going to make money?” Zi Ji crossed his legs lazily.

“Take a district army mission and then go check out the market,” Lu Shiqian responded.

Zi Ji almost spurted water on her, “District army mission? You?!”

Lu Shiqian was dissatisfied, “Hey, hey, why can’t I?”

Zi Ji’s face was strange, “District army missions are fruitful, but which heinous criminal can you beat?”

Lu Shiqian laughed darkly, “Who said I must go find a criminal? I just want the government brand and save half of the transmission fee.” When you receive a mission for the first time, they would give you a card with your name, gender, and mission status. In order to encourage people, the district government offered a 50% discount for all mission-takers.

Zi Ji was dazzled by her smile. He hadn’t thought of this catch and also laughed, rolling onto the bed that was a reclining chair.

“Ai, that’s my bed!” Lu Shiqian angrily cried, “Little Brother, are you a man? I won’t talk about you owing me money, but you even stole my bed!”

“So?” Zi Ji’s beautiful vertical silver pupils narrowed.

So, so… She was discouraged and could only once again flop onto the Death God who hugged her firmly.

The next day, Lu Shiqian went to the district army to take on a mission. Before accepting a mission, you had to pay two magic jade. Ai, everything cost money. Even though she was just a Rank 8 mage, the officials still gave her a card. She took on the simplest task to track down a thief dubbed “Swallow”.

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