Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 312

After taking the mission, Lu Shiqian went to stroll around the market, recording down which stores lacked magic cores, which ones lacked herbs, so on so forth.

While wandering, she happened upon a large building in a corner called Hundred Flower Pavilion.

Lu Shiqian shook, looking at the women flowing flirtatious glances at the passerby. There really were brothels everywhere! But it was quite strange. The women there were actually all first stage or second stage gods, so why did they do this occupation? She stepped into the building, the Death God following close behind. Even though he hated the women inside, he wanted to stay by his master’s side even more than that. Lu Shiqian held his hand and he calmed down. Otherwise, he would’ve killed all of those women that jumped onto them.

Zi Ji frowned slightly. He never came to these types of places, but he was curious what that woman was going to do and thus followed.

The owner of this brothel was also a woman, appearing thirty-something years–a mature beauty.

When she saw Lu Shiqian and the others come in, she greeted them politely even though they didn’t seem to be here to have some fun.

“How many guests? Which girl have you taken a liking to?”

Lu Shiqian looked around and saw a woman with a cold expression, pointing to her: “Her, find an elegant room.”

The charming owner agreed and sent them off to a quiet room.

Only then did Lu Shiqian ask, “You’re obviously a second stage lower god, why are you…?”

The woman’s looks were quite exquisite. She glanced coldly at Lu Shiqian but sincerely replied, “So what? So what if we’re second stage gods? Our strength isn’t as good as others, and we also don’t want to die in vain. Collecting magic jade little by little like this is quite good.”

Lu Shiqian choked out, “Have… you ever been forced?”

The woman laughed and crisply replied, “Forced? All the women came here voluntarily!”

Lu Shiqian was surprised.

“How ridiculous. I’m a princess on my plane, but on Dayu, I’m not anything. Without strength and fame, risk and ventures, there’s nothing. I only experienced a fight of life-or-death once and never went again. It’s too terrifying. Life is too hard. But like this, I also don’t have the face to return to my original plane. Even if I wanted to, I don’t have magic jade… Thus, I can only pass my days like this.”

Lu Shiqian was silent before taking out ten magic jade and placing it on the table, turning to leave.

The woman never thought she would be so generous and began to cry. She then noticed that Lu Shiqian was only Rank 8 and cautioned, “Girl, Dayu is very dangerous. If you…”

Lu Shiqian smiled brightly, “No matter how dangerous, I shall treat it lightly like the pure breeze. Even if days of fighting remain endless, I will be content.” She smiled like a bright pearl, dazzling everyone’s eyes.

She, Lu Shiqian, wasn’t afraid of hardship, danger, or suffering! She would never fall to this level!

“I will head north, training along the way!” Lu Shiqian declared.

To the north was the capital of Motian where Wei Mo and the others were.

Zi Ji placed his arms behind his head, “Sounds like fun, count me in!”

After deciding where to go, the three didn’t dally and entered the mode, heading north.

During this time period, Lu Shiqian also communicated with Wei Mo, Yao Hong and the others. They all headed to the capital to meet up, but their luck was much better than Lu Shiqian’s, falling in the vicinity of the capital. They also all joined the mercenary group. Wei Mo carefully instructed with the communication device, hoping Lu Shiqian could join them quickly.

Seeing the trees flash by outside, Lu Shiqian concentrated. Since she had decided the road, then no matter how many thorns along the way, she would walk past it step by step. By her side, there was Bai, the Death God… She didn’t lack support!

She was also excited for the new challenges and adventures she would face in this new world!

The mode ran for three hours before being stopped by a flock of large birds.

“Kill!” Hearing this cry, many people popped up around them.

It could be said that Lu Shiqian’s luck was terrible. She arrived at Dayu for less than a week, but was robbed twice. Furthermore, this time, compared to the two ridiculous brothers, they were obviously more professional. They not only wanted to rob, but also wanted to kill!

Magic jade was hard to earn in Dayu, and as the only currency of the plane, it was just too important. Thus, many people turned to robbing and killing others for their money.

Unfortunately, Lu Shiqian had met such a group of people.

The robbers were also of various races, but their faces and bodies were extremely ugly—as if they were slammed by a door or rolled over. They were about two meters tall and moved strangely. Most of them were second or third stage lower gods, but their boss was a second stage middle god, small eyes gleaming wretchedly.

Zi Ji collected the mode that was blocked by a boulder and walked out.

The robber blabbered a few words they didn’t understand and attacked. There were about a hundred robbers, all of them contracted with a Bald Eagle. Compared to the Devil Dance Continent, there were many magic beasts on the Dayu Plane and its superiority was evident. On average in Dayu, one person would have one magic beast. Of course, there were also many races that didn’t rely on magic beasts and used their own strength to win.

Zi Ji stood proudly like a silver lion, “Nice luck, meeting robbers one after another.”

He quickly flashed, punching the stomachs of two robbers, and they flew away like rag dolls.

Lu Shiqian clearly saw that the guy didn’t use magic power at all, just like that night he dealt with the Primitive Sand Beasts. He used pure physical strength and seemed to have energy to spare. This guy was hiding his true strength!

The boss saw that a dozen or so of the robbers were knocked down and both anger and fright appeared on his face, babbling in their language again. The subordinates then armor merged with their Bald Eagles. The boss was a cautious person, but consider him unlucky for meeting a woman that liked to play the pig to eat the tiger and a man that dressed as a pig when he was a tiger. Tragedy was naturally inevitable.

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