Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 313

After armor merging, the robbers’ courage increased and they rushed up with knives as flat as their bodies were.

About fifty robbers attacked at the same time, surrounding Zi Ji so that even his shadow couldn’t be seen. However, the next second, there was the sound of drums being played and the robbers were all swept to the ground like a blooming flower, one petal over another.

The boss’s face was extremely ugly. Even though his face was so flat it was difficult to form expressions, his anger was clear at a glance. He glared at Lu Shiqian who was watching the fun and adhered to the principle of beating the strongest one first before moving on to the weaker ones, attacking Zi Ji. No one bothered her or the Death God, after all, a Rank 8 mage wouldn’t enter their eyes at all, let alone a black-clad man that had no magic power fluctuations at all! These two were too weak!

However, now was a critical moment. Perhaps they could use this woman to restrict the other man!

“Grab her!” the boss decisively ordered.

Lu Shiqian’s eyes narrowed slightly.

A purple pattern lit up beneath her feet, and Lu Shiqian looked like a noble purple lotus.

“So suffocating! Master, you finally let me out!” Purple hair and purple eyes, Little Jun Zun was currently coquettishly holding his master’s hand.

“Aiyah, I’m still this handsome.” Blue-green eyes and hair, an elegant face and demeanor, a zither in his arms, he indeed appeared as a noble young master… if he wasn’t checking himself out with a mirror left and right. Ever since he was subdued by Lu Shiqian, his evil nature was completely exposed. Where was the tranquility from when they first saw him? After finally looking at the mirror, he looked at Lu Shiqian’s face and felt that hers was slightly better. He sighed, “Master, you’re so beautiful. Here, give me a kiss!”

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched and coldly stopped him.

“Hmph, shameless, shameless!” Little Jun Zun disdained. Alright, he also wanted to kiss Master, but he wasn’t tall enough, so he could only hold her hand.

The hydra smiled before looking at the robbers, laughing, “Aiyah, these little side dishes aren’t enough to quench my appetite!”

Lu Shiqian was speechless. Originally, she only wanted to call out Hong Jin and Yin, but these two restless guys wanted to join in on the fun, never thinking if those robbers’ delicate bodies could endure their beating. However, since they were already out, Lu Shiqian didn’t force them back. Magic beasts also had emotions; they weren’t just a tool for battle. Thus, she would give them as much freedom and respect as she could. It was also because of this that the magic beasts she contracted all loved her and protected her. This bond wasn’t something an ordinary contractor and their magic beast had. She rubbed the Fire Fox and patted Yin’s head.

The robbers obviously didn’t expect two outstanding men to appear, but they felt the immense pressure that brought fear to their hearts.

Especially that blue-green man, feeling compelled to do anything he asked of them.

“Kill each other!” the hydra’s voice seemed to be an illusion.

A few people seemed to be in a daze as they raised their knives at their comrades. There was only one voice repeating inside their heads: kill each other, kill each other…

In addition to physical strength, the hydra was good at confusing others through sound, magic, and various other ways. All in all, it meant that he wouldn’t move unless necessary. It was quite unexpected that such a person would go guard a seal. When Lu Shiqian asked him in the past, he merely flipped his hair and said, “I lost. Lost in a single move.”

The enemy…

The robber coldly glared at the hydra and glanced at Zi Ji again. He knew that today wouldn’t end well.

Zi Ji’s eyes flashed when he saw the hydra and Jun Zun. No wonder why this woman had no fear. One of these two had 4,200 Stars while the other was 880 Stars. There was no way these were her magic beasts! Could someone be secretly protecting her? Looking at the Fire Fox in her arms and Wolf King beside her, a 35 Star and 42 Star magic beast, they were still quite common in this plane… Zi Ji was very smart, but it never crossed his mind that the hydra and Jun Zun could be her magic beasts! Disregarding everything else, magic beasts above 100 Stars were all extremely proud and would never contract with someone weaker than them. Furthermore, without similar strength, you couldn’t contract them in the first place! The appearance of the Fire Fox and Wolf King made his impression of Lu Shiqian’s strength rise a bit. After all, the quality of these magic beasts was very good, and even on Dayu, not many could contract two magic beasts. This woman had potential!

Witnessing the defeat of his comrades, the boss still refused to give up. He glanced at Lu Shiqian, attacking.

This robber boss was good at sneak attacks and fast as a phantom. Countless people had died under his blade. He schemed to capture this weakest woman first in order to deal with the others.

Lu Shiqian squeezed the Death God’s hand and took out the Thorn Army Staff, blocking the boss’s attack. This extremely accurate block shocked the boss!

“Y-You can actually see me?!” He was incredulous.

Lu Shiqian swung the staff lightly, efficiently striking his waist and heard a muffled groan. The boss retreated several steps. Fighting every day with Shang wasn’t in vain. She already developed an instinct for attack and defense.

“You…” He couldn’t believe that a mage was more physical attack oriented than a practitioner!

Lu Shiqian didn’t give him a chance to be surprised, lifting her staff and striking continuously. Each movement was like flowing water, using the least effort to achieve the maximum effect.

Zi Ji couldn’t turn his eyes away. Good! She was the first to use a staff like a sword! However, there was no doubt that these moves were neat and beautiful! Looks like he needed to raise his evaluation of her!

How could the boss endure a Rank 8 mage smacking him into retreat? With a shout, he released his water domain!

The hydra hummed and stepped aside, straightening his zither. Lifting his hands, he plucked, dong dong dong!

The force could almost be seen by the naked eye! Like a rolling cloud, it injured all in its way, torturing the boss over and over.

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