Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 314

The hydra’s zither had a large area of effect, which Lu Shiqian had seen long ago.

“You always need to pay when you come out to play!” the hydra coolly said, blinking and abruptly changing faces: “Sure enough, I’m a lot stronger after ranking up. Who else can compare to my beautiful playing?”

Once he said that, whether man or beast, all couldn’t help but shiver.

Goodbye, robbers. They lost half of their numbers and their boss was heavily injured. The hydra’s zither sounds were targeted at him, so it would be strange if he wasn’t.

Seeing that the matter was resolved, Zi Ji took out the mode and prepared for travel. However, the originally cramped space became even smaller with two more humanoids and magic beasts. Hong Jin and Yin understandingly went back to the magic beast space, but Jun Zun and the hydra shamelessly insisted on squeezing in with Lu Shiqian. Little brat Jun Zun had his own plans. Now that Lord Bai and his a** suckers were gone, what better time to seize the opportunity to cultivate feelings? Space is small? No problem! The problem would be having too much space! He snatched the spot to Lu Shiqian’s left and slowly inched towards her while keeping an eye on the hydra, who kept casting flirtatious glances. Lu Shiqian’s situation could be described as deep water and fervent fire.

It had to be said that a small space gave rise to many troubles. For example, when the mode tilted to the side, Lu Shiqian slid from her seat, and even though the Death God quickly caught her, she still inevitably grabbed a fluffy, peculiar… silver tail! The one who was grabbed also seemed to explode, looking at Lu Shiqian with a strange expression. His tail swiped over her hands, giving rise to a strange feeling.

Zi Ji glared at Lu Shiqian fiercely to the point she was utterly confused.

Seeing this, the hydra happily squeezed over to Lu Shiqian, “Master, I want you to touch my tail too!” while sticking out a beautifully-patterned long tail. He twirled all over the place, “Master, touch as you please!” His tail slid over her hand and he trembled exaggeratedly, “So comfortable!”

Lu Shiqian’s face turned black!

Zi Ji’s face turned black!

Jun Zun was furious, “You stinky snake, too shameless!”

The Death God acted swiftly, taking Lu Shiqian into his arms and covering her hands with his cloak. His meaning couldn’t be more obvious!

In any case, these few days were extremely ‘lively’ and ‘affectionate’.

Lu Shiqian gained a little more understanding of Dayu during this time. The mode ran for 100,000 miles per day for five days, yet they hadn’t seen a single town aside from Crescent Town. It was also partially due to her bad luck for being thrown to the outskirts, so it wasn’t enough to only go 100,000 miles a day.

Honestly, if it weren’t for Zi Ji and happening to take the robbers’ mode, who knew how long she would take to walk there. The powerhouses who came to Dayu all headed to a small town first and took up some missions, started a small business, and then used their magic jade to teleport to another city. This process may take them hundreds to thousands of years.

Some who were luckier may happen to land around a large city. Thus, the earlier steps could be omitted as the starting point was higher. Those who were extremely lucky may even land directly in the capital! Not only could they enjoy preferential treatment, they were even handed some free magic jade as well as free entry into the city.

Of course, those with bad luck like Lu Shiqian were walking tragedies. Some of them may be torn into pieces by fierce monsters, or swallowed whole and excreted out in a smelly pile after a few days. All lofty ambitions would scatter like clouds.

However, a powerhouse that passed through all these challenges and finally reached the capital would be a most tenacious person.

The mode was currently passing through a big swamp.

To the south of Crescent Town was a boundless desert filled with fierce beasts, but there was a huge swamp to the north, shrouded by fog year-round and many poisonous beasts inside. You wouldn’t dare to easily challenge it without at least the strength of a higher god. Generally, people that arrived at Crescent Town would be more willing to pay an expensive but safe teleport.

However, this swamp was also an extremely attractive place. There were many herbs growing inside that could increase mental strength, magic power, have a strong healing effect, or it could even rebuild the body and the bones. It was said that there were even ones that resurrected the dead! There were also many beasts whose whole bodies were treasures. Even so, those who dared to enter and were capable of leaving safely were fewer than few.

Since they entered the swamp yesterday, Lu Shiqian clearly felt the unusuality of the swamp.

When they came in, the fog seemed to come alive, as if it could sense strangers. It was agile and peculiar, appearing to watch the people inside the mode.

“Tch, what an unpleasant feeling.” Zi Ji shook his silver tail, slowly placing his palm on the mode window. After releasing some aura, the weird green mist drifted away and no longer entangled with them. Lu Shiqian was amazed. Even the fog here could be so clever!

The green mist faded and everyone could finally see what was buried underneath.

Good heavens. A purple-red spider with a golden back that was the size of five humans was currently fighting with a unicorn snake that was more than ten meters thick. The spider opened its jaws that were full of poisonous teeth and bit off half of the unicorn snake’s head.

Further inside, they saw a millipede chasing a lizard; a golden-horned rhino slamming a crocodile… There was nowhere that wasn’t filled with cruel fighting.

Everyone fell silent.

“What a familiar feeling! Oh, that crocodile is too dumb! Oh, why did that flying snake use such a stupid attack?” The reason for their silence was that in addition to seeing these crazy fights, a certain snake’s excited shouts also touched their nerves. “Set up traps! You gotta set up traps cleverly! Pretend to be mud and let others automatically come to you. Aiyah, so stupid…” One after another evil scheme jumped out of his mouth as he muttered hatefully as if scorning iron for not becoming steel, wishing he could grab those beasts and stuff them with his evil ideas. What was even more unbearable was that this guy kept taking out a small mirror from time to time to check himself out: “Only I, a jade tree standing in the wind, distinguished and accomplished, free and easy, can come up with such good ideas.”

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