Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 315

It was simply intolerable. Lu Shiqian felt that she must show her superiority as his Master, “Shut up! So annoying!”

The hydra stopped immediately, but his expression was very aggrieved, “This one is so heartbroken…”

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched as she went speechless.

The Death God probably also found him too noisy and gave him a glare.

The hydra immediately became obedient.

Lu Shiqian was a little surprised. She really didn’t think that the mysterious Death God could make him shut up with just a glance. Truly amazing.

Zi Ji released a bit of pressure and the beasts all ran away, none of them coming to find trouble with them. The mode ran for another 100,000 miles before reaching the inner part of the swamp. At this time, Lu Shiqian didn’t know that she had already reached the Poisonous Waterfall talked about in the Crescent Town.

It was said that a fierce beast lived in the Poisonous Waterfall and all the fierce beasts outside listened to it. That beast slept below the Poisonous Waterfall, and if someone was careless enough to awaken it, then they must bear the consequences.

Even though the Poisonous Waterfall was a waterfall, it was bigger than a lake and filled with an extremely dense green poison. The average God Rank’s flesh and blood would separate and die miserably.

Here, the mode could no longer go forward. The swamp was very wet and each step would cause you to sink in. The next part would need to be traversed by foot.

The people came down and Zi Ji collected the mode. He was extremely dissatisfied with the mode’s quality, but after taking a glance at Lu Shiqian, he still kept it.

The poison emitted by the Poisonous Waterfall was nothing to the Death God, hydra, Jun Zun, and Zi Ji. To Lu Shiqian, the green mist was just a little uncomfortable to the eyes. The Crystal Scorpion’s detoxification ability was very strong, and even if Shui Se couldn’t hold on, the Phoenix Bird could take over.

The Death God held Lu Shiqian’s hand, not letting go for a moment. He didn’t feel the slightest discomfort standing next to that poison-filled water. Calm and steady, as if he was connected to the heavens and earth. No matter where he was, he was always like this. As long as he could be with Master, there was nothing in the world that could fluster him.

The hydra stretched out his tongue and tested the concentration of the poison mist, a little disappointed.

Jun Zun’s eyes were opened wide as he checked out the surroundings in curiosity, but his face pretentiously showed disdain.

Zi Ji looked at his temporary companions in interest. What he was thinking was unknown.

The moment they came down, they were eyed by the beasts in the swamp. These ferocious beasts would tear all creatures that came near into pieces, but because there was a strong pressure inside the mode, they restrained themselves slightly. Now that they’ve come out, they were going to attack.

There was a boom and poison erupted from the water. A Three-Headed Bird, Five-Headed Centipede, Green-Eyed Scorpion, etc., etc. Each one was a frightening fierce beast. They rushed forward, spitting out poison and fire, slashing at them extremely flexibly! They never underestimated their opponents and always used their full strength!

“Too stupid, actually not using such great terrain. At the very least, you have to launch a surprise attack. Also, if you’re going to attack, please use a formation, okay?” the hydra began chirping away again. He stepped aside, eyes cold, watching Lu Shiqian closely. If there was danger, he’d go up right away.

Jun Zun twisted his hands and stood on the side. He wouldn’t move until Master told him to.

The Death God had even greater control over the surroundings and definitely wouldn’t allow anything to happen to Master. He would be the first to react when danger came.

Zi Ji wanted to know Lu Shiqian’s true strength and didn’t move either. Speaking of it, a normal Rank 8 mage wouldn’t be able to deal with any of these poisons. However, he had a strange trust in her.

The several men watched from the side as the poisonous creatures rushed towards her.

Lu Shiqian shouted, “Come!” She jumped up, shuttling through the gaps between the beasts and quickly kicked the Three-Headed Bird’s head, twisted the Five-Headed Centipede’s neck, stamped the Green-Eyed Scorpion’s back… Her actions were unbelievably fast and completely incongruous with her status as a Rank 8 mage.

Zi Ji’s silver vertical pupils narrowed.

While they were fighting vigorously, the green waterfall began rustling slightly, and a pale but expressionless man came out dragging a sword. He walked neither slowly nor quickly and didn’t look at the four men on the side, or even the woman currently fighting. He dragged his sword over as if he didn’t exist.

The four men’s attention also wasn’t on him and didn’t even glance at him, only staring at that one figure.

The scene was a bit inharmonious but no one cared including the beasts. They had already been kicked and punched several times, arousing their brutality.

The man hadn’t walked far when there was another sigh and a few higher gods released their pressure. They were all enemies in their eyes, and seeing the pale-faced man, they shouted: “Over there!”

With this shout, the fierce beasts’ eyes all glared over, their meaning clear: ‘Yell my flucking a**, don’t you know that masters hate shouting and making a fuss when fighting the most?’

The higher gods instantly felt a chill and stared in Lu Shiqian’s direction. After looking, their breaths constricted. Was there someone in this world actually capable of fluttering through those beasts like that? Those beasts were obviously intelligent and proud, how could they accept being unable to take her down after so long? At this time, where did they have the energy to care about those new intruders? They were saved by this strange coincidence.

The three released a breath and chased after the pale man.

There was only one vicious thought in their hearts to make that man die a miserable death!

The first whipped out a whistle and blew into it, the shrill wail sounding far away.

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