Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 316

This whistle sounded very gloomy and strange, giving everyone an eerie feeling.

A trace of contempt appeared on Zi Ji’s face, “Hmph, Hundred Ghosts Clan.”

Not long after, one figure after another appeared—there were actually 400 to 500 people! All of them were higher gods and even two God Kings!

Zi Ji was slightly surprised. However, it wasn’t at the Hundred Ghosts Door but rather at the pale man. Who knew what this madman did to make this small clan use their full might to kill him. He then looked at the woman who was currently fighting and smiled slightly, thinking: ‘Looks like there’ll always be endless fun and excitement being with her.’

The 400 to 500 people had already surrounded the pale man, and thus an interesting scene arrived next to the poisonous waterfall lake. One side glanced at Lu Shiqian’s battle from time to time while the other’s face was indifferent, as if nothing in the world could enter his eyes. The four men in Lu Shiqian’s party only paid attention to her battle, disregarding the powerhouses that popped out of nowhere. The 500 people’s faces were strange and gave others an uncomfortable feeling. The two God Kings evaluated Lu Shiqian and her party before finally giving up on killing them together, focusing on the pale man.

Speaking of the pale man, he was a curse the Hundred Ghosts Clan couldn’t escape or dispel. This man was originally a third stage middle god, but he had an extremely powerful sword technique. In half a month, he had killed 600 members and even carried around their symbol mockingly. This was undoubtedly the greatest provocation! The reason for all this was because they killed an innocent little girl. The Hundred Ghosts Clan was established 3,000 years ago and they killed countless along the way. Who would care about some little girl that was killed who knew when? To them, the pale man was simply insulting them and couldn’t coexist!

The two God Kings had blue-black complexions and wore yellow robes. Their bodies were equipped with spirit equipment and they were sufficiently powerful. They were extremely angry at the moment. They chased the pale man all this way but failed repeatedly and their disciples were killed one after another. Now, their original 1,000-man-party was left with only 500.

“Today’s your death day!” one of the God Kings shouted. Who knew how many people he had killed on his way to God King? Today, he would offer the blood of this arrogant man to his ancestors!

The man was surrounded but still appeared indifferent. There was neither surprise nor sorrow.

His entire person seemed to be composed of nothingness!

This was a powerhouse that put down his emotions and desires, leaving only ruthlessness and an impregnable offense and defense!

However, such a person was also one that killed countless to avenge a child. Whether he was truly emotionless or not was impossible to tell.

The Hundred Ghosts Clan obeyed the orders and attacked together. With experience from dozens of earlier failures, they became extremely careful. Practitioners engaged in close combat while mages shot spells from afar and set up traps.

The pale man raised his sword and slashed, the movements giving others a strange feeling. Each attack seemed to be done by instinct, but it always accurately blocked the enemy’s attack. It was a strong and direct fighting instinct!

The man’s battle was just like Lu Shiqian’s battle—few fighting against many, both shuttling between their opponents and searching for the best place to attack. The two battles surprisingly didn’t interfere with each other, but only a slight spark would cause them to fight. It was a strange scene!

The pale man lifted his sword eerily, severely injuring three people in the blink of an eye. God Rank powerhouses had great recovery ability. As long as it wasn’t a fatal blow such as shattering the brain, destroying the heart, or shocking their godhead, they would recover quickly. On Dayu, there were also many races that were quite difficult, such as not dying even when their head was cut off. The powerhouse in the Hundred Ghosts Clan were evidently power types at first glance. Even if you cut off their arms and legs, they would regenerate and jump around after a while. However, the man’s attacks were all aimed at their heads, each slash injuring one.

Though the man was slightly hindered by the mage’s curses, it wasn’t significant. His mental strength and resistance were high.

The Hundred Ghosts Clan no longer held back and all opened their domains. Sword lights intersected as shadows flickered.

The pale young man wasn’t sloppy and his sword shook with a dim light. He was like a cheetah out of the forest, acting fast and deadly. He quickly rushed into the mages and broke their domains with one sword. His blade hit their heads and shattered them, extremely deadly!

“Is this person from the Assassin League?” the shorter one among the two God Kings asked.

“No matter where he’s from, today is his day of death.” The taller God King ordered, “Formation!”

Individual power wasn’t high in the Hundred Ghosts Clan. The reason why they could stay in Dayu was because they were extremely skilled at formations. Moreover, their formations were powerful and unpredictable. It was precisely for this reason that they could survive in Dayu. The God King ordered and the others obediently obeyed. If Lu Shiqian could glance over, she would be surprised to see that this formation was similar to the ten seal formations in “Million***”. This formation was the White Bone Formation, capable of dealing with pinnacle God Kings. It was quite coincidental. Tens of thousands of years ago, their ancestor passed down a formation book and they practiced it diligently, allowing the clan to have today’s success. The Hundred Ghosts Clan was also enraged to the point they brought out this formation to deal with the pale man.

The formation was huge with two God Kings as the center and 400 within. They all chanted and not long after, a huge formation rose from the ground, three layers inside and outside, filled with heavy shadows and aggrieved wails. Whoever entered would be crushed.

The pale man also knew how powerful this formation was and didn’t force his way through, planning to escape.

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