Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 317

But how could the Hundred Ghosts Clan let him do as he wished? The formation was powerful and blocked his every path, formed by countless second stage gods at the cost of their mobility in order to kill the enemy.

However, the pale man was also extraordinary, capable of making the most accurate judgements in the shortest time. This judgement had saved his life many times. He rushed towards Lu Shiqian because he could feel that this was the weakest part of the formation. Perhaps it was due to those beasts or the poison-emitting lake, but in any case, the Hundred Ghosts Clan didn’t want to go there. His judgement was correct. When he ran this way, a giant blue hand composed of pure power grabbed over. Anything that was touched would be crushed to dust and leave nothing behind. Some strange beasts howled and tragically disappeared under the green mist.

Thus, the terrible beast sleeping in the lake was awakened by the shouts for help. The lake began to bubble and waves of pressure rolled over. The power was no less than that of a God King.

The green mist dissipated and a huge figure dripping water emerged from the lake, gradually growing clear.

It was a beast that was 50 meters tall and over 120 meters wide. An octopus-like monster with 100 eyes and 5,000 Stars—the peak of God King!

“T-Thousand Year King…” The two God Kings were stunned. They never thought that they would meet a legendary beast here.

“Who dares break into my turf and kill my people?” the Thousand Year King’s 100 eyes shone coldly, scrolling over the crowd and briefly pausing on Jiu and Zi Ji.

The pale man took the chance to flash a few times and was about to run out of sight.

The Thousand Year King unhappily turned around and whipped a tentacle at him.

The pale man countered backhandedly, holding onto the giant tentacle. However, how could a second stage god beat a peak God King? The Thousand Year King’s tentacle didn’t even pause before slamming him deep into the ground.

The beasts all cheered, pointing at Lu Shiqian and the Hundred Ghosts Clan from time to time.

Lu Shiqian screamed inside. Even though she didn’t kill any, she did hurt some. They might put her on the same level as them.

Sure enough, the Thousand Year King heard its subordinates’ grievances and was angered knowing that these bandits dared to not only intrude but also kill in its territory. It raised a huge tentacle and whipped.

Lu Shiqian was also a little angry. She merely wanted to pass through but ended up drawing aggro. Alright, since they were so outrageous, don’t blame her for showing them.

The Hundred Ghosts Clan was the complete opposite of Lu Shiqian. They never thought that they would go head-to-head against the Thousand Year King, but they couldn’t move once the formation was set and could only go all out.

On the other hand, the Death God was ready to attack once Lu Shiqian made a move. Jiu and Zi Ji were also prepared.

However, at this moment, the pale man that was smashed into the ground jumped up, leaping to Lu Shiqian’s side and stabbing at the Thousand Year King.

The Thousand Year King waved its tentacles, whipping Lu Shiqian and the pale man into the Hundred Ghosts Clan’s formation.

Things happened in a split second; no one reacted.

The Death God’s eyes sank and snapped his fingers. An extremely powerful force slammed into the Thousand Year King, and it was very unsuspectingly pushed into the formation too.

The Death God moved extremely fast and was about to pick up Lu Shiqian when the formation changed.

When the Thousand Year King was pushed into the formation, the formation grew unstable as they confronted each other. Lu Shiqian was right in the middle of the conflict and in an even more terrible situation. Majestic forces contested against each other and suddenly, the heavens and earth shook as magic power surged in. Lu Shiqian was even more pained.

Lu Shiqian’s magic seas spun rapidly, absorbing the three side’s forces, but due to a lack of guidance, this absorption was extremely painful.

The Hundred Ghosts Clan was the most pitiful. As the formation’s power supply, they were being madly drained. The Thousand Year King also wasn’t well-off. In order to fight against the formation, it was forced to use magic power. The laws of heaven and earth also refused to back off.

The three sides contested each other for but a moment when a space crack opened just as the Death God was about to snatch Lu Shiqian away before suddenly closing.

And on the ground, Lu Shiqian’s figure disappeared. There were only the corpses of the Hundred Ghosts Clan, and the pale man and Thousand Year King also disappeared.

The Death God paused and flashed away. He didn’t understand what his heart was feeling but it was hollow. He was afraid, regretful, self-blaming until he saw the butterfly pattern that represented the deepest bond still on his body. Only then was he slightly relieved. His Master, just where did she go? The contract connection was still there but he couldn’t find the direction. Master, was she unconscious?

At this moment, he wanted to yell until he could scream no longer; he wanted to destroy but was afraid his master would chastise him. He began to calm down and contact his world, searching with all his might. Even if Master disappeared amongst the infinite planes, he would find her!

Jiu and Jun Zun exchanged a look.

“Can’t go back. I actually can’t return to Master’s magic beast space…” Jun Zun was still a little childish and grew anxious.

“Don’t worry. Let’s contact the other beasts first and head to the capital to meet up with them before searching for Master together. The mental platform can still be used, so Master is still fine.” Jiu was unexpectedly calm.

Zi Ji paused, “I’ll help!” He hadn’t had enough fun yet, so how could that woman die?

Lu Shiqian was thinking right before she fainted whether the heavens were jealous that she too happily collected magic beasts or her growth was too smooth to give her such a bolt out of the blue. Forget being stuck in the deadly formation, there was so much magic power gathered that it teared a crack in space.

When she woke up and calmly listened to the girl beside her, she grew even more sure that the heavens were against her.

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