Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 318

She told Lu Shiqian that she was in a coma for three days, but they didn’t find much injuries after checking her body. The only major problem was that she couldn’t call out any magic beasts. It must’ve been the formation and laws of heaven and earth merging that created this situation, interfering with the summoning. The magic beast spaces were still in her body and the mental platform could still be used.

“Are you all okay?” she asked in the mental platform.

There was a strange silence.

“Wahh, Master, where are you?” Jun Zun cried in tears.

Jun Zun cried, and Fire Fox Hong Jin also started crying. Soon, all of the beasties were crying and wailing. They were so worried.

Lu Shiqian’s nose was sore and felt moved. She had so many that cared about her in this world.

“Dumbo… It’s great that you’re fine.” Bai’s voice had fear, relief, and heartache. Just one sentence contained deep emotions, “I’ll come back to your side.” He just couldn’t set aside his worries.

“I’m fine. I’m a pest that won’t die.” Lu Shiqian laughed as she took in Bai’s worry for her. If she nodded her head, Bai really would drop everything and come back for her. She smiled, “Bai, I know you’re worried about me, but I will always have to pass through some difficulties. I can’t just hide underneath your wings forever. I have to be a woman that’s worthy of you, not a fool holding you back.”

She understood his feelings for his brothers, his mission, the difficulties he faced, and his choices. She was already regretful that she couldn’t help him search for his brothers, so she didn’t want to hinder him even more so.

“But I want you to always be protected under my wings…” Bai muttered.

Lu Shiqian began laughing, “This isn’t what the hard-hearted Dragon Group leader used to say. You used to torture me so much in the past.”

Bai chuckled lowly. He was a smart person and understood her meaning. How lucky he was to meet her in this lifetime!

“Then Dumbo, work hard. You need to break through to Rank 9 or Saint Rank in order to unlock the restriction on your body,” Bai slowly said.

“Rest assured, I’ll reach Rank 9 quickly!” Lu Shiqian made a triumphant gesture.

Bai seemed to be able to see Lu Shiqian’s silly appearance and laughed again.

“Master, where are you?” the Death God’s tone was filled with unease, excitement, and a faint trembling. He had never been so anxious, so scared. Boundless terror squeezed his heart for the past three days, and he never wanted to experience this feeling again. He never wanted to feel the unease of not being by Master’s side again!

“Hmm, I seem to be in a small village to the very far west of Motian.” At least, that’s what the little girl told her.

“I’ll go fine you!” the Death God blurted out without thinking.

“Motian is too big. You guys go to the capital first to meet up with Wei Mo and the others. I’ll think of a way to join you.” She didn’t want the Death God to do fruitless labor.

“Master, I can find you! I miss you!” Miss her, missed her crazily. He wished that he could instantly teleport to her side and embrace her tightly!

Lu Shiqian was taken aback. She was surprised that the Death God who didn’t understand emotions well could say such straightforward things. Her heart was touched and her voice became gentler, “Okay, come find me. Let’s have a contest to see if I’ll reach Rank 9 before you find me.”

The Death God and Bai were different. If she didn’t let him, he would only be more worried. Letting him take some of the burden would make him more assured. The only thing he cared about in the world was her!

Sure enough, he was full of energy, “Master, I’ll find you soon!”

Lu Shiqian was currently making plans with the other beasties. The little girl brought over a little octopus, “Big Sis, is this your pet? My father said that it was clinging onto your leg when we salvaged you, but it looks so weird.”

Things were like this: after a crack was torn in space, Lu Shiqian was thrown into a small river in Motian. She was in pain all over but still instinctively drew herself to shore. At that moment, a little octopus clung onto her leg and was brought onto land with her. Then, she couldn’t bear it any longer and fainted. A few hours later, she was found by Sang Tuo who was out fishing and brought back along with the little octopus.

Lu Shiqian glanced at the octopus, her face turning cold. It was exactly that 5,000 Star Thousand Year King!

However, this guy was also really unlucky. After being flicked by the Death God into the formation, it was quenched by the laws of heaven and earth until it couldn’t use any strength anymore. Its body also turned small as a result, almost not as good as a 10 Star magic beast. It simply wanted to vomit blood.

Lu Shiqian coldly smiled, grabbing the octopus, “So you also have such a day!” These words were absolutely spoken through gritted teeth. She hadn’t forgotten that this guy was the culprit who slapped her into the formation!

The Thousand Year King originally had 100 eyes and 1,000 tentacles, one of the best amongst the magic beasts in the plane. Now, after being restricted, it only had 5 tentacles and 2 eyes, faintly glowing blue. At first sight, it even seemed cute.

“Let go! This great one orders you to let go!” the little octopus wriggled its little tentacles, snorting angrily.

Lu Shiqian squinted her eyes, “Still quite tough!” Saying that, she squeezed the octopus on both sides and the Thousand Year King wailed miserably.

Han Zhen’s face was frightened, “Big Sis, you’re so scary!”

Lu Shiqian immediately smiled brightly, “Don’t be afraid, Han Zhen. I’m just teaching this disobedient pet a lesson!”

Changing faces so quickly made even the Thousand Year King jump in fright. This woman couldn’t be offended… but it didn’t translate into action: “Human, let go!”

Lu Shiqian smiled and talked to Han Zhen while mercilessly squeezing the Thousand Year King. Scream after scream came out ceaselessly!

“Big Sis, even this pet isn’t very useful, it can still talk. So funny!” Han Zhen innocently said, “But it’s screaming so pitifully…”

When the Thousand Year King heard a little girl dare say it was useless, it was furious. Thinking back, one roar of his would make thousands submit. Who dared challenge him? Yet now, it was actually pointed at by a little girl and called useless! H-He… How could he stand this?!

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