Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 319

Just when he was about to retort, he was squeezed by Lu Shiqian and pressed onto the bed, screaming aloud once more: “Pipe down, little octopus!”

“Octopus?! You called this great one a measly octopus?!!” The Thousand Year King exploded, “How could this great one be something so lowly? This great one is…” He was the king of the Thousand Year Plane with the most noble lineage! He was one of the most famous fierce beasts of Dayu!

Lu Shiqian quickly plugged his mouth with a huge fruit, “So noisy. Do you want to be dissected?”

The Thousand Year King calmed down. True, with his strength like this, if he continued to flaunt, then all his enemies would come to cut him down! Even if they weren’t his enemies, many would come for his title as the Thousand Year King. Think about it, one of the strongest existences in the past became a magic beast that was weaker than 10 Stars. How many would be waiting to kill him?

He swallowed the fruit and remained quiet.

Lu Shiqian saw that he was finally obedient and walked out.

“Where are you going?” the Thousand Year King anxiously yelled.

Lu Shiqian glanced at him, “To check out the situation.”

“Are you going to leave me behind?” It was like a seven-foot man suddenly turned into a child. He was both helpless and scared. Lu Shiqian who had seen his true form became the closest to him now.

Lu Shiqian unhesitantly continued walking out; he paused, then daringly followed.

When they walked into the yard, they saw a pale young man practicing the sword. Wasn’t that the person being hunted down by the Hundred Ghosts Clan?

The Thousand Year King wanted to rush up and fight him in a fit of rage, but suddenly found that its strength wasn’t sufficient and he might even be killed instead. All of this was caused by that young man!

He glared at him strongly, stubbornly, wishing that its gaze would turn into sharp swords and fiercely hack him into pieces.

However, the young man still had on an indifferent face, turning a blind eye.

Lu Shiqian took out a weapon from her interspatial bag and swung it forward without another word! This man’s sword technique was quite strange—worthy of fighting!

She was like an agile cheetah, calculating the opponent’s reactions and blocking the opponent’s path. She raised her sword and swung at the young man’s head, a feint, and then switching to a vertical strike! The turn was extremely smooth and without a lag. This was the technique that came from battling Shang thousands of times! The sword was like the person, catching the opponent off-guard, straightforward yet powerful. The Heavenly Swinging Sword intent was also imbued within, making it even more strong. However, from a bystander’s point of view, it didn’t seem quite as deadly.

The young man moved strangely, bending his waist bonelessly, deflecting Lu Shiqian’s strike. His sword stabbed at Lu Shiqian from a strange angle.

She secretly cried out and retreated a couple steps, but the sword chased like a shadow.

A turn, stepping lightly as if gliding over lotuses, and sweeping out a leg.

It was the first time the young man fought someone that also relied on instincts and calculations to attack at weak spots. The strange swordsman was interested and seriously sparred with her. Both appreciated the other.

Sang Tuo came back after killing a half-body length fish, laughing as he walked through the door: “Today’s luck is quite good!” Sang Tuo was a straightforward man, a second stage lower god. After arriving at Dayu Plane for 500 years, he married a wife who gave birth to a daughter. Now, the family lived happily and harmoniously together.

Sang Tuo’s wife Ma Gu walked over and took the fish, calling the young man and Lu Shiqian over to eat.

“Uncle Sang, I have a few morsels here. You can take it to eat!” A young man with a simple and brilliant smile walked in. Seeing Lu Shiqian, he was stunned and happily cried, “Is the young lady better?”

Sang Tuo laughed heartily, “It’s Lil’ Wu, come, come in and have a few drinks!”

The young man at the door was the neighbor’s child Wu Sheng. Today he was 500 years old. He was a well-known genius that became a third stage lower god at a young age and his potential was limitless. However, he was humble and didn’t have the brashness of young people, adored by many.

Wu Sheng scratched his head in embarrassment but couldn’t refuse Sang Tuo’s enthusiasm and came over to eat.

Ma Gu was a good chef. The fish was tender yet firm, full of flavor, and the magic beast meat was even tastier.

Lu Shiqian was full of praise. She was never stingy with compliments for what she ate.

The Thousand Year King also got a bargain and was given a small bowl, its tentacles moving quickly, snatching fish and meat, making Sang Tuo laugh out loud.

The pale young man ate very elegantly—probably educated in the past.

Wu Sheng glanced at Lu Shiqian in embarrassment. He had never met such a beautiful person before. Her eyes glittered brighter than stars in the night sky, hair shiny and soft, mouth like petals. She was simply as beautiful as a dream.

Lu Shiqian noticed the simple young man’s gaze. There were no dirty intents, just natural admiration for beauty, so she didn’t care and let him look.

The meal was very enjoyable.

Lu Shiqian held up a glass to thank the family for saving her and toasted.

Sang Tuo praised, “A good, bold woman!” Another toast. He didn’t save them because he expected repayment, and he felt even more assured seeing that the girl he saved was a good person. It was a pity that such a good girl was only a Rank 8 mage.

After toasting, someone rapidly knocked on the door, “Uncle Sang, Uncle Sang, another beast broke into the village!”

Sang Tuo abruptly stood up and ordered, “Wife, go gather the women and retreat to the back mountain!” He then said to Wu Sheng, “Lil’ Wu, go get the other young men and get ready to kill the beast!”

Knowing that the matter could not be delayed, Ma Gu quickly rang the alarm bell and pulled Han Zhen and Lu Shiqian towards the back mountain.

“I’ll go with you!” The pale young man stood up. He didn’t speak often, but every word was full of steadfastness.

Sang Tuo nodded.

“I’ll go too!” Lu Shiqian declared with bright eyes.

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