Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 320

Lu Shiqian’s unhesitant eyes stunned Sang Tuo and Wu Sheng, but they quickly rejected: “No, it’s too dangerous!” Any 60 or 70 Star magic beast was dangerous to her since she was only a Rank 8 mage while the average magic beast in Dayu was 60 or 70 Stars. He glanced at the Thousand Year King… Well, other than this one.

“I’m a soldier and have my own dignity. My pride does not allow me to run in the face of danger!” Though this was a bit hypocritical, this was the most effective line. What she needed right now was effect.

Sang Tuo and Wu Sheng’s eyes lit up and Sang Tuo finally agreed, “Come with us.”

In the west of Dayu, there was Yunfang Village. It was a very small village and thousands like it existed in Motian. The village was located between two mountains with a large river running in between. Generally, the villagers lived a rich and peaceful life, but the only problem was that magic beasts would attack the village every few months. They were usually one or two 70 Star to 100 Star magic beasts. At this time, the village would rally the able young men to drive out or kill the beasts while women and children took refuge.

A huge, silver fox was spewing an icy mist that froze on contact to the northeast of the village.

It was about 20 meters high and 60 meters long. Its whole body was silver with one blue line from the top of its head to the tip of its tail. Its head had three blue swirls and its eyes were sky blue. A pointed snout and a beautiful body with cloud patterns on its feet… This was a beautiful and dangerous creature!

At this time, the villagers waved various weapons at it and it growled lowly, thinking about how to escape.

It had no intention to fight as it wasn’t even its will to enter this village!

When Sang Tuo arrived and saw its star rank, he was astounded. This Moonlight Fox was actually 700 Stars! A 700 Star magic beast was equivalent to a first stage higher god, but for some strange reason, a magic beast would always be stronger than a human of the same rank!

Sang Tuo’s face sank. No magic beast this high-level had ever broken into Yunfang Village. A beast with 700 Stars would either be the descendant of a sacred beast or a bigshot in their plane. Whether it was Dayu or the Devil Dance Continent, the strong was admired. The fox might have some terrible secret behind it. The high-level magic beasts of Dayu occupied five of the ten top spots. In other words, other than humans or humanoids, the other five major powerhouses were magic beasts! In Dayu, magic beasts were not necessarily subordinates—strength was everything!

A 700 Star fox was a talent that the major powers would recruit, but for some reason, this one came to find trouble at such a wayward spot of Motian.

In any case, this fox was an intruder!

The fox stared at Sang Tuo and saw that the others were making way for him, thus declaring: “You’re the leader? I have no intention of attacking your village.”

The fox’s face was arrogant and Lu Shiqian frowned slightly, but thinking about it, Hong Jin and Yin and many other beasties had high EQ and could make many expressions. She studied the fox.

“It’s injured but still pretending,” the Thousand Year King wrapped around Lu Shiqian’s wrist and arrogantly said.

No wonder why she smelled something strange in the air and this fox was standing with its hind leg up.

“The Moonlight Fox is a sly one. It would never expose a single flaw to those it doesn’t know.” The Thousand Year King continued, “The villagers can’t hurt it at all. It probably came to take refuge.”

Lu Shiqian stroked her chin. Take refuge, huh…

The Moonlight Fox naturally didn’t know that a 5,000 Star Thousand Year King had already exposed it. It continued to calmly state, “I have no intentions of attacking. As long as you open to path to the west, I will immediately leave!”

The Moonlight Fox spoke sincerely, but didn’t expect the men’s faces to all sink upon hearing this. The back mountains were in the west, and their wives and children were hiding there. It never expected these words to make those who were hesitant about fighting harden their hearts. Even if they lost their live, they must protect their families!

“We won’t let you go to the west even over our dead bodies!” Sang Tuo coldly declared.

The Moonlight Fox was surprised and didn’t understand why these humans wouldn’t give it a path to life! Its resentment from being continuously hunted also flared up, “If that’s the case, then don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“Hmph, stupid!” The Thousand Year King snorted in disdain, “Tragedies often stem from misunderstandings!”

Seeing that the two parties were about to fight, Lu Shiqian calmly walked over, not feeling scared from the pressure from both sides: “Wait a minute!”

The octopus was dissatisfied, “Hey, hey, you have to take care of such boring things? Just let them fight!”

Lu Shiqian glanced at him, and the latter immediately shut up.

Lu Shiqian lifted her head and looked at the fox many times larger than her, “Who’s chasing you?”

When these words were said, the fox stared at Lu Shiqian quietly, its eyes brewing with murder intent!

“You’re seriously injured and cannot move easily. It probably wouldn’t be wise to fight, right?” Lu Shiqian’s gaze was like sharp daggers, locking onto the fox.

She had a keen instinct for danger. She could see that this fox could completely destroy this village!

The fox’s blue eyes shrank. Could it trust this woman? No, no, humans were all despicable. They can’t be trusted! Think about it, wasn’t its current predicament caused by humans? The fox roared angrily, slapped its tail, and opened its mouth. A sharp ice shard flew over!

Even if 700 Star magic beasts were heavily injured, their moves would still have a certain standard of power. The Frost Blade was freezing cold, and wherever it passed, the vegetation would freeze over!

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