Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 321

Lu Shiqian quickly backed up and made a few beautiful backflips, evading the attack. She quickly whipped out her dagger and stabbed at the Moonlight Fox!

The Thousand Year King clung tightly to Lu Shiqian’s leg. Never letting go, never letting go…!

It wouldn’t be obedient unless taught a lesson!

The pale young man also took out his sword and attacked!

With the two together, the others couldn’t find a chance to help. Both of them moved swiftly, attacking in clever spots. Even against the fox’s tails and claws, they dodged flexibly and could even counterattack. This skill and ability completed dumbfounded the villagers. The young man was a third stage middle god and it was normal for him to be strong, but what was eye-opening was Lu Shiqian. A Rank 8 mage was even more proficient in close combat than a practitioner! They moved agilely, attacking the enemy’s weak spots, and the villagers were more surprised as they watched, their admiration growing. They tried imagining them dodging attacks at the last moment like that and broke out in cold sweat, respecting her even more. They could see that these two weren’t from Yunfang Village, but they cheered for them all the same.

The Moonlight Fox was seriously injured, and now that it had to fight two strong people, even if it was 700 Stars, it couldn’t endure. Its wounds also broke open and blue blood dripped everywhere.

The eagle circling in the air cried out, seemingly smelling the scent of blood, and eyed its prey.

The scent of killing drifted in the air!

When the Moonlight Fox heard the cry, its body trembled uncontrollably, its blue eyes turning blood red: “I won’t let you succeed even at the cost of my life!”

Magic beasts could explode their cores before dying, creating a large explosion. If it succeeded, the whole innocent village would be buried along with it. Blood red eyes was the sign of destroying their core.

Sang Tuo was stunned. He never imagined that his Moonlight Fox would be so determined and shouted, “Quickly retreat! The farther the better! It’s going to explode!”

The villagers were shocked and were about to fall back, but the explosion was extremely powerful, could they run away fast enough? Their hearts clenched.

“Coward, what’s the point of blowing yourself up?” Lu Shiqian’s cold voice came, carrying a calming magic power, “Whoever hurts you, go get it back. Whoever beats you, go beat them back. Exploding yourself, other than making us innocents die along with you, what use is it?”

The Moonlight Wolf stilled, and everyone let out a breath.

The Thousand Year King shook. DiditworkDiditworkDiditwork? It probably stirred up that stupid fox even more! It was a magnificent Thousand Year King; he didn’t want to die in such an ugly fashion at a nameless place!

The fox stared deeply at Lu Shiqian, the red in its eyes slowly fading. It fell on the ground and actually calmed down.

She tossed over a bottle of gold medicine, “Eat that first. Thanks to you, we’re in big trouble now. Whether you want to avenge yourself or take revenge later is up to you.”

The fox grabbed the bottle and seemed to be wondering whether it would work or not, or if it was poison, but it still silently drank it.

However, the incredible thing was that its wounds healed at a visible pace afterwards, and even its heavy internal injuries were recovering. Its body crackled as blood regenerated quickly, and its lost power slowly returned to its body…

It glanced at Lu Shiqian in shock. How could she have such a magical potion?!

But she was staring at the direction it came from, unknown what she was thinking.

Could it be that she had already guessed who was chasing it?!

Thinking back, it couldn’t help but slightly admire this woman!

As for those people… it would let them taste its anger!

The wind blew solemnly, and the village was silent. The villagers suddenly found that it was too quiet today. There were no birds or beasts, and the only living thing that could be seen was that eagle. The villagers that were originally panicking due to the Moonlight Fox finally reacted to this abnormal silence. Just when the tension reached a peak, Lu Shiqian internally cried: ‘It’s here!’

At some point, the village was surrounded. One, two, three… Hundreds of figures appeared. Yunfang Village was surrounded by mountains on three sides. Based on its geography, it was good for defense, but if the enemy took them by surprise, the situation would reverse and they would be trapped inside. There were already tens of thousands of people on all three sides, all of them releasing murder intent!

A group of people came from the east—the only exit of Yunfang Village.

There were more than 300 people in the group, all of them second or third stage lower gods. However, there was a terrifying aura on them: the aura of a soldier! They were all dressed in gold equipment, their expressions cruel!

“The Fan Army! It’s actually the Fan Army!” Sang Tuo’s tone was filled with either shock, fear, or anger.

Lu Shiqian was a little puzzled, “What’s the Fan Army?”

The Thousand Year King shifted from hugging Lu Shiqian’s thigh to her waist, “The Fan Army is a private army. Annoying thing!” It didn’t like the Fan Army because its territory was disturbed by these people many times.

Other than the plane’s official army and the mercenary organization Thorn, the various clans and factions had their private armies. In magic beast factions, power distribution was about the same. Dayu respected power. As long as it didn’t violate the law, private armies were allowed. This was a chaotic yet vibrant world. With the top ten seats mutually restricting each other, there was order in the chaos. Only strength guaranteed a high position!

Lu Shiqian glanced at the Moonlight Fox, “They hurt you?” and continued, “Pretty good, the one you offended is quite strong!”

Moonlight Fox didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. What kind of tone was this? It angrily said, “They kept chasing me like mad dogs, I… How am I supposed to know why they were chasing me?!”

Lu Shiqian raised an eyebrow, “Oh.” She didn’t expose the fox since it wasn’t strange for a fox to lie after all. You couldn’t expect every fox to be as kind and cute as her Hong Jin. “However, they’re all second and third stage lower gods. Even if you can’t beat them, you can still run away, right?” Lu Shiqian gave it a contemptuous glance.

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