Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 322

Although the fox was sly, it still had its pride, “They use some kind of weird swordsmanship and cooperate really well together. They also have five third stage higher gods!”

Five third stage higher gods?!

Before, she would just need to soul merge with one of the 20,000 dragons, or one of the beasts from the Forest of Death, or one of the beasts from the Deceiving Sea to deal with a third stage higher god… Five third stage higher gods could be abused at will, but now, the summoning channel was blocked for unknown reasons and there were fewer options to fight with… Sure enough, was she too dependent on her beasties? Looks like she needed to study “Million***”, the Fire of Creation, and the Heavenly Swinging Sword harder! But before that, they needed to pass this challenge!

This group of people looked hard to get along with at first sight. Perhaps, they’ve already grouped them together with the fox, or they wouldn’t have entered with such fanfare.

Wait for a change to come!

After the 300 people came to a stop, a young man riding a bull that wasn’t like a bull, horse but not like a horse came forward. He was about 28 to 30 years old, a head of long black hair, and a slightly feminine appearance. His power fluctuations showed that he was a third stage higher god!

The man looked ahead and saw that the villagers were safe and sound, raising an eyebrow, “Oh, none of them are dead? I thought they were all dead!”

That was right. In order to capture the Moonlight Fox easily, he set it loose in the village to use the innocent lives of the villagers to exhaust it.

However, once this was said, it enraged the villagers.

Sang Tuo had seen some affairs of the world. He didn’t want the fires of greed to hurt his friends and family. He immediately stepped forward, “This Young Master…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when a huge force hit his chest, knocking him ten meters away and making him cough up blood.

“I don’t like other people speaking nonsense in front of me.” The slightly feminine man narrowed his eyes, “Now, I will give you a chance. Pick up your weapons and attack that fox. If I’m happy, I might let you go.”

The villagers looked at each other and naturally weren’t willing to attack the fox.

“Unwilling?” the feminine young man narrowed his eyes and beckoned!

Soon, the soldiers pulled over the women and children of the village, blades against their necks. These were the women and children that took cover during the attack, among them Ma Gu and Han Zhen.

“I’m not very patient.” The feminine young man smiled wickedly and hooked his finger.

A soldier lifted his knife and slashed down, cutting down a woman’s head, the warm blood splashing on the nearby people.

The women were dumbfounded. Seeing the death of a familiar person, a girl finally couldn’t resist screaming.

“So noisy!” The feminine young man once again hooked his finger.

Another slash and another head fell.

The men were stunned, saddened, and angry, “Ah!! You bastard!” The man whose wife was killed rushed up.

Shua. A barbed arrow shot over and pinned the man to the ground.

The smell of blood filled the air.

Lu Shiqian suddenly wanted to vomit.

She was used to seeing death because of war, treasure, personal vendettas… but she had never seen someone kill so casually, as if this was just… entertainment!

She couldn’t forgive this person!

“Still not moving?” The man smiled again and hooked his finger.

“Stop!” Lu Shiqian yelled.

However, it was too late. Another woman’s head was decapitated. This woman happened to be right by Han Zhen’s side and blood splattered all over her. Han Zhen was stunned, and her eyes were filled with astonishment, despair, and pain!

“This bastard is even worse than this great one! So f*cking disturbing!” The Thousand Year King burst out in obscenities when it heard whistling by its ears. Lu Shiqian had already attacked!

The feminine young man was interested, “A Rank 8 mage?! Interesting!” He waved again and a second stage lower god flew up to confront Lu Shiqian. He didn’t let go of the villagers, “Still not going?”

The men had no choice but to pick up their weapons and attack the Moonlight Fox.

The Moonlight Fox received benefits from Lu Shiqian and naturally wouldn’t attack the villagers seriously. It was also smart enough to pretend to be heavily injured as it fought.

“Hahahaha, I like watching dogs bite dogs the most!” The feminine young man hooked his finger again, “But you aren’t trying hard enough!”

Another woman’s head was cut off.

The villagers had infinite resentment but no means to vent it. Thus, they could only use all their strength to fight the Moonlight Fox. The Moonlight Fox remembered Lu Shiqian’s favor and didn’t wound the villagers seriously. Sometimes, humans weren’t as compassionate as magic beasts!

In Lu Shiqian and the lower god’s battle, how could the other match her flexibility and ingenuity? In just a few moves, she swept the other to the ground. The effect was startling. The lower god was also stunned, not comprehending how he was defeated.

Another two soldiers came out from the Fan Army. They no longer underestimated the enemy and used all their power.

These soldiers all belonged to Motian’s major power: the Sunrong family. The soldiers cooperated to practice a new technique in order to deal with various means. The feminine young man was called Sunrong Yingjian. True to his name, he was both ‘ying’ (evil) and ‘jian’ (cheap).

Lu Shiqian was like a gust of wind, agilely and easily dealing with the two lower gods. In the blink of an eye, the two were swept to the ground!

Everyone was watching carefully and were utterly stunned!

A trash Rank 8 mage could beat two lower gods?! No one would believe it if they said so!

Another five ran up with the same results, though it took slightly longer. Still, their only fate was to be kicked down, kicked down, kicked down!

The feminine young man made an ardent expression as if staring at his prey, “Xing Zhong, go greet her!”

“Yes!” A tall middle-aged man flew over, raising his hands and casting Peak of Mount Tai. The air sizzled with power.

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