Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 323

The middle-aged man named Xing Zhong was a tried and tested third stage higher god. He was good at power battles, but he was also very flexible—a martial arts genius!

However, facing Lu Shiqian, a completely abnormal existence, any prodigies, genius, psychos that met her would just be a waste!

What was more powerful than the Heavenly Swinging Sword in terms of imposingness?!

Lu Shiqian raised her dagger and used the Heavenly Swinging Sword’s 30th move: Defying the Heavens. Clamping down hard, left hand clenched into a fist, she switched into the 33rd move: Killing Gods. The shadow of a fist descended from the sky, as if a meteor big enough to destroy the world was slamming down. Thousands of punches followed the first, one after another, knocking the unsuspecting Xing Zhong away, all falling to the ground!

Absolute silence!

No one dared believe their eyes, dared to believe the facts in front of them!

Even the injured Xing Zhong felt that he was dreaming. He was defeated by a Rank 8 mage… How was that possible?!

“F-F*ck!” The Thousand Year King opened his mouth and finally spat out a curse. He swore to the heavens that even though he was a fierce beast, he had a good education and wouldn’t normally speak dirty words. However, today, he broke his precedent and swore twice.

The people were stunned; the beasts were stunned; everyone’s eyes focused on Lu Shiqian!

After reaching God Rank, the power division became even more cruel. Every step increase was equivalent to a four rank power gap, simply incomparable, like the distance between the heavens and earth! But now, a woman, a beautiful woman, broke this law. Not only did she defeat multiple people by herself, she even defeated a third stage higher god. Heavens, someone tell them what’s going on! Was there something wrong with their eyes? Or did they all collectively start hallucinating?

“Look at what I picked up, a 700 Star magic beast! A secret; a woman, another secret? Alright, I’m very excited! Catch them!” Sunrong Yingjian naturally wasn’t a waste if he could become the young master of the Sunrong family. He could also injure the Moonlight Fox severely and seal off all paths of escape, proving his intellect. He could keenly perceive that this woman who seemed extremely weak would bring unexpected changes to Dayu. As for him, he must take advantage and turn her into his possession, just like he wanted to turn the Moonlight Fox into his contracted magic beast and obtain its secret. He wanted to seize her body and future!

Taking another look, wasn’t she a rare beauty? What he, Sunrong Yingjian, wanted, he would never fail to get!

They were rigorously trained soldiers in the end, and even though they were surprised, they meticulously carried out their young master’s orders. Three third stage higher gods flew up, 200 second stage gods surrounding her. The remaining lower gods pulled their bows taut, readying their arrows!

The pale young man stroked his sword and unexpectedly battled Sunrong Yingjian. The broad sword slashed down like a phantom image, splitting all in its path!

Sunrong Yingjian wasn’t incapable—he was good at both strategy and skill! He drew his sword backhandedly, the thin sword whirring like it was alive!

“This sword is called the Weeping Sword. Blood must be drawn once it comes out!” He easily blocked the pale young man’s attacks, “Furthermore, it can automatically defend. No matter how the enemy attacks, it won’t be able to break through my defense. Have a taste!”

The pale young man didn’t say a word, his swordplay growing stranger and stranger. However, as Sunrong Yingjian said, the sword could defend against his every attack without flaw!

This was simply his nemesis sword!

However, the excitement here wasn’t as exaggerated as Lu Shiqian’s side.

That was a terrifying sea of flames!

Lu Shiqian learned five spells from “Million***”: Golden System, Golden Core; Entwined Wood; Water Fills the Sky; Soil Unearths Mountains; and Fire Dragon Breath! Last time, she dealt with the Fu brothers with Entwined Wood and the effect was amazing. Then, what was Fire Dragon Breath like?

A sea of fire that could break through the enemy’s domain; a nine-headed fire dragon stationed in the center, its nine pairs of eyes staring fiercely at the 200 Gods, it was like a living thing rather than a spell!

Fire Dragon Breath was actually this powerful!

This was the magic of “Million***”. Only by opening all your magic seas could you create such a powerful force, such a strong spell. If others used it, it would be good to just summon a fire dragon head! Lu Shiqian was excited and revolved all one hundred magic seas. Even though her leveling up was slow and she was only a Rank 8 mage, the amount of magic power in her body was ridiculous. The terrifying fire dragon also mutated and sprouted nine heads instead of one, greatly increasing its power, and according to her magic power recovery, she could make it last forever!

Quantitative changes led to qualitative changes! What a truth!

However, the Sunrong family’s higher gods were utterly miserable, jumping up and down, trying to put out the flames. All their face was lost!

The Thousand Year King clutched onto Lu Shiqian’s waist, its mouth twitching uncontrollably. Too abnormal! Too abnormal! It could sense that the fire dragon wasn’t a magic beast because it didn’t have life fluctuations. Even if it was beaten to death, it wouldn’t care! Simply too abnormal! What kind of monster was it hanging on?!

The fight between the Moonlight Fox and the villagers had already stopped as they watched these miracles one after another. Yes, they were all petrified!

It wasn’t only them, the army surrounding them was also stunned!

When individual strength reaches a certain level, respect would automatically come.

This mysterious woman, whether it was one against one or one against many, she wouldn’t back down. Too terrifying!

The Moonlight Fox paused, its eyes curving and fox mouth curling up. It came to a decision!

Sunrong Yingjian took a glance and became even more determined to obtain Lu Shiqian! He stopped fighting and jumped to the top of the mountain, waving his hand: “Release the arrows!”

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