Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 324

Some were reluctant, “Young Master, there are four higher gods and 200 middle gods below!”

The Weeping Sword cried and pierced into the man’s chest, “No amount of higher gods can compare to that woman!”

The rest of the soldiers were stunned and no longer hesitated, releasing their arrows.

These arrows were made by the Sunrong family. They were extremely powerful and could nail a person to the ground!

The women folk figured out what kind of disaster the men were about to meet and couldn’t help but start crying.

At this moment, the whole sky was filled with arrows, and quite a few soldiers were already pinned to death!

The Thousand Year King shrieked, “It’s over! My life’s over!”

Yunfang Village was about to be destroyed. What to do? Was there still hope?

Time seemed to stop at this moment. Lu Shiqian saw each arrow flying through the air in slow motion. She saw an arrow shooting towards Sang Tuo, Wu Sheng, shooting towards everyone in the village like shooting stars… What to do? Han Zhen’s tears had yet to fall while Ma Gu’s had yet to cry out… What to do?

“Soil Unearths Mountains!” Lu Shiqian calmly shouted.

Oh, what was that?

A landslide? How strange, it wrapped everyone up like the most solid city walls. It wrapped up the Moonlight Fox and even the Fan Army soldiers…

She just didn’t want this peaceful village to be stained by blood.

The soil obeyed her wishes and protected everyone. The sky full of arrows miraculously bounced off of the soil wall, not a single one drawing blood!

The rest hadn’t returned to their senses when a meteor blasted over. The Weeping Sword attempted to block but was knocked astray by a huge force. Sunrong Yingjian was momentarily stunned before he felt a sharp pain between his legs and a dagger was placed against his temple.

He gasped incredulously. T-This woman, this woman a-actually dared… kick his manhood! It f*cking hurt!

“Order your subordinates to back off!” her voice was chilling.

Sunrong Yingjian frowned. He had never been threatened before.

Wham! Another hit targeted between his legs!

Sharp pain once again followed. A man’s most vulnerable place was once again hurt!

“Back off!” Lu Shiqian coldly stated.

Sunrong Yingjian gasped. Very good! He’ll remember this debt!

“Everyone retreat!” His face was so contorted that none of his beauty remained. This woman was so cruel!

“Release all the women and children!” Lu Shiqian flicked her dagger, drawing a thin line of blood from his temple.

“Release them!” His grudges increased with each successive order. This damned woman!

Lu Shiqian coldly mocked, “If you don’t want your lil’ bro to get cut off by me, then order your subordinates to make way and let everyone go!”

Sunrong Yingjian sucked in a breath, not doubting what she threatened to do, “Make way!”

The Fan Army obediently stood on both sides, clearing the way.

The villagers were already standing together, Ma Gu supporting Sang Tuo. They slowly walked by Lu Shiqian; their eyes full of gratitude.

“You guys should go farther away!” This was the only thing Lu Shiqian could say. She knew that with Sunrong Yingjian’s personality, he would return all grudges in full. It would be a disaster if they crossed him again!

How could the villagers not know? They could only run, run, run as hard as they can. They could no longer stay in Yunfang Village!

Wu Sheng stared deeply at Lu Shiqian. This beautiful woman’s figure would be deeply ingrained.

The Moonlight Fox walked to Lu Shiqian’s side. It actually didn’t leave! The pale young man also stayed.

Lu Shiqian smiled coldly again, “This Young Master, let’s talk about life.”

What talk about life? Wasn’t it just delaying time for those f*ckers to run? He understood but didn’t dare say anything lest his little brother suffer. He smelled the scent of the woman behind him and came up with malicious plans one after another!

“Aren’t you worried that you won’t be able to run?” he spat out through gritted teeth. The hatred contained in this sentence wasn’t light!

“Don’t worry about it!” Lu Shiqian laughed carefreely, left hand pulling Sunrong Yingjian’s luscious black hair and jerked down!

The corners of the Fan Army soldiers twitched and couldn’t bear to look again!

Lord, the Young Master would definitely kill them when they return! Not only did they see his little brother getting bullied, they also saw him being threatened and tortured! It was too shameful!

Thus, Lu Shiqian not only pulled his hair but also kicked his legs and hurt the soft flesh at his waist. Four hours flew past and the Fan Army probably wouldn’t meet the Yunfang villagers again. She began to plot how to run away.

She exchanged a look with the Moonlight Fox, tacitly understanding each other.

Lu Shiqian attacked again, landing a blow against a certain someone’s little brother!

“AHHHH!” A certain someone bent over in pain and the Fan Army soldiers’ hearts trembled. Lu Shiqian jumped onto the Moonlight Fox’s back while the pale young man grabbed its tail!

The fox ran like a cannonball and soon disappeared!

Sunrong Yingjian’s face was black as he got up, spitting through gritted teeth: “Very good, very good! Remember this!”

The soldiers trembled inexplicably and bowed their heads, silently mourning for Lu Shiqian. A thousand condolences. They had a deep understanding of their Young Master’s methods!

The battle in Yunfang Village might’ve sparked a friendship between Lu Shiqian and the pale young man, so while Lu Shiqian was grilling some barbecue, the pale young man coldly reported his name and identity: Meng Long, number one assassin of the Assassin League.

Lu Shiqian calmly looked him up and down, confirming his identity again. Calling the other a ‘pale young man’ all the time wasn’t quite good, but was the passionate name Meng Long truly a good fit for the cold him? Having said that, even though he was a third stage middle god, his strength far surpassed his rank. He was a little abnormal, and it was reasonable for him to be the number one assassin…

“How much are you paid on average for every mission?” She was a little curious.

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