Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 325

Meng Long glanced at Lu Shiqian. He might’ve wanted to express his surprise, but his assassination training was too successful, so his expressions were plain—he stretched out a palm.

Lu Shiqian exclaimed, “Wow! 5 thousand!”

Meng Long said with a stoic face, “Million!”

Lu Shiqian: “5 million’s even better!”

Meng Long: “50 million!”

Lu Shiqian: “…”

Sure enough, the gap between rich and poor was too great. The poor got poorer while the rich got richer! Being an assassin was a promising career!

“Can… you lend me some money? Just 2,000 is enough.” Whether it was this world or that world, it was the first time she’d borrowed money: “I’ll pay you back as soon as possible.”

“…I never bring money.” A certain someone with facial paralysis replied.

Lu Shiqian choked. What a waste of feelings! Failing to borrow money the very first time left a shadow, and she never borrowed money again. Money was truly best when you made it yourself!

“Tch, never seen the world. I have a couple billion magic jade!” The Thousand Year King’s tentacles waved proudly.

But Lu Shiqian was already calm, “Where?”

The little octopus: “In my lair…”

In other words, Lu Shiqian was basically raising two magic beasts–the 472 magic jade in her pockets were far from enough!

Once the meat was cooked, the Thousand Year King hesitantly ripped a small piece of the oily meat and took a bite before eating furiously. A big portion was given to the magic beasts while Meng Long and her ate a smaller portion. Lan Ruo was very discomforted. Since he couldn’t be by Master’s side, Master had to do everything by herself. The beasties had all met up with Wei Mo and Li Jing, and were desperately improving their strength to raise their master to Rank 9 quickly. They took on all kinds of tasks and missions… The Dayu powerhouses were surprised. A bunch of powerhouses suddenly popped up out of nowhere in a single day, displaying their strength, so much so that in the future, their strength was greater than the top 10 houses. They would lay the foundation for Lu Shiqian, establishing a great foundation… But that was a story for the future.

Right now, Lu Shiqian was poor—very poor!

“We can go take on some missions. I’m a couple hundred stars, we can probably complete a lot.” The Moonlight Fox was on the Dayu Plane for longer and gave a suggestion. It received Lu Shiqian’s life-saving grace and hospitality. Naturally, it should give some back. Furthermore, it had its own reason for staying behind. This woman was strong and had great potential. Think about it, she was only a Rank 8 mage right now. Rank 8! How terrifying would she be in the future?! She also had a strange charm, especially to magic beasts. Even he couldn’t help but think it would be nice to be her magic beast… This news could be told to the Region Master… As for whether it was willing to share the other news with her depended on her performance. The fox narrowed its eyes.

The Thousand Year King was disdainful, “Too low-level! How can this great one condescend oneself to complete tasks for others?!” It was 5,000 Stars! When he first came into the world, he was already 2,000 Stars. His status from birth was high and he never needed to do much.

Lu Shiqian naturally ignored his words. You can’t do anything without money nowadays! This principle was the same in any world!

Then, completing tasks was set in stone.

Since they had to do tasks, then they had to find a small town or city. Only there could they find high-paying but not too difficult tasks. They could also go hunting to make some spare money.

She touched her right wrist. Her interspatial ring contained vast amounts of hundred star magic beast cores, magic stones, and spirit equipment. Magic stones and magic cores could be used to increase strength, so it was saved as a last resort. Spirit equipment, on the other hand, could be sold… Her consciousness went farther in. Those magic beasts that were sealed away were at least 500 Stars or more. After all, they were sealed together with Bai… They weren’t as powerful as him, but they were still a force to be reckoned with. Peeling the fog away, they could communicate slightly, but because there wasn’t enough power, they couldn’t be liberated. In any case, it meant that she had to reach Rank 9.

“They’re all my subordinates…” Bai lightly said in his magnetic voice.

Though Bai wasn’t by her side, their hearts were connected. Every time she thought of this, she would have the courage to move forward.

The two remained silent for a while before Lu Shiqian said, “I miss you.” Then quickly said, “I need to take on tasks to make money!” She was a little embarrassed.

“Haha,” Bai’s magnetic voice came from the mental platform, “Dumbo, work hard, don’t lose my face.”

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. How did it affect him if she didn’t work hard?

“Don’t forget, you’re my person now.” Bai knew what his dumbo was thinking even if he couldn’t see her.

Lu Shiqian: 囧.

Bai was happy.

To the west of Motian, there was a city called West City. It wasn’t as magnificent as a larger city, but it was still a big one.

The city covered 82.3 million square kilometers. It was almost the size of nine countries in the other world. Looking down from atop the Moonlight Fox, tall and short buildings were scattered everywhere. There was a population of two billion composing of various races and magic beasts. Lu Shiqian looked at the 100-meter-tall city walls and felt that she might be staying here for a while.

After coming down, the Moonlight Fox turned into the size of half a human and followed behind her. It appeared like her contracted magic beast. The Thousand Year King glued itself onto her waist, appearing as some strange decoration.

Lu Shiqian, Meng Long, and the two beasts mingled in the crowd, watching the hustle and bustle. There wasn’t anything quite interesting, and with all the exotic appearances, even Lu Shiqian’s peerless beauty only attracted a few glances. This was a place where the strong was respected, beauty was just a supplement–a costly one. Peerless beauty without sufficient strength was a drawer of trouble. On the other hand, there were also countless beauties from other races coming and going. Compared to her cloak, the other beauties were wearing tight leather armor, dressed in revealing styles, and had pointed ears or tails. Their flirtatious demeanor was attracting quite a bit of attention. There were also ice queens with strong auras drawing quite a few glances. For example, the woman dressed beautifully in front of her, as if she was the moon surrounded by stars.

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